A photo of the 60 Second Detox and Glow Mask sitting on a slab of stone against a light tan backdrop.

The Ultimate Pick-Me-Up: Alo’s 60-Second Detox & Glow Mask

Exfoliating, brightening & color-changing (so much to love)  

Polished and glowing in 1 minute flat? Sign us (and our complexions) up!

Now we know you’re accustomed to face masks requiring a 20-minute hold on your calendar, but we can’t wait to prove that 60 seconds is all you need. Courtesy of the Glow System’s newest addition, Alo’s 60 Second Detox & Glow Mask delivers a boost of gentle polish and antioxidant-infused dewiness quicker than you can say “radiant.”

As opposed to creepy paper masks that make your cat run for the hills and goopy textures that become cement forcing you to abandon any smiles, laughs, or movement for the allotted time on the back of the canister, this mask is easy, enjoyable, and results-driven.

This color-changing addition to your daily beauty routine offers an extra dose of glow when you need it most — getting ready for a date, after a day spent on the plane, post-practice, or the morning after a night out. Simply pack it in your cosmetic essentials tote for some on-the-go glow.

Express, targeted, and (let’s be real) fun to watch go to work, this detox mask will be your new secret weapon for fresh and balanced skin year-round.

A photo of two women with Alo’s 60 Second Detox & Glow Mask on their faces and decolletes.


Express & ultra-quick – because time is of the essence and we found the perfect formula to get the job done lickety-split
For all skin types – dermatologist tested and approved so come one, come all oily, dry, and combo skin types
Gentle exfoliation – a polished feel and dewy appearance in record-breaking time
Color changing – see it to believe it, this mask shows its hard-at-work activating, beauty-boosting, and revealing radiance
Sunny, natural citrus scent – a subtle dose of aromatherapy for your skincare ritual

A photo of a hand with Alo’s 60 Second Detox & Glow Mask smeared on the fingers and palm.


Amla – as the most concentrated antioxidant superberry in the world, this vitamin-C packed Ayurvedic staple is the beating heart of our award-winning skincare system
Aloe Vera – rapidly absorbed into the skin, this skin-soother to beat out all others seals in moisture for a fresh complexion
Glycerin – say hello to lightweight, lasting hydration thanks to super-softening glycerin that draws moisture from the atmosphere (it’s out of this world, we know)
Coconut Oil – a fan-fave for a reason, coconut oil intensely hydrates and seals in moisture
Avocado Oil – packed with vitamin E and potassium, this other notable oil in the world of wellness works to deeply nourish the skin
Mica – ethically sourced, but of course, mica adds an instant luminous finish to freshened skin

A photo of a women squeezing some of Alo’s 60 Second Detox & Glow Mask on her other hand.


We’ve all doubted face masks in the past — is the little pre-packaged sheet or pot of fun-colored concoction really going to deliver the benefits listed on the packaging?

Well for us, following through with our promises was priority #1. And with that, we think that also means clean, unadulterated ingredients, processes, and communication. This is why the entirety of our Alo Glow System is made 100% clean in California with the help of potent, ethically-sourced botanicals and nature’s premiere berry of antioxidants, amla.

Each and every product — including our newest Detox & Glow Mask — is vegan and Cruelty Free! Leaping Bunny certified, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic, and vetted by the strictest regulatory guidelines in the world.

Face masks are meant to provide a concentrated dose of targeted ingredients, and you can rest assured that Alo’s face mask provides nothing but.

A photo of a man with Alo’s 60 Second Detox & Glow Mask spread on his face.

Whether you lather on as a morning energizer or pre-makeup routine boost, simply spread onto a wet, cleansed face, massage in circles for 30 seconds to exfoliate, watch the activation of ingredients cue the color change, rinse, and say hello to plumped, poreless looking skin. Be sure to follow @AloYoga on TikTok to see the viral mask in action & tag us in all of the ways you’re glowing up in 60 seconds!