3 Essential Yoga Poses to Kickstart Your Morning

3 Essential Yoga Poses to Kickstart Your Morning

Swap the snooze button for some quality time on the mat, even if it's just 10 minutes

Want to start your day feeling more energized and empowered? One word: yoga. Finding some mindful movement—and time for meditation—in the morning not only helps the body wake up, but it also creates space and flexibility in the mind, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier you. (Try it out for a couple weeks and you'll see what we mean.) Here are a few postures that will help you feel more balanced and well-rested, no coffee necessary. How's that for om-azing?

Pro tip: lay out your mat beside your bed the night before, so you can go straight from sleeping to stretching

Forward Fold & Pyramid

High-Waist Reform Legging

Start with your feet hip's distance apart and fold over your legs. Keep a bend in the knees to wake up your hamstrings slowly, grab opposite elbows and sway back and forth to invite some movement into the body. Next, bring one leg back 2-3 feet and fold over your front leg, keeping a straight spine and a micro-bend in the front knee. Switch legs. Use blocks if you need to!

Lunge Twist

Regenerate Short

Twists are a great way to detox the body and create more space for better mobility and flexibility. For this super-energizing posture, start by finding a lunge with your right leg in front. Place your left hand to the left of your front foot and open your right arm to the sky, taking your gaze upward. If you want a deeper stretch, try placing your left hand on the outside of your right foot. Switch legs and repeat the stretch on the other side.

Side Stretch

High-Waist Reform Legging

Lie on your mat with your left leg extended. Place the sole of your right foot against the left inner thigh or, if you want a deeper stretch, keep it on the floor next to you, turned out. Find a side stretch that feels good in your body, either with your left hand resting on your left leg and your right arm stretched over toward your left foot or your left hand twisted toward your right ankle. Rest here and remember to breathe! Switch legs.

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