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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



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Post a photo every day that the challenge
 runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus 
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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge…
 they’ll be featured on this page!

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August 22 - September 9

This challenge is all about finding internal and external connection in our practice.
Each day we will offer yoga, acro yoga and partner yoga variations to help guide our participants on a path to connection with themselves and others. The challenge will be open to all levels of participants and we will promote self-love, unity and kindness as the main principles of this challenge. It will be a beautiful 12 days of celebrating friendship with ourselves and others. 😊


August 13 - 22

We believe in the power of love, which is why in this unique challenge we will not only give you an asana each day, but an action to go along with it to spread some love and hopefully give a bunch of smiles to people at the same time!

Join us for this incredibly uplifting challenge and help spread that love around! 


August 3 - 12

A fun yoga challenge to celebrate the launch of Alo’s new Fall line! Each day a host will share their favorite fall yoga pose while wearing their favorite fall alo outfit!


August 1 - 12

Fly into Fall is a challenge designed to prepare you for your handstand and arm balance journey! Hosts will also be using different variations of hollow-backs to make your practice a little bit more fun!

August 1 - 12
Come play with us as we journey through 12 days of exploring the Chakras & the Koshas! Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel.
This is because the life force, or prana, that moves inside of you is spinning and rotating. This spinning energy has 7 centers in your body, starting at the base of your spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head.
In a healthy, balanced person, the 7 chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of your body, mind and spirit. The koshas are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for conceptualizing ourselves. Much like the chakra system, the kosha layers come packaged with their own individual physiological function and psychology. 


August 1 - 10

Hosts will be breaking this challenge into three sections.
1- Vanessa will be giving exercises to help flexibility/strengthening
2 - Alex will be showcasing ways to use a specific prop
3 - Joe will be doing a How-To tutorial of a pose building off the previous day’s posts by Vanessa and Alex. This will allow hosts to help participants grow, strengthen and build on their yoga practice and advanced postures they might be working towards, from conditioning to full expression.


July 22 - 31

This summer yoga challenge will be focused on exploring asanas that involve building & using core strength. One of the hosts is pregnant so she will be exploring the modifications for yoga during pregnancy! 

July 20 - 31

Immerse yourself in this 12-day journey with us as we explore the heros, sages, and Deities behind the Yoga pose names. 👑 
Join us as we go beyond the asana and explore the mythology of yoga poses. We will wonderfully experience both the asana, and the stories of the mystical Gods, and Deities in the classical text of Hindu literature. The philosophy behind these stories inspire spiritual growth, enlightenment and self-development; whilst the asanas that are based on them, lead to a healthy body and mind. The aim of this challenge is to allow these colorful fables to bring you a new lease of life, knowledge, and meaning to your practice. 👑 
This challenge is open to all levels and abilities!


July 22 - 31

In this challenge we will be asking participants to do different poses that call for extension of body and mind – “Extend Yourself”. Each day we will ask how different yoga practices makes them feel and where would they like to progress / grow towards in the future. We believe that building a steady journey, starting with little goals, is very helpful to progress in your yoga practice in a healthy and fun way.


July 18 - 29

Yoga requires a lot of upper body strength, and most of the time we forget the balance between upper body and lower body. This challenge is designed to strengthen and open the glutes with unique yoga asanas, that will have you ready for SUMMER!


July 19 - 30

Yoga is Global and now, so is Alo!

To celebrate the launch of @aloyoga’s FREE International Shipping campaign, we’ve partnered up with some om-azing yogi friends from all around the world to bring you a fun new yoga challenge — #AloAroundTheWorld 🌎 🎉


July 1 - 8

This 8-day challenge is designed to help grow and strengthen your handstand floats and get you feeling confident and strong while upside down. Hosts will lead participants through a series of handstand floats and transitions offering variations and exercises for all levels. Yogis are encouraged to embrace wherever they are at in their practice. It's not about perfection, it's about what you learn on the way upside down! 



July 12 - 23

This challenge focuses on cooling asanas, like forward folds, simple inversions and twists while celebrating the magical and unique Mid-summer time and promoting outdoor yoga✨Let's shine together ✨ 


July 20 - 31

Some days are harder then others, and that means that on those "off days" it's harder to think of something positive that happened for, or to you. This challenge will encourage yogis to focus on the light and to post any photo, or video from their practice each day + share 1-3 positive things that happened to them on that day - big or small :)


July 9 - 23

This challenge is designed to help you reach your Handstand goals AND have fun while doing it. 

To celebrate the launch of Patrick Beach and Carling Nicole's new #JourneyToHandstand series on Alo Moves, we've partnered up to put together an awesome 14-day Handstand Challenge! Learn how to grow & strengthen your inversion practice and share your 14-day progression journey with us!

Added bonus — 3 lucky participants will receive a FREE 6-month subscription to Alo Moves + $100 to

We can't wait to see you FLY!


July 1 - 31

Join @yogabeyond's 30-day #ACROVINYASA challenge starting July 1st! We’re super excited to guide you through the last 30 earth & air asanas of Level 1 Flow.
Each day @acrovinyasa will post a tutorial for a yoga pose (earth asana) followed by its equivalent acro pose (air asana) the next day. Follow the instructions and please be sure to have a spotter, especially if you’re taking flight for the first time. We can't wait to inspire you to get on your mat every day and progressively guide you through this powerful and playful practice!

July 2 - 13

This challenge will focus on balancing strength and flexibility poses. A balanced and well rounded yoga practice is so important and often contributes to our lives off the mat as well. We hope to give yogi's the tools to help balance their strength and flexibility within their practice rather than focusing on one or the other. 


July 11 - 22

Are you ready to get creative in your yoga practice? Hosts designed this challenge with horizontal vs. vertical poses amalgamated with Alo's summer collection. Hosts will work on lines and angles in beautiful outdoor spaces to demonstrate the geometry of yoga this summer


July 1 - 12

Summer is here and we want you to channel your inner mermaid vibes! Hosts will go through a series of mermaid-inspired yoga poses that will get you toned up and in-tune with your inner mermaid in no time! 


 July 1 - 10

10 days of beautiful handstand shapes with tips and drills from each host! 

July 1 - 12

#LetsFlyInJuly is designed to inspire yogis to work on the strength and skill it takes to balance on our hands! A fun variety of poses will be included, from the regular well-known asanas to the funky unusual shapes which we hope will bring some new ideas and inspiration to our participants practice. Modifications will be provided for those still working on their balance and extra-hard variations for those who need pushing to the next level!


July 1 - 12

Summer is here and we're about to heat things up with a funky flexibility challenge. We'll work on our physical flexibility as well as have fun exploring all sorts of shapes for a flexible mind;) We hope participants will not just have lots of fun creating all sorts of shapes but also take some of the mindful messaging off the mat and into their daily lives.


July 22 - 31

This challenge features a variety of poses that celebrate your body and your yoga practice. The goal of this challenge is for yogis to understand and know that their practice is special and unique to them. Hosts will encourage participants to love their practice and show appreciation for where they are at in their yoga journey. Whether it be using props for each pose, or taking on a challenge with harder pose variations - it's all about honoring where you are at in your body, mind, soul and daily practice.


July 1 - 12 

Join us for 12 days of yoga poses that let participants have fun with their splits! So many people seem to give up on their splits journey or think certain poses won’t ever be accessible, so we want to cheer them on and say “You #CantQuitYourSplit!” From twisty to bendy variations to beginner modifications and tips for improvement we will have something for all levels. 


Show us how you MOVE on your mat!

Join us for our 7-day #AloMovesChallenge on Instagram!! 3 winners get the chance to win $100 to, a 6-month subscription to @alo.moves & our luxe matte-black Warrior Mat!

On your mat, get set, FLOW!


June 11 - 22

The idea behind this challenge is to help others 'bloom' in their yoga practice. There are many advanced poses that we see on Instagram every day, and they can seem very unattainable. Each day will be dedicated to a certain advanced pose (Handstand, Splits, etc) and the hosts will demonstrate more accessible poses, which have been particularly beneficial in helping them achieve each advanced pose. Participants can either choose to work on the prep pose or the advanced pose (or both!) depending on where they are in their practice to make the challenge suitable for all levels.

June 18 - 29

This challenge will be exploring different balancing poses for your soul. Hosts will share their daily balancing postures, offering tips, modifications and fun variations.


June 1 - 12

As summer approaches, hosts will be diving deep into hamstrings, hip flexors and quads, to help you prepare for and deepen your splits practice, while inviting a little bit of sunshine into your daily lives!

Congratulations: @omgrown72


June 4 - 15

Embark on a 12-day journey with hosts as they explore asanas to help balance your doshas (energies). AYURVEDA (Ayur =  life, Veda = knowledge or science) is a medicine that dates back thousands of years. This medicine focuses on creating balance of the mind-body through energies with things such as diet, herbal treatment and yogic breath. It is said we are composed of three different energies that define our make up. These are also known as the DOSHAS. Vatta | Pitta | Kapha. An unbalanced dosha can lead to an unbalanced you! It can affect things such as your attitude, your coping strategies, your physique, your emotions and even your daily motivation.

This challenge is designed to help you learn about to your Dosha(s) and which asanas can help you achieve a balanced life.  


June 1 - 12

In this challenge, hosts will share their favorite asanas based on specific themes each day. Hosts will encourage participants to pick their favorite pose based on the daily theme. Themes will include:

  10. SPLITS


June 1 - 10

This challenge is all about finding self-love in your yoga practice and letting it flow into your daily life. Hosts express self-love through various asanas, as well as give prompts for participants to answer/include little self-love notes in their daily posts.
Get ready to bend, stretch and show yourself some love!


June 1 - 10

We want this challenge to invite others to share their strength and their vulnerability in their practice and life! Poses for this challenge will represent strength and grace, but will also represent a story in the captions about the hosts struggles with said pose and also their life. This challenge will be about opening up and letting others in and sharing a wonderful and opening experience with participants.


June 1 - 12

June is the first month of the summer season and we want to encourage people to get on their mat and work up a sweat! Hosts will guide participants through poses that will, with consistent practice, help them get #FitForJune. Hosts will offer their tips and modifications for poses that specifically target legs, abs and arms. All of these poses will be combined into a sequence that participants can follow on their own even after the challenge is finished. On your mat, get set, FLOW!


June 1 - 12

A Summer challenge designed to help grow your yoga practice and leave you shining from within! Hosts will teach daily yoga poses paired with wellness rituals for the morning time. Rise & Shine!



June 4 - 13

A yoga challenge inspired by Summer and its beautiful sunsets. Like the sun, hosts will be creating poses that express beauty, power and shine from the inside out with the hopes of achieving an all-around wellness for yogis.  


May 20 - 31

12-day challenge focusing on asanas with binding options and an intention of self-love! The aim is to offer yoga poses that each have a bind associated with it. Hosts will offer the pose itself and also the binding option. The purpose is to give people the OPTION and listen to what their body needs! Take the traditional pose or go for the bind! In binding, we are binding that aspect of energy within our bodies of self-love, listening & loving.


May 21 - June 1

A back-bending focused yoga challenge!

Congratulations: @nataliemaeyoga


May 17 - 31

In this challenge hosts will offer a list of poses ahead of time and encourage participants to choose the variation of the pose that they feel allows them to really shine and feel their very best!

Congratulations: @yogi_hanna!


May 14 - 23 

An Instagram challenge worth beginning part of. The #LeotardLovies challenge is back to continue the journey of self-love. During this challenge we will share a unified quote and our individual interpretation of an asana. We encourage everyone to celebrate the beauty and light we all have as individuals and as a whole. We welcome all bodies. We embrace all people. 

Congratulations: @chocolateisthewayforward 


May 7 - 18

Summer is right around the corner and we want to welcome it by feeling the BURN. This challenge is going to be based upon core exercises that will prep our bodies for the Summer season. We welcome you to join this challenge while hosts work on a variety of core burning exercises, using wheels as props, and showing multiple variations that can be done with or without props. Each day hosts will be sharing beginner and advanced-friendly “core asanas”, so the challenge is accessible to all skill levels. We hope you chose to burn your core with us 😉

Congratulations: @anzhelika.dyachenko


May 7 - 20

Come play with us as we journey through 14 days exploring and balancing the 14 meridian lines in the body ☯️According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the body meridians are energy channels that transport energy and life throughout the entire body. When these energy pathways are blocked, we experience imbalances that affect our physical and emotional health. The goal of this challenge is to link asanas to specific lines that stimulate the meridian pathways to release blockages and give us positive energy and balance. This challenge is open to all levels! Feel free to make this as creative as you would like. 

Congratulations: @missjuliamac


May 7 - 18

All of us hosts are pet owners so we really wanted to create a special challenge that will inspire more love for our furry pals as well. Through this challenge we will ask yogis to invite their furry friends to join them on the mat and to share their practice with them. We want to encourage yogis to open their hearts to all beings on this planet and to connect with their furry pals even more through these fun 12 days. 



May 1 - 10

A 10-day challenge based around building strength and stability drills for inversions. Focusing on shoulder work, core strength, and stacking!

Congratulations: @simply_kelti


May 1 - 12

Have you ever heard of the old expression April Showers bring May flowers? Well that’s just what the hosts had in mind when they designed this beautiful hip opening challenge! #HippyMayWay is a challenge designed to let us bloom after the “April showers” of life have taken part! This challenge is full of beautiful hip openers designed to ring out past emotions and energetic blockages that get tied up in our hips so we can bloom into the beautiful flowers we are meant to be!
Each day hosts will be offering up a new pose and a new way to start this month off just right!

Congratulations: @_emilycourtright



May 1 - 27

#AlphabetAsanas is all about being creative with the shapes of Asanas to form letters of the alphabet. It is quite an 'old school' thing to have a month long IG yoga challenge (times have changed!) so we will be sending participants back to school! The hosts will provide some options each day for every letter, think Boat Pose for 'V', think Warrior 3 for 'T' etc, however participants are also encouraged to explore their knowledge of other asanas and show us other poses which fit each day. The final day is reserved for putting together a collage of a few letters to spell a word of choice, perhaps their name, or a message they want to share.


April 9 - 20

Participants will be guided through a variety of poses all named after birds! All levels will be catered for with the use of props, modifications for beginners and more challenging versions for more advanced practitioners. The challenge will include a varied collection of asanas from arm balances to seated stretches. Think crow, pigeon, heron etc! Get ready to strengthen, balance & take flight!


April 15 - 26

Access your strength through flexibility! To be both strong and soft at the same time is to be empowered. In this challenge, hosts will translate that to the physical ability to be active in your flexibility. Poses will require a combination of strength and flexibility and for all levels (intermediate variations offered with modifications)


March 20 - 31

Spring is a time to awaken & blossom. Hosts will be guiding you through various thigh and hamstring-opening asanas, balancing poses and twists to wake up the body and leave you feeling refreshed and energized!


March 22 - 31

A tree pose-inspired yoga challenge. Tree Pose, also known as Vrksasana in Sanskrit, is a basic, foundational yoga pose used to promote balance and centering. Plant your roots and get grounded with this foundational pose-focused challenge.



March 18 - 31

Hosts will be sharing ways to balance mind, body & soul in this Spring-themed yoga challenge for all levels!


March 12 - 23

This challenge will consist of poses participants have specifically requested and hosts will be demonstrating how to get into them. This is the third round of #YogiHowdYouDoThat and is a great challenge for growing and strengthening your yoga practice!


March 12 - 23 

Using knowledge & tips from seasoned hand-standers, participants will learn drills to prepare for pressing or to take their current level of practice further. Using guidance from the e-book The Beginner’s Guide to Handstand Pressing, beginners will be more aware of what is holding them back and might celebrate their first handstand press at the end of the challenge!


March 11 - 20

Does yoga make you emotional? Do emojis make you want to yoga? 🙃 Well, we want to explore that! Each day hosts will share an emoji, inviting participants to share their yoga interpretation! The aim of this challenge is to bring some fun and joy into people's practices. It's a light-hearted way to infuse emojis & yoga are show how poses make us feel in emoji form.

March 10 - 19

Using hand mudras within asana practice to enhance the energy flow of a posture.  Mudra means “seal,” “gesture,” or “mark.” Yoga mudras are symbolic gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers. They facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within. Explore mudras step by step and add something new to your practice.


March 8 - 19

This challenge is for ALL, regardless if they have a yoga practice or not. Hosts will be leading participants through the chakra systems and yoga poses that correlate with each energetic point while teaching participants a bit about Chakras and how to keep them in alignment. 


March 5 - 16

Join us for a challenge mixing inversions with core activated poses. Hosts will share some of their favorite inversions paired with the core exercises to match. Inverting is not as easy as it may look at times. It requires full body strength and core activation! Hosts will show you how to activate your core and invert strongly. Even if you don’t get in the air the main focus is showing you the steps to eventually get there. You got this!


March 5 - 22

Diving into fundamental yoga poses to help strengthen your practice! Hosts will share poses focused on back bending, core strengthening, inverting and hip opening for a well rounded practice!


March 1 - 12

This challenge is all about coming to your mat with an open mind. Letting your shapes and transitions pour out of you. Exploring your personal practice but also sharing it with this beautiful community! Discover mindful movement and shift into whatever transitions or poses that feel good. 


March 1 - 12

Across the course of the challenge, hosts will share a yoga pose which focuses on strength on a particular day, followed by a pose which will stretch and lengthen that muscle the following day. All major muscle groups will be included over the period of the 12 days from backbends to hip openers!


March 1 - 12

A 12-day challenge designed to help you tap into your full potential and discover your true strength through the movement of your body.

Each day hosts will guide you through various asanas to open your heart, focusing on both the physical and emotional foundations of each pose. All this to remind you that practicing yoga is not about performing the “perfect” pose, but rather about cultivating patience and compassion for yourself. We encourage you to embrace each challenge along the way to discover and tap into your real strength. You will learn how to access mobility, easing into each pose to create space in your body and have fun while doing it!


February 17 - 28

12 days of fun creative pincha shapes! 



February 17 - 28

Join the hosts as they share some of their favorite arm balances and inversions. Being strong isn’t always easy and sometimes requires a mindful loving practice. Hosts will walk you through the steps to explore these postures that will have you floating in the air.