Parents: This Kid-Approved Summer Activity Checks Off all the Boxes

Parents: This Kid-Approved Summer Activity Checks Off all the Boxes

Add these fun, free 5-minute yoga and meditation videos to their schedules!

Hey, parents... looking for the perfect summer pastime for your little ones? Something that will keep them engaged and teach them important life skills?

Two words: Alo Gives! It's 12 weeks of free 5-minute yoga and meditation videos that teach children how to find calm, manage their emotions, build self-confidence and learn more easily, in and outside of the classroom. Millions of kids have been doing it in schools since we launched the program in March (!!) as part of our nonprofit organization, which focuses on bringing yoga to children of all ages, and the feedback we've received from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive (more on that below).

Here's how it works: each week features a unique theme, like Be Brave, Be Creative, Be Kind, and Be Empathetic, and each week includes five videos and one activity worksheet based on each theme. The videos teach kids social and emotional learning skills while also giving them the freedom to have fun with it (for example, they might be prompted to move like a dinosaur, stand tall like a tree or breathe like the ocean), which is more important than ever in today's world, where countless distractions and stimuli compete for children's attentions every single day.

Another amazing plus? You can do any of the videos, in any order, at any time. They're designed to fit easily into your kids' schedules, whether they're playing at home or juggling a host of summer activities.

Teachers all over the U.S. have been adding our videos to their curriculums, and their students love them! We've been so inspired by their sweet messages that we had to share a few...

“I love the videos that teach kids ways to calm themselves and improve their abilities to handle stress!”

“I like the ease of the program’s use... you can really fit the lesson into your instructional time, which is hard to do with all the other programs and curriculum we use daily.”

“My students have now tried to get their own families involved. They try to teach their siblings how to do poses and maintain body awareness. This program has really changed the way my students interact with each other and those around them.”

We can't wait to hear what you think... head to, play the videos for your little yogis or do them together, and send us a DM on Instagram to let us know how it goes!