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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



Start by making sure you’re following @aloyoga, all hosts and all additional sponsors on Instagram.

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Post a photo every day that the challenge runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus points if you hashtag #aloyoga, so we can follow along with you on your journey.

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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge… they’ll be featured on this page!

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August 12- 21

August is recognized as Happiness Happens Month! With the premise of happiness in mind, the #PassALOngHappiness challenge will serve to encourage and motivate individuals to participate in practicing movement -- and we all know that movement promotes happy and healthy thoughts! With your help, we hope to inspire, uplift and spread happiness through the use of yoga practices this summer.


August 10 - 19


August 10 - 19

The focus of this challenge is to inspire others to apply both focus into their practice as well as to let go. We’ll be moving through heart opening poses as well as poses that require focus, balance & strength.


August 9 - 18

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the heat is going away. Get in touch with your inner fire with #ReleaseTheInnerLion. Join us for 10 days of bold, strong, asanas that make us feel confident . Leo’s do like to be the center of attention after all 😁🦁 so let that lion roar er shine.

This challenge is for anyone not just Leo’s. Because we all have a lioness or lion within us 🦁🙌.


August 3 - 13

Our planet Earth has a special story - it is uniquely brimming with life among a vast and largely unknown cosmic area. Our planet is full of surprising interconnected systems that allow us to breathe and thrive here.

Isn't it amazing how beautiful and different our earth is on every inch of its surface? Ecological diversity means the variation in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Join us over the next 10 days as we explore yoga poses inspired by nature and animals from various ecosystems and landscapes. All levels are welcomed - we encourage you to choose the variation that is most safe and fun for you.


August 1 - 10

In this challenge we’ll help the participants build a flow through their favorite poses from every different theme; each 3 days will be of a different theme (hips, backbends, forward folds and inversions), where in the first 2 days they’ll need to post a pose they like, and in the third one create a mini flow.

We feel that through being mindful of the poses we choose, we’ll create a better flow later.


August 1 - 10

🎈📚We believe you can have FUN and LEARN at the same time!

That’s exactly why we are back with #FundationsofYoga2

🎈📚So many of you joined us in the first round & asked for MORE - so we are back with 10 more poses that we will teach in a FUN + INFORMATIVE way.

🎈📚Each day we will present a foundational yoga pose - your teachers will offer modifications & fun variations. By the end of the challenge you will have the template for a home practice that can be adjusted for your needs.


August 1 - 10

Join us for 10 days exploring the 5 elements and its connection to the body and mind. Let’s get deeper into the natural effects of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and ETHER.

Let’s try to understand more and more that you can heal mind, body, and spirit by balancing out subtle energies within you­ - energies that carry the qualities of natural elements. While connecting more and more with these natural elements we want to find more connections to ourselves, to our nature. This idea originally comes from ancient Hindu philosophy and the underpinnings of yoga and Ayurveda. So let’s use the help of the asana practice to realize that idea.


August 1 - 10

They say a twist a day keeps the spine healthy and happy, and we absolutely agree! 😁 Our idea is to incorporate twists into different types of asanas in order to activate all their amazing benefits (releasing pressure and improving spinal flexibility, reducing back pain, detox, de-stress, etc.) Twists are widely overlooked in yoga, so we want to show yogis all kinds of twists they can include in their future yoga practice.

This challenge will be open to all levels of yoga practitioners as we will provide beginner modifications and well as advanced variations. 🤗


August 1- 10

During these 10 days it will be YOUR choice what pose you choose! Each day you will pick a pose that starts with the letter of the day (Sanskrit & creativity count too 😎). It’s time to rack our brains with a spelling bee on our mats 🆎🍎🤓. All levels can play! Modifications and variations are welcome. We will be spelling #AloYourWay & we sure hope you decide to show us “your way” of yoga 🤗.
(For Example: Day 1 = Letter A ; Pose = Ardha Chandrasana)

July 22 - 31


July 22 - 31

As the month of July is a scorcher, our asanas are coming in HOT! Join us on this ten day journey as we guide you through asanas that will help you build strength and flexibility, helping you to create a more balanced yoga practice. Each day the host will post different variations for the daily yoga pose.  All levels of practice are welcomed! 


July 22 - 31

This challenge is designed to help yogis gain strength over the summer through repetition.


July 17 - 26


July 20 - 31

Calling all creative, playful, free spirits (or anyone craving some more creativity, playfulness, and freedom in your life) -- #AloboutFreedom is a yoga challenge made for you!

Each day of this challenge, your hosts will provide daily “categories” (i.e. spine strengtheners, hamstring openers, balancing postures, etc.) but you’ll have the opportunity to tune into your own body to determine what to practice and post. Check in with the hosts each day for a daily journal prompt related to finding creativity, playfulness, and freedom in your practice and your everyday life.

On the final day of the challenge, you’ll get CREATIVE and put all of your poses together to make your own unique yoga flow! We can’t wait for you to tune into your own body, mind, and spirit to find some freedom on your mat.


July 15 - 24

Everyone had made or at least we hope they did new year resolutions and set goals. For a lot of us yogis we set goals for our practice to get our mind and body connected right. We would love to explore 10 days with everyone on a mid year resolution check up!!! For those who have accomplished their goals can show off their new moves or for others its encouragement to keep pushing we are only mid year so you still have tome to continue working on yourself and growing in your practice. I created a back n forth pattern of line up for all levels to enter and feel comfortable.


July 10 - 19

Join us for 10 days with #itsalobouthebalance finding balance on and off our mat.

As we search focus and balance in different asana groups we end up finding more balance even off the mat. Since physical balance is always connected with the mental stability we challenge ourselves to balance it all out - with the help of yoga.


July 10 - 19

Continuing on with our #StrongFlexyYogi series, we’re moving on to our SPINE! Did you know that the human spine can move in 7 directions, and often a combination of those 7 directions? On a daily basis, we often limit those spinal movements without even thinking about it. In our yoga practice, we focus on these directions in a controlled way with a focus on alignment. In our challenge we’ll work on all 7 directions via drills and poses—broken up with 5 days of drills & 5 days of poses. Even though our spines have the capacity to move in all of these ways, the degree to which each individual can actually do them will differ, so we plan to show various levels of modifications.

1. Flexion Drill (Forward Fold)
2. Flexion Pose
3. Extension Drill (Backbend)
4. Extension Pose
5. Lateral Drill (Sidebend)
6. Lateral Pose
7. Rotation Drill (Twist)
8. Rotation Pose
9. Axial Extension Drill (Lengthen)
10. Axial Extension Pose


July 8 - 17


July 7 - 16

We planned this challenge strategically around these dates to welcome summer and integrate Aloyoga's fresh collection. We want to practice postures that we are in love with on daily basis. So based on the day, we define a basic theme and people choose asana they parallel to that theme based on their preference. 


July 2 - 11

Time to set those glutes on fire as the summer heats up! Weak glutes that do not activate properly can create many different imbalances and increase the risk of injury. Strong glutes that properly activate can be key to injury prevention and a safe foundation for our yoga practices. Join us for 10 days as we strengthen and activate that booty!

🍑Pose Lineup:
Crescent Lunge
Warrior 2 or 3
Half moon
Yogi’s choice (favorite drill for glutes!)


July 1 - 10

A summery challenge to lighten things up a bit! This challenge is designed to put yogis in the mood to get outdoors to enjoy all the fun in the sun. We will be playing in a variety of boat poses to get everyone ready to board ship. We encourage modifications- this challenge is for all levels!


July 1 - 10

Who doesn’t love to get creative with their own body, see how we can create different and new shapes and find ourselves in tangles and knots? 🔗😁 We have base shapes for every day and each host will show different ideas how to tangle these up. Feel free to go with one of those options or create your own tangle! It’s all about inspiring each other, being creative and having fun! 


July 1 - 10

It's easy to skim the surface on the gram, that's why we created a yoga challenge where we can connect by getting to know all about YOU! Join us for #ALOboutyou a 10 day Alo Yoga challenge where you choose a pose based on the question and share a little about yourself. Let's connect by sharing yoga and learning about each other.

Day 1. How did you start yoga and show us one of the earliest yoga poses you remember.
Day 2. What is one of your favorite yoga poses and why?
Day 3. Choose a pose that helped you overcome a fear.
Day 4. What is a pose that makes you feel strong and why?
Day 5. What is a pose that makes you feel flexible or challenges your flexibility?
Day 6. Why do you practice yoga and what pose best exemplifies this.
Day 7. What is your favorite non-asana aspect of yoga and why?
Day 8. Do you have a style of yoga you prefer, what pose best represents this?
Day 9. How has yoga changed you the most and what's a pose you've made the most progress in?
Day 10. Yogis choice. Share anything you want about yourself and a pose you're currently working on.

July #ResolutionHandstand2019

July 1 - 10

10 days of the same shapes along with strength drills. We have a lot of participants learning to handstand so we are offering lots of tips, drills and instruction each day.












June 21 - 30

As the weather is starting to heat up this June, so are our asanas🔥🔥🔥☀️! Let’s keep that heat and work on getting deeper into those asanas. Join us for 10 days of scorcher asanas with #keeptheheat. Remember to be nice and warm to try these out!


June 19 - 30

Yoga is an absolutely beautiful practice with options for everyone from every walk of life. In the #YogaforALOus challenge hosts will be encouraging participants to get on their mat every day for 12 days straight. There will be a different pose each day and a beginner, intermediate and advanced variation of the pose will be offered to the challenge participants. Each host will demonstrate a different variation so that everyone is encouraged to get on their mat no matter how new or advanced they are. 


June 18 - 27

This challenge aims to break the myth that yoga is just a physical practice and draw awareness to the impact yoga has on mental health as well. With over 44 million Americans dealing with mental health conditions, yoga can provide healing and a positive outlet to deal with these struggles. The aim is to share our mental health journeys and how yoga has helped to transform our lives in more than just the
physical sense. 

June 17 - 26

June 15 - 24


June 15 - 24

Life is a balance between dark and light, strength and flexibility, activity and rest; and so is our yoga practice!  In this 10-day yoga challenge we explore how different yoga postures compliment one another. The exploration of Yin vs Yang postures as well as strong vs flexible poses will drive our practice as a means to find balance within our bodies and our lives.  


June 12 - 21

June 21st is the Summer Solstice, so in preparation for this celestial event we are warming up  with a challenge themed around sun salutations. On the last day of the challenge, (June 21st) it is also international yoga day, which is why we've included yogis' choice as the pose, to allow for sharing their favorite asana in this practice. 


June 12 - 21


June 12 - 21


June 10 - 21

Summer is finally here and this time we want to kick off the summer with a fun 12–day yoga challenge filled with summer joy. We hosts will offer a pose for you to follow each day and connect it to an activity or thing that makes you love summer! All fun loving yogis can follow along and share a little bit of their summer yoga practice. Please join in and tell us everything you love about summer!


June 10 - 19

Challenge theme is empowerment / empowerment through asana. We will be going through postures that provide empowerment or how the pose has made us feel empowered. We will encourage participants to pick poses they feel matches this best. We will also be sharing our stories on finding empowerment and how yoga has helped with that.

June 10 - 19


June 9 - 18


June 1 - 10


June 1 - 10

We've reached the halfway mark in the year and it's an opportune time to look at and check back in on the goals we've set at the start of the year.
We may have a specific challenging pose that we've been working hard on, but the yoga practice is an all-rounded one and it's time to rope in the other parts of the practice that our bodies also appreciate. This all rounded challenge is for participants to explore each day what their bodies are capable of. After all, we all have our favorite poses that highlight our strengths and motivates us in our practice because these poses make us feel good and allow ourselves to be comfortable and this could vary daily and even across seasons. What better way to kickstart the summer by creating a multitude of shapes that our own bodies are familiar with and use them to encourage and motivate us further in our practice. To keep showing up for our practice on the mat no matter how hard life hits and however busy you may get, is what this challenge is all about. Get ready to show your creativity this summer!