A Peek inside Kenzie Morley's Epic Yoga Retreat

A Peek inside Kenzie Morley's Epic Yoga Retreat

As much as we love our cozy Sherpas (no really, we're obsessed), lately we've been dreaming about posting up somewhere tropical and doing vinyasa on the beach. So, naturally, when Kenzie Morley Instagrammed a pic of her in Costa Rica awaiting her retreat-goers for her first ever yoga retreat, we were all over it. She brought them to the small surf town of Nosara for her Fit Yogi Trainer Women's Empowerment Retreat, and led them through a physically, mentally and spiritually transformative week. "Every day was filled with a mantra, workout, yoga, so much good food, beach time, meditation, mental coaching and something new! One night we had a sound bath, on another we had a group shopping trip, a Latin dance class, and there was also free time for surfing and excursions!" She gave us the full run-down, plus a look at their home away from home...

The boutique hotel, Tierra Magnifica, wanted to have good mats to keep in their yoga shala for when we came. I easily convinced the hotel owner that there was only one really good mat out there—Alo's!—so he ordered 14 mats for all my retreat ladies. And boy were they great. The women wore shoes on them, used dumbells on them, sweat on them, cried on them, laughed on them and grew on them.

Since it was my Fit Yogi Trainer retreat, based off my program and how I work out, it was only natural that we started every morning with an intense 20-minute HIIT workout, followed by an hour and a half-long vinyasa flow!

This is one of my favorite group photos—all of us in our Alo Lounge Leggings and The Fit Yogi Trainer hats. It really captures the group's energy!

This was only the second night, and we already felt like sisters—the divine goddesses we are.

Some of the most unique and important aspects of this women's empowerment retreat were the mental coaching and self-defense sessions with Dave Acosta, a security expert specializing in women's empowerment. Each night Dave had a meaningful and interactive session with the women on a topic that coincided with the day's theme and mantra. Dave's sessions taught women how to change their mentality about themselves, their lives, and dangerous situations; it's truly life-changing knowledge, and the women leave feeling empowered instead of scared. This was hands down one of the women's favorite things about the retreat. P.S. Dave is Kenzie's dad! ?

Journaling played a huge role in my retreat. Our most powerful yoga practice was the day before last, when we used journaling in our vinyasa practice and then used flows and certain poses to express and release negative energies that weren't serving us. Very emotional, but so amazing.

Only one of our girls was a surfer (she was from Hawaii). Everyone else was trying surfing for their very first time, and my dad took the time to teach each of them one-on-one with a 100% success rate, meaning every girl got up and surfed some waves!! I'm telling you, these girls were addicted! It was SOOOO FUN! And the Costa Rica beaches are PERFECT!

Our last practice together was very fitting, overlooking the rainforest and sea. The sun rose beautifully, and we envisioned our own rebirths after a week of reflection and change.