Advance Your  Practice: 5 Essential Video Classes for Building Strength

Advance Your Practice: 5 Essential Video Classes for Building Strength

Learn how to use props to your advantage, find stronger balance on the mat, work up to a handstand & more

One of the most amazing parts of yoga is that you never stop evolving (yep, even when you finally master a handstand!), and the best way to continue on that rewarding journey is through tons and tons of practice. After all, the process is the best part—we promise! Want to keep the growing going? Check out some of our favorite videos for building strength and progressing your practice on our new yoga app, Alo Moves, below. Sign up and get two weeks free or make an Alo purchase and get a complimentary 30-day subscription!

Illuminate Yoga with Andrew Sealy
Type: Series (7 videos)
What You'll Need: Just Your Mat!

Invite more joy and love into your life with this 7-video series of energizing yoga flows. They incorporate positive intentions to guide you through each day and powerful poses for releasing and strengthening, like heart- and hip-openers and handstands. Get inspired by Andrew Sealy's creative sequences and encouraging support throughout the series.

Slow Is the New Strong with Dylan Werner
Type: Series (5 videos)
What You'll Need: Just Your Mat!

Slow it down in this 5-video series of flows centered on alignment and awareness, designed to quiet the mind and build strength at the same time. You'll work on inversions and arm balances, with modifications offered throughout. Plus, Dylan closes out each class with a live RAV Vast drum performance to accompany your savasana.

Journey to Handstand with Carling Harps & Patrick Beach
Type: Series (31 videos)
What You'll Need: Socks, Strap, Blocks

Want to master the handstand or find strength in inversions? Tune into this amazing intensive series with super yogi duo Carling and Patrick, who target all the key exercises and poses to help you go upside down with confidence, from core work to crows to wall kick-ups. In 31 videos, you'll build a strong foundation and set yourself up for handstand success.

Props to Props with Briohny Smyth
Type: Single Class (49mins)
What You'll Need: Blocks, Strap

Think props are for beginners? Think again! This class uses blocks and straps to help you increase flexibility, strengthen the whole body and work on arm balances and handstands. Learn how these tools can best help you develop your personal practice, whether you're at home or in the studio.

Seeking Center with Carling Harps
Type: Single Class (63mins)
What You'll Need: Blocks

If you're looking to find more balance on (and off) the mat, this hour-long vinyasa flow is the perfect jumping off point. Seeking Center focuses on expansion and contraction, offering up plenty of opportunities to work on asymmetrical backbend poses and other asanas that require greater stability, and building strength in the process.

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