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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



Start by making sure you’re following @aloyoga, all hosts and all additional sponsors on Instagram.

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Post a photo every day that the challenge runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus points if you hashtag #aloyoga, so we can follow along with you on your journey.

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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge… they’ll be featured on this page!

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 Join us for a 10 days yoga challenge which focuses on bringing balance back into your life on and off the mat. We will break down into 5 parts so that we can work on balancing on a different part of the body. Bonus point if you take the practice outside!

Pose lineup: 
 Balance on your head
 1. Headstand
 2. Yogi Choice

Balance on your hands
3. Handstand
4. Yogi Choice

Balance on your arms
 5. Forearmstand
 6. Yogi Choice

Balance on one hand
 7. Side Plank
 8. Yogi Choice

Balance on one foot
 9. Tree Pose
10. Yogi Choice

Spring is the time of new beginnings, when everything awe-inspiring in nature comes back to life from hibernation & fills our world with joy, grace & beauty! We invite you to celebrate this blossoming of life around us as we pay tribute to everything beautiful & liberating through our Yoga practice!

List of poses & prompts:

∆ Caterpillar - Just when she thought her life was over... (Any forward fold)

∆ Butterfly - ...She became a butterfly, (Any Butterfly pose)

∆ Narcissus - And fell in love with the beauty of life! (Any Symmetrical / Mirroring pose)

∆ Tulip - She understood that to bloom every spring was her duty... (Flower pose)

∆ Snowdrop - ...With the memories of winter in her heart. (Any break-through pose)

∆ Lotus - There was slush too, but no mud no lotus, right? (Any Lotus pose)

∆ Peocock - She learned to danceto her own tune, (Peocock pose)

∆ Bird - As she wasn't caged anymore! (Any bird pose - Bird of Paradise, Eagle, Pigeon)

∆ Sun - She flew & found herself, (Your Power / Strength pose)

∆ Freedom - and found the freedom to just be ❤️ (Your Freedom pose)

Details: “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” - Tyrion Lannister

As we hit the one year mark for the final season of game of thrones, join us as we check back in with this revolutionary series. Whether or not you are a fan, join us as we explore key life lessons that the series taught us, all while reminiscing about the famous and infamous characters.

Days include:
1. Favourite character (warrior pose)
2. Least favourite character (bind)
3. Favourite animal in the series (any animal pose)
4. Character that died too soon (restorative pose)
5. Biggest plot twist (any twist)

We invite you to lighten and brighten your body and mind for the new season. Beginning with a gentle backbend practice to awaken, cleanse and get rid of any stagnant energy. Your journey into springtime warmth continues with gentle Yoga movements to become your best you.


Spring is the time for Awakening, new energies rising and new opportunities. In this challenge we will channel the energy of new beginnings, but make sure to ground ourselves and find better mind-body connection too.

Pose lineup: 
 Supta Virasana - I want to open my heart for positive things and people
Lunge or Warrior - I want to be fierce and strong to fight any negativity that comes my way Flamingo pose or any standing balance - I want to be balanced so I have power to stand on my own
Padmasana - I want to be in peace, so I can hear my inner voice
Warrior III - make space for new things, new beginnings
Wheel pose - forgive something that you held on for too long (yourself or someone else)

Details: Awakening mobility in our spine can give us a boost of energy and change our mood. What a better time to awaken our spinal energy than in the Spring season as nature begins to flourish! This 10-day challenge will explore postures that open our spine in all directions: flexion, extension, lateral, and twist. Participants will feel more energized and connected to community through participation.



As it’s beginning to warm up and the Earth awakens around us through the beginning of Spring, let’s warm up and awaken our bodies with the exploration of twists in our yoga practice! Practicing twists in yoga are known to have a cleansing, purifying, and awakening effect on the body and mind. Let’s do a little body, mind, and spirit Spring Cleaning through twisting together!

Pose List:
Day 1:
Half Lord of The Fishes
Day 2:
Low Lunge w/ Twist
Day 3:
Revolved Triangle Pose
Day 4:
Chair Pose w/ a Twist
Day 5:
Revolved Side Angle Pose
Day 6:
Wide Legged Forward Fold w/ Twist
Day 7:
Malasana Half Bound (w/ Twist)
Day 8:
Compass Variation
Day 9:
Supine Twist
Day 10:
Yogi’s Choice Twist



The upcoming Spring season means more sun ☀️, all the blooms 💐, and the Earth’s living creatures all coming out of hibernation. Along with them, we want to wake up and reignite our yoga practices with 10 fun days of Spring-themed poses to welcome the new season! As “Spring Cleaning” is also a common practice, cleaning our bodies with some detoxifying variations of the following poses will add a fun and challenging twist to the theme, while providing yogis with an additional health benefit.
Day 1: Tree
Day 2: Flower (Lotus Variation)
Day 3: Frog
Day 4: Garland
Day 5: Snake (Cobra)
Day 6: Butterfy (Bound Angle)
Day 7: Bird (Bird of Paradise)
Day 8: Boat
Day 9: Locust
Day 10: Sun (Salutation)


"Life is like the ocean in that, from shore, watching the magnificent waves roll in is one thing. But stepping into the ocean is another. Re-discovering an embodied balance of surrender, strength, and equanimity in an entirely different element is a whole other thing” - Marni Gauthier

We would love to emphasise our eternal connection to the elements and in this challenge especially the element of water. We find, as in thee quote, that life is similar to the nature of the sea. Strong, ever changing, always moving but also eternal. So be believe is the yoga practice.

We would like to install this feeling and knowledge in Yogis to get a bit closer to nature and our utmost selves. In the end Yoga helps us to be one with the universe and were trying to bring this closer to our fellow yogis.

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby the imagination is used to craft original ideas and solve problems. It’s about inventiveness, vision, inspiration—it’s finding a new way to see, process and understand the world. Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck in a rut—when all you want is to feel inspired, artistic, and creative. This can also happen with our yoga practice too.

So, join us on this 10 day challenge, as we get creative and just have fun with funky asanas. Sometimes it’s just exciting to switch things up, and try something new. Let’s challenge the traditional rules and ideas of the classic yoga poses—with fun and funky new approaches.
All abilities and props welcome!

Pose Lineup:
Super soldier pose
Baby grasshopper pose
Fire hydrant pose
Funky Lizard
Fallen star pose
Half lotus warrior 3
Partridge pose
Creative Compass pose of choice
Fallen flamingo pose
Funky asana of choice

We thought it would be fun to start on the first day of spring. The idea is to present a traditional arm balance pose each day, but express your individuality by making it your own. Step outside the box and funky it up, so to speak.

Hosts will present a variant on the given pose and participants can copy or come up with their own fun and unique idea.

We will promote safety and talk about modifications to create an inclusive and supportive environment, which will allow participants to express themselves and show their individual styles and levels of practice. We want to appeal to all levels and make this challenge accessible to everyone.

- Crow
- Side Crow/EPK1
- Flying Lizard
- EPK2
- Grasshopper
- Firefly/Firecrow
- Eight Angle
- Flying Crow
- Pincha
- Yogis Choice

This challenge will bring you a 10-day guide to work on strengthening your back chain, more particularly, the glutes and hammies. We will provide you drills, work with props and encourage you to be creative and to think outside the box! Are you ready to innovate your yoga practice, improve your physical health and tone your bootie?


There’s never a better time to come back to the basics than now. In order to grow and get ready for spring time, we first need to make sure that our roots are deep and solid. In this challenge we want to build or renew our foundation together with you. All kinds of modifications and creative adaptations are welcome! Open to all levels!



Crescent lunge or Warrior 1

Cobra or Updog


Seated twist 

Warrior 2

Locust or bow


Eagle or tree pose

Bridge or wheel

It’s known that in the yoga practice we frequently stretch the hamstrings and glutes, and we don’t have many poses that focus on strengthening them.

This challenge will bring you a 10-day guide to work on strengthening your back chain, more particularly, the glutes and hammies. We will provide you drills, work with props and encourage you to be creative and to think outside the box! Are you ready to innovate your yoga practice, improve your physical health and tone your bootie?



Alo empowers yogis to empower other yogis in their practice. Through our challenge, we are asking yogis to get creative through their postures by making a choice. We hope to inspire yogis to think outside the box when it comes to their practice. We’d love Alo to be apart of this with us, as we believe our messages are similar- we want to get people on their mats in an authentic and in a fun way.

1.Would you rather twist your lunge or twist your triangle?

2.Would you rather get active in king pigeon or relax in sleeping pigeon?

3.Would you rather do crow pose on fingertips or chair pose on tip toes?

4.Would you rather be a tree pose by a tree or a fish pose by the sea?

5.Would you rather do a eagle leg handstand or a diamond leg headstand?

5.Would you rather do a forward bend and give yourself a hug or do a backward bend while balancing a mug?

6.Would you rather do a dancer with your favorite belt as a strap or a heart opening low lunge using your favorite books as blocks?

7.Would you rather reach for a cup of tea in a standing or in a sitting sidebend?

8. Would you rather do a goddess pose while balancing a plant on your head or would you rather hold malasana pose while picking flowers?

9. Would you rather be a woodland fairy dancer or a floating camel?

10. Would you rather hop into a frog or slide into skandasana pose?



Renew your love of yoga by putting a little spring into your practice! Springtime symbolizes renewal, so we’re inviting you to get creative with the poses you’re used to practicing and revitalize your practice. Create a new variation on the day’s pose, or be inspired to try out one of your host's ideas.

Pose List:
1. Low lunge
2. Forward fold
3. Dolphin/pincha
4. Sugar cane
5. Skandasana
6. Pyramid
7. Malasana
8. Split
9. Bridge/wheel
10. Headstand/Handstand


“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” - The Little Prince

Sometimes we’re so focused on everything else that we forget to notice what’s really important and essential for our happiness and wellbeing. That is why practicing meditation, gratitude and just being in the present moment can help us so much to stay grounded and see the truth - all that we need to feel happiness is already inside of us.

Join us over the next 10 days as we invite you to practice introspection and find out what is most important to you. Everyday, we’ll give you the beginning of a sentence so you can fill the gap and complete the sentence. This is a gratitude and awareness exercise that will help you to see what is most precious to you, and hopefully you will leave this challenge more aware of how wonderful and amazing you are ❤️ no poses line up! Just follow your heart and post whatever you want 🤗🤸🏼‍♂️”


"Fill the gap" line up - no suggested poses, feel free to choose your yoga asana that you feel like most that day.

1. I feel grateful for...
2. I am proud of myself because...
3. I feel inspired by...
4. I felt good when I...
5. I am going to treat myself with...
6. I worked hard to achieve...
7. I feel strong when...
8. Last time I took a few moments to breathe and live the present moment was...
9. My goal for today is...
10. My fave intention... E.g.I am happy, I am strong, I am...

What are you hoping to achieve?

We are hoping to build awareness on yogic practices such as meditation, the Alo brand, and to support the Instagram community with fellow Yogis and Yoginis.

Details: 🤩Are you ready for some fun poses to welcome Spring Time ??

Spring is finally here and let’s celebrate together, leaving behind the cold and gloomy winter!

It is time to welcome the new colors and warm weather and to bring some sunshine back into our practice! As the daylight extends, our body and mind tends to adjust increasing our levels of energy and anxiety! For those who struggle with seasonal changes, yoga practice can help to keep our minds focused and our body balanced!

If you’ve been struggling with the winter blues or you are just up for a fun time, this challenge is for you! So, join us for 10 days of balance where the only rules are to have fun and respect your body!

🤸🏻‍♀️ Lined up poses to find your balance :
Day 1️ on your toes or fingertips
Day 2️ on your feet or heels
Day 3️ on your knee(s)
Day 4️ with legs crossed
Day 5️ with legs straight
Day 6️ with a twist
Day 7️ with a bind
Day 8️ with a bendy spine
Day 9️ on your arms
Day 10 your fave balance style

We wanted to host a yoga challenge that focuses on those hard to balance hamstrings! The challenge will be 10 days long and each day we will alternate between a hamstring strengthener and the next day a lengthener! 
We are so excited for this one!

Details: Spring is almost here and what better way to celebrate than with some outdoor yoga! Join us for challenge dedicated to bringing your yoga practice outdoors by encouraging yogis to get creative and take photos at different locations outdoors.

This challenge is designed to help yogis of all levels break out of their comfort zones as well as gain a better appreciation for the outdoors. Over this 10 day challenge, we will explore how yoga and nature interact.

Description: Mar 13, 2020 is World Sleep Day. A important day to remind us toward our health. Throughout the challenge, we wish to bring awareness of health to yogis by focus on Yin yoga.
Yin yoga stimulating and strengthening muscles at the hips, lower spine, inner thighs and the pelvis. Feel your body by feeling you muscle, organ, bones and so on.
It convenient to practice anytime, anywhere as long as we feel comfortable.

Pose list :
1. Forward fold
2. Twist
3. Toe squat
4. Sphinx pose
5. Dragon pose
6. Butterfly pose
7. Hug knees to chest
8. Bridge pose
9. Plow pose
10. Child pose


The idea of this challenge is to inspire and bring more awareness to the things that the body is capable of doing... With all the hosts being proficient hand and arm balancers who are also over 40 year old, we believe this will inspire and motivate people to not only keep striving to achieve their goals, but also show them that Alo yoga is the top company for supporting athletes and Yogis in their 40s!


March is a time of spring awakening. Flowers and trees come to life, they bloom.  We will select poses that we will help you feel a special lightness and freedom, adding a bit of fantasy and creativity.
Let’s feel the power of spring and keep throughout the whole season.
Here we are with the wild flowers rising from the earth. Let’s twist in the joy of new life and share with others.

We consider backbending and twisting poses including dancers. 

Here are the poses:
Half rotated standing fire log pose
Pincha with backbend
Lasyasana- parvati’s graceful yoga pose
Fallen dancer
King Kobra
Chakrasana (with forearms)
Dancer pose (any variation)
Hanuman backbend
Handstand hollowback

Fallen angel
Side crow (any variation)
Headstand twist
Hanuman twist
Revolved head to knee
Revolved triangle (any variation)

Details: Our idea is #ALOveOfLines, a challenge celebrating those beautifully aesthetic postures that create the famous "yoga lines." We'll be encouraging participants to get as creative as they'd like with each day's posture, creating shapes with lines they may not have even thought of before!

Our posture list follows:
Day 1: Triangle
Day 2: Boat
Day 3: Downward Dog/Dolphin
Day 4: Warrior 3
Day 5: Plank
Day 6: Shoulder Stand
Day 7: Tree
Day 8: Half Moon/Sugarcane
Day 9: Any Inversion
Day 10: Yogi's Choice - show off those lines!


"Love only grows by sharing. You can have more for yourself by giving it away to others."

There is an intimate connection between loving and giving: although you can give without loving, you cannot love without giving.

Yoga teaches us to have a compassionate and generous relationship with ourselves and others so a yoga challenge can definitely give us the opportunity to ponder on how loving and giving are connected. 

Since there are many aspects of love, there are many ways to give love as well: how do you give love to your significant other? How do you give love to the Planet we live on? And how do you give love even to strangers? 

Let's explore these different aspects through this yoga challenge!

Details: we’ll pair traditional yoga asana with a common struggle faced every day. It is our hope to create a safe place for yogis to connect and share their experiences with each other and the greater ig yoga community.

Pose line up:

Day 1: Personal Power - Warrior
Share something you do every day that makes you feel powerful.

Day 2: Disappointment - Down Dog
Share a coping method that works well for you when you’re faced with disappointment.

Day 3: Connection - Pyramid
Share how you stay connected with yourself in times when life feels hectic.

Day 4: Fear - Headstand
Share how you move past fear.

Day 5: Love - Wheel
Share how you spread love each day.

Day 6: Intuition - Pigeon
Share how you keep tuned into your insight.

Day 7: Gratitude - Chair
Share how you cultivate a mindset of gratitude.

Day 8: Acceptance - Child’s pose
Share how you reconcile challenging situations.

Day 9: Yogis choice What are you growing through right now?

This challenge embodies a variety of practices we hold dear, and emphasizes the mindful relationship we have with all other life on our planet and the Air, Land and Ocean we wish for them to thrive in.
A playful interpretation of a reverent saying that speaks to both the spiritual and earthbound elements of our practice. We want to take a bit of time this challenge and understand how we are the perfect conduit between these two elements and celebrate the role we embody.

Details: A heart opening yoga challenge with a focus on self love. If we love our own life, it shows. We glow from the inside and have enough love to share. For 10 days, we will use a variety of heart openers and mantras to explore self love and acceptance.

Heart Opening Mantras and Pose Themes:
Day 1- “I am love” Seated Pose
Day 2- “I am beautiful” Prone Pose
Day 3- “I am joy” Supine Pose
Day 4- “I am balanced” Balancing Pose
Day 5 - “I am amazing” Twisted Pose
Day 6- “I am powerful” Inversion
Day 7- “I am creative” Hybrid Pose
Day 8- “I am intentional” Standing Pose
Day 9- “I am loved” Favorite Pose
Day 10- “I am unique” Yogi’s Choice

Details: When we practice at home or when we teach it‘s always advisable to warm up properly and prepare our peak poses. We give you 10 peak poses and you choose to either post the peak pose or one of the preparatory poses.
You can choose your own prep poses that are best for YOUR body or you can use one of the host‘s ideas. If you choose to post the peak pose, let everyone know three poses that help you warm up and prepare the peak pose, so that we can all inspire and support each other! Open to all levels.

Peak Poses:
1 Half moon pose
2 Crow
3 Splits
4 Pincha
5 Wheel
6 Compass pose
7 Eight angle pose
8 Handstand
9 Leg Behind Head
10 King pigeon

Ready to take your asanas to new heights? This challenge is for you! Join us for 10 days where you will discover creative ways to elevate yoga poses. Be inspired by your hosts, or make up your own variation and elevate that shape using a wall, furniture, prop or any other creative way.

Pose List:
Day 1. Toe stand
Day 2. Side plank
Day 3. Lizard lunge
Day 4. Dolphin
Day 5. Forward fold
Day 6. Split
Day 7. Any inversion
Day 8. Lotus
Day 9. Cow face
Day 10. Fallen angel

Details: I am bringing a proposal of a floating challenge for February. Similar to the power of pressing, slowing down from the shoulders and core and softly landing into poses. It will be very helpful for those with pressing aspirations and just want to learn to float in their sun salutations and practice.

Pose lineup:
1) hamstring and wrists
2) Shoulder stretch/strengthening
3) Core work
4) Float to forward fold/ toe tap
5) Float to crow
6) Float to handstand
7) Float to 8 angle
8) Float to l-sit/ lolasana
9) Float to Straddle/ malasana
10) Float to yogi choice (examples: forearms, Head, chinstand, side crow, epk2)

Details: All of us love inversions. They make us feel inspired, in the moment, and they keep us challenged. As soon as you learn a new shape, press, or drill for an inversion, you realize how much further your journey can go.

Join us in this challenge to deepen your body awareness upside down through exploring where else your body can go to challenge your balance, strengthen your inverted stamina, and increase control.
All levels welcome!
Join us February 17th-27th in our #Invert4ALOfus as we play with different inverted shapes for 7 days! This is a chance to explore your own personal practice upside down, and share it with this beautiful community!
Your hosts will be providing you with a different inverted shape each day, with different variations and tips for each posture!

February is the month of LOVE so a lot of your yoga teachers have probably had you focused on heart opening poses, but have you been balancing those back bends out with forward folds? Join us in this challenge where we will be focusing on both! Each day we’ll offer one back bend and one forward fold. You can choose to post just one, but we strongly recommend that you try practicing both.

Even though Valentine’s Day will be over, it doesn’t mean we have to stop spreading the love and kindness toward one another💘

As February is the month of love, let’s keep the love and happiness going through our practice on and off the mat!

In this 10 day challenge, we encourage you to post picture or video everyday. Each day we choose the pose that relates to heart opening and the last day is your choice to choose any pose that make you happy. Bonus point if you write something about how each pose make you feel or the way it changes your mood. Please share your thoughts with us!

This challenge is open to all levels and abilities!

PAWasanas is back for round 4! This challenge is designed to celebrate our animals who love to join us on the mat. Our pets are more than just pets; they really become a part of the family. They are often fascinated by yoga and wanting to join, so let’s give them that opportunity. We will go through 10 days of different categories of poses, with our pets at our sides. Each day, we will share fun and lovable facts about our fur babies as well!

Pose Lineup:
Seated pose
Standing pose
Hip opener
Balance pose
Heart opener
Arm balance
Favorite Snuggle—Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever wanted to achieve a King Dancer pose or a King Pigeon, but struggle to flip your grip?
Flipping our grip is an integral part of the yoga practice and one that can be reached with the right tools. It all comes down to incorporating the appropriate prep poses and the having the right technique. Once you start to realize this, it’s more achievable than it may initially seem.

Join us for 10 days, as we guide you through a journey of opening our shoulders, back, heart and hips - in order to unlock those tricky flipped grip asanas.
We will encourage you to use props and go at your own pace.

Pose Lineup:
Choice of asana with reverse prayer hands or reverse shoulder stretch
Puppy pose
Traditional Pigeon pose
Downward facing dog
Camel pose or king cobra
Low lunge
Wheel pose
Choice of asana with Cow faced arms
Tiger pose
Yogis choice of flipped grip asana (e.g. King dancer, King pigeon, Bow pose)


Details: For Valentine’s day, we want to showcase our love of yoga, we would love to host a challenge where we will create shape of “I LOVE YOGA ❤️” letter with our bodies every day, ending with yogi’s choice for the Heart emoji. It is an all level challenge that will create lots of fun shapes and we can also ask followers to share what they love about yoga in their posts for even deeper engagement. 


Details: Our theme idea is #ALOveletter. Each day, we will be encouraging participants to write a different love letter: one day will be a letter to themself, another day a letter to a loved one, another day a letter to someone in need, another day a letter to the Earth, etc... Each day being paired with an asana that embodies her or his letter.


A fun and engaging challenge to demystify forward bends in yoga. We will share tips and tricks to help participants progress into advanced forward folds mindfully and with awareness and grace.

Right before the challenge starts, each of the hosts will also share an optional warm-up routine, which participants can follow before doing any of the postures. It will be short, simple and very effective. Most importantly it will ensure no one is stretching cold muscles!

Day 1: Supta Padangushthasana A or Reclined hand to big toe pose
Day 2: Upavishtakonasana or Wide-Legged Forward Fold
Day 3: Utkatasana or Chair Pose
Day 4: Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Pose
Day 5: Parivritta Trikonasana or Revolved Triangle
Day 6: Parivritta Adho Mukha Svanasana or Twisted downward Dog
Day 7: Ardha Hanumnasana or Half Split
Day 8: Parivritta Janusirsasana or Revolved Head to knee pose
Day 9: Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Fold
Day 10: Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana or Standing split


February is the month of love, but before loving others, you should love yourself first. It’s so easy to pay attention to others, while we forget about ourselves. During these days, we challenge you to have at least 5-10 minutes of “me time” so you don’t forget to pay attention to your own needs!

Each day we’ll share a different self-care activity or self-love thought that you should try to incorporate to your routine. Of course, never feel bad if you skip one day! Just try to do it. Also, these are just ideas, you can switch if you prefer to do another thing, but be selfish and think about what you really want to do! We don’t have any way to check if you’re doing it, so just do it for yourself. We will also be exploring different yoga poses each day. All levels are welcomed - we encourage you to choose the variation that is most safe and fun for you!


1. Journaling – any backbend

2. Read a book – take a yoga pic with a book

3. Write down three things you feel grateful about – prayer hands

4. Complete the sentence “I feel proud with myself because…” – any warrior

5. Put away your phone 1 hour before bed – hip opener

6. Go on a nature walk – tree legs

7. Meditate for 5-10 minutes – restorative pose

8. Take a moment to breath – lotus pose

9. Eat that thing you love but never indulge in – sugar cane

10. Try a new recipe – shoulder opener