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Introducing Alo Access: Exclusive Rewards Await

Early access to drops, members-only sales & so much more — find out how to join

If we had one word to describe the Alo Fam, it would be “loyal.” Which is why we thought it was time to create a rewards program that reciprocates all the love and loyalty we're honored to feel on the daily.

Alo is thrilled to announce the launch of Alo Access — our very first membership program that comes with members-only benefits and exclusive gifts for our Alo Fam.

Sales reserved for Alo Access members only, 10% off your first order, free 2-day shipping? And that only skims the surface. We're breaking down all the need-to-knows so you can begin accruing points and qualifying for all these rewards as early as tonight. 

If you’ve been with us since our very first pair of Goddess Leggings — and on that note, we just dropped the newest, street-inspired rendition of this OG style — you’ve become acquainted with our mission of “unity,” the Sanskrit translation of yoga.

Through performance apparel that inspires people onto their mat and into community, our founding mission has been to create a powerful source of belonging and Alo Access furthers that mission.

From gifts with purchase to exclusive events and classes, Alo Access intends to get you plugged into the Alo Fam in deeper, more impactful ways — plus a few simple luxuries such as early access on new drops and birthday gifts.

Ready unlock your benefits? We’ve got all your Alo Access questions covered.


Mercury is definitely not in retrograde because today is for good news only: join Alo Access for free today by signing up here. All you’ll need is your name, an email, a password, and a phone number (if you like being notified of drops, sales, and other special happenings as if it was coming from one of your besties). It’s as effortless and rewarding as Savasana.


No complicated algebra needed because the formula is simple: earn 1 point for every dollar you spend with Alo Access and the exclusive rewards will follow. Whether you shop online at or at Alo retail stores in the United States, your points will be accrued.


If you have an existing Alo account and have made purchases associated with that account, we’ve applied points for all of your 2022 purchases. You’ll be able to claim these points by using the email associated with your account (or the one you provided at the time of purchase). You can view your member status and benefits by logging into your account, and consider this our “thank you” for assisting us with the launch of Alo Access.


New vocab you’ll love. We’ve segmented the program into three separate tiers based on points accrued: VIP for 1 – 299 points, A-List for 300 – 999 points, and All Access for 1000+ points. Each membership tier comes with a distinct collection of benefits and rewards, all of which can be viewed here.


As we are in the beta phase of Alo Access — meaning a program testing that allows us to acquire feedback and improve in real-time to make it perfect for full launch — point redemption is coming soon. The rewards and benefits for your membership tier, along with the ability to redeem points for free merchandise and experiences, will be available soon — so be sure to stay tuned. For now, continue to earn points and share your feedback as you earn.

Start earning your well-deserved benefits today with Alo Access — these new arrivals make a great place to start.

Have some words of wisdom for us? Please share your feedback about Alo Access here.