Carly Jo Morgan: the Spiritual Guide

Carly Jo Morgan: the Spiritual Guide

Get to know the L.A. healer who's helping others discover their own strength

There's one common thread in every yoga class: it always comes back to the breath. Mindful breathing is what really cements that mind-body bliss we feel at the end of a good yoga class, so it's no wonder that breathwork is at the core of L.A. artist and healer Carly Jo Morgan's work. And believe us when we say it's powerful stuff! Carly pulls knowledge and methods from the many spiritual development courses she's taken over the years and uses a melting pot of healing modalities, like meditation, visualization, and sound therapy, to customize her one-on-one sessions, and even records her own ambient music to deepen people's experiences. Carly's gracing us with her magic in L.A. this month as part of our Mindful Masters series, and we couldn't wait to ask her some of our burning questions...

You’re a true creative and have your hands in a bunch of different things. How would you describe what you do?

That is always a tough one! It's always evolving. I just follow my heart and put one foot in front of the other, watching how it all unfolds. I’m a true Gemini.

How did you get into healing work?

I grew up around a lot of addiction, and I've spent most of my life finding ways to unpack all of that. This led me to study many experimental therapies all over the world, including shamanic practices, spiritual development programs such as the Hoffman Process, University of Santa Monica's spiritual psychology program, and Grof Transpersonal Training's Holotropic Breathwork. I’ve been taking what I find to be the most powerful aspects of all of them to synthesize a unique experience, which, like everything, is evolving every day.

What is your approach to healing? What is a typical session with you like?

I often work one-on-one, so it really depends on the person I am working with. The work is about empowering the inner healer that lives within all of us.

You record the dreamiest tracks for your breathwork workshops. Can you tell us about this?

Thank you! I am working on music with music producer Paul Butler under the name Infinite Crescendo to create evocative layered tracks that will help people dive into their psyche, locate their shadow and bring it to the light to transform it into a strength. It is all prayer music. Many are powerful indigenous prayers from cultures all over the world, but we also write original intentional mantras.

What does your personal healing practice look like?

Prayer, yoga, breathwork, immersing myself in the community, and giving back in any way I can are the most powerful practices.

Can you share any tips for how to bring more healing into one's own life?

Singing is perhaps the most healing heart medicine in my daily practice. Everyone can do it—you don’t need a good voice!

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