Embark on a 12-day journey with hosts as they explore asanas to help balance your doshas (energies). AYURVEDA (Ayur =  life, Veda = knowledge or science) is a medicine that dates back thousands of years. This medicine focuses on creating balance of the mind-body through energies with things such as diet, herbal treatment and yogic breath. It is said we are composed of three different energies that define our make up. These are also known as the DOSHAS. Vatta | Pitta | Kapha. An unbalanced dosha can lead to an unbalanced you! It can affect things such as your attitude, your coping strategies, your physique, your emotions and even your daily motivation.

This challenge is designed to help you learn about to your Dosha(s) and which asanas can help you achieve a balanced life.  

June 4 - 15


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