Immerse yourself in this 12-day journey with us as we explore the heros, sages, and Deities behind the Yoga pose names. 👑 
Join us as we go beyond the asana and explore the mythology of yoga poses. We will wonderfully experience both the asana, and the stories of the mystical Gods, and Deities in the classical text of Hindu literature. The philosophy behind these stories inspire spiritual growth, enlightenment and self-development; whilst the asanas that are based on them, lead to a healthy body and mind. The aim of this challenge is to allow these colorful fables to bring you a new lease of life, knowledge, and meaning to your practice. 👑 
This challenge is open to all levels and abilities!
JULY 20 - 31



1 winner to receive $100 to aloyoga.com + a free 6-month subscription to Alo Moves