Man performing Upward Dog while in tall grass overlooking the ocean.

Earth Day 2021 At Alo: Heal with Air, Land & Ocean

Simple ways to honor our planet & ourselves 

We fill our homes with plants (or at least try to), we daydream about piña coladas on white sand beaches, and taking a walk outside always seems to help us remember how to breathe.

There’s no denying the natural, healing power of Mother Earth—and there’s also no denying that we use our windowsills and vacation days to help us get our hands on it as much as possible.

Whatever internal restlessness keeps us up at night, getting in tune with nature always functions as the reset button we crave—a pathway to restoration of mind, body, and soul.

This healing power of our planet inspires everything we do at Alo (our name stands for Air, Land, Ocean—so you know it’s a big deal to us).

From breathing in the present moment, to grounding our feet upon our mats, to joining our #ClubAlo community in tidying up the beach, we passionately chase a life well-lived—and that means a life lived in close contact with the Earth.

For Earth Month 2021, our deep respect for this home of ours has inspired events that invite our community to join the movement—from tree planting gatherings in partnership with Seed Evolution to clean-ups in collaboration with Parks Projects.

On April 22nd of every year, the world joins together to demonstrate support for environmental protection on Earth Day. As we work hard toward sustainability in all we do, we're inspired to celebrate and remind ourselves just how well the Earth sustains us.

This Earth Day, we’re using our platforms to highlight ways Mother Earth heals and inspires our lives, in the hopes of inspiring others to help heal her. Join us as we honor and celebrate the air, the land, and the ocean’s ability to heal, sustain, and inspire...

Woman practicing Mountain Pose in an open-air space.


When we think of the Earth, our minds immediately conjure images of remote mountains, still lakes, and open pastures. But there’s an unseen component that exists in all of these mental images: air.

Although breathing comes naturally and without much thought, incorporating intentionality into our breath reveals the mood-altering, stress-relieving, feel-good power of the air—a power that’s constantly at our fingertips. Once you get into the practice, you’ll want to soak up as much of it as possible (we know we do).

The magic of deep breathing is a result of the activation of your parasympathetic nervous system. Focused breathwork acts like a massage for your mind, body, and soul. It instills calmness, relaxation, and balance while certain modalities such as HA Breath boost energy, focus, and alertness.

The thought of sitting with the breath and getting real with yourself sometimes feels daunting. Me? Sit still and just...breathe...for 5 minutes? Yeah, right.

We get it. With 10 minutes left on the clock to make your protein smoothie, let your dog out, and grab your keys, it’s tough to make time. And when you get home from a long day of work, mindlessly scrolling through social media seems like the move.

To make this practice a little easier for us, Alo Moves created a system that eases first timers into the practice and still captures benefits for those who’ve meditated for years. The 4-7-8 breathing system is an instant stress-soother for bouts of anxiety, racing thoughts, and flustered workday mornings. Using this rhythmic technique, your mind melts into the present moment and sets a positive course for the rest of your day (like a multivitamin you can inhale).

If you’ve been practicing your breathwork for some time, try one of our tailored programs that focuses on achieving specific goals. From deep relaxation to energy to balance, Visual Breathwork Exercises on Alo Moves combine music, visuals, and guided breathwork into 5-minute videos that kickstart your day, bring focus during those 2pm sleepies, or prime your mind for a restful sleep before bed.

When a beach vacation or mountain hike are out of reach, just close your eyes and take a full, deep breath—our planet’s healing spirit is constantly within reach.

Man practicing yoga in rolling lush green hills.


Nowadays, feet-on-grass moments are far and few between. Work gets busier, families grow, and our time spent connecting with the Earth lessens.

The best way to reconnect? Grounding—trust us, it’s a thing.

Grounding, or also known as Earthing, involves direct physical contact between the human body and the Earth—a practice believed to boost mood, expedite healing, and positively influence overall health.

While grounding is still an under-researched topic, we know that when we wake up, put our feet in the grass, and soak up the sun’s rays for 10 minutes, we feel a whole lot more fulfilled than chugging an extra shot in our latte.

In recent years, researchers studied the impact of grounding on inflammation, cardiovascular health, immunity, and muscle damage—what they found was very compelling. Let’s just say we’re now prioritizing a quick grounding session a few times a week, and thankfully, grounding makes that simple to do.

Although there’s various ways to practice grounding, the easiest way to reap the benefits involves taking off your shoes and sinking those toes into the natural landscape that surrounds you. Whether that be the soil in your garden, the sand at your local beach, or the grass at your neighborhood park. For a recommended 30 minutes, all you have to worry about is keeping that connection between you and Mother Earth. Walk, stand, gallop, lay down—the ground is your oyster.

When locating a patch of grass or sand proves difficult, the research has found these long-lasting benefits extending into grounding alternatives such as the use of mats, sheets, and blankets. For the days when a jog to the park doesn’t fit into your schedule, unroll your natural rubber Warrior Mat—which is 100% formaldehyde-free, PVC-free, and non-toxic—for a grounding experience right within your living room, hotel, or office.

Woman doing a handstand on the beach.


"Drink a full glass of water in the morning before your cup of coffee!” How many times have we heard this piece of advice? And how many times have we opened our eyes and headed straight to the French press?

Water is a life source—it's key to our body’s metabolism, processes, and systems. Hence the continuous call to drink more of it. But just like air, we often take for granted the Earth's most abundant offering.

For hundreds of years, therapeutic practices involved the use of water to promote healing and longevity. Today, athletes, celebrities, and influencers look specifically to (very) cold water. Wait, what? Why are we actually considering voluntarily submerging ourselves in frigid water? Hear us out.

New studies are backing cold water’s potential benefits in treating sore muscles, relieving anxiety, promoting immunity, and reducing inflammation. Pair this with the anecdotal evidence we’re hearing about from the Wim Hof Method and we’re convinced that, once again, Mother Earth works in mysterious ways.

Whether you have access to a local pond, lake, or beach—a crisp shower or bath also suffices—test out a zingy, cold-water plunge and notice the impact it may have on your sleep, your muscle fatigue, and your energy levels. For days when a cold plunge isn’t in the cards, join Jackie Stewart on an Ocean Meditation Journey inspired by the natural beauty of the sea.

Get in the water, drink your water—with an eco-friendly, reusable Glass Water Bottle—and simply relish in the Earth’s ability to provide this life-sustaining liquid that heals and rejuvenates from the inside out.

Whether it’s via the air, the land, the ocean, or all three, find your favorite way to celebrate and heal for Earth Day 2021 and tag @Alo in your Instagram posts.