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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



Start by making sure you’re following @aloyoga, all hosts and all additional sponsors on Instagram.

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Post a photo every day that the challenge runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus points if you hashtag #aloyoga, so we can follow along with you on your journey.

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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge… they’ll be featured on this page!

Questions? Shoot us an email at

Details: we’ll pair traditional yoga asana with a common struggle faced every day. It is our hope to create a safe place for yogis to connect and share their experiences with each other and the greater ig yoga community.

Pose line up:

Day 1: Personal Power - Warrior
Share something you do every day that makes you feel powerful.

Day 2: Disappointment - Down Dog
Share a coping method that works well for you when you’re faced with disappointment.

Day 3: Connection - Pyramid
Share how you stay connected with yourself in times when life feels hectic.

Day 4: Fear - Headstand
Share how you move past fear.

Day 5: Love - Wheel
Share how you spread love each day.

Day 6: Intuition - Pigeon
Share how you keep tuned into your insight.

Day 7: Gratitude - Chair
Share how you cultivate a mindset of gratitude.

Day 8: Acceptance - Child’s pose
Share how you reconcile challenging situations.

Day 9: Yogis choice What are you growing through right now?

This challenge embodies a variety of practices we hold dear, and emphasizes the mindful relationship we have with all other life on our planet and the Air, Land and Ocean we wish for them to thrive in.
A playful interpretation of a reverent saying that speaks to both the spiritual and earthbound elements of our practice. We want to take a bit of time this challenge and understand how we are the perfect conduit between these two elements and celebrate the role we embody.

Details: A heart opening yoga challenge with a focus on self love. If we love our own life, it shows. We glow from the inside and have enough love to share. For 10 days, we will use a variety of heart openers and mantras to explore self love and acceptance.

Heart Opening Mantras and Pose Themes:
Day 1- “I am love” Seated Pose
Day 2- “I am beautiful” Prone Pose
Day 3- “I am joy” Supine Pose
Day 4- “I am balanced” Balancing Pose
Day 5 - “I am amazing” Twisted Pose
Day 6- “I am powerful” Inversion
Day 7- “I am creative” Hybrid Pose
Day 8- “I am intentional” Standing Pose
Day 9- “I am loved” Favorite Pose
Day 10- “I am unique” Yogi’s Choice

Details: When we practice at home or when we teach it‘s always advisable to warm up properly and prepare our peak poses. We give you 10 peak poses and you choose to either post the peak pose or one of the preparatory poses.
You can choose your own prep poses that are best for YOUR body or you can use one of the host‘s ideas. If you choose to post the peak pose, let everyone know three poses that help you warm up and prepare the peak pose, so that we can all inspire and support each other! Open to all levels.

Peak Poses:
1 Half moon pose
2 Crow
3 Splits
4 Pincha
5 Wheel
6 Compass pose
7 Eight angle pose
8 Handstand
9 Leg Behind Head
10 King pigeon

Ready to take your asanas to new heights? This challenge is for you! Join us for 10 days where you will discover creative ways to elevate yoga poses. Be inspired by your hosts, or make up your own variation and elevate that shape using a wall, furniture, prop or any other creative way.

Pose List:
Day 1. Toe stand
Day 2. Side plank
Day 3. Lizard lunge
Day 4. Dolphin
Day 5. Forward fold
Day 6. Split
Day 7. Any inversion
Day 8. Lotus
Day 9. Cow face
Day 10. Fallen angel

Details: I am bringing a proposal of a floating challenge for February. Similar to the power of pressing, slowing down from the shoulders and core and softly landing into poses. It will be very helpful for those with pressing aspirations and just want to learn to float in their sun salutations and practice.

Pose lineup:
1) hamstring and wrists
2) Shoulder stretch/strengthening
3) Core work
4) Float to forward fold/ toe tap
5) Float to crow
6) Float to handstand
7) Float to 8 angle
8) Float to l-sit/ lolasana
9) Float to Straddle/ malasana
10) Float to yogi choice (examples: forearms, Head, chinstand, side crow, epk2)

Details: All of us love inversions. They make us feel inspired, in the moment, and they keep us challenged. As soon as you learn a new shape, press, or drill for an inversion, you realize how much further your journey can go.

Join us in this challenge to deepen your body awareness upside down through exploring where else your body can go to challenge your balance, strengthen your inverted stamina, and increase control.
All levels welcome!
Join us February 17th-27th in our #Invert4ALOfus as we play with different inverted shapes for 7 days! This is a chance to explore your own personal practice upside down, and share it with this beautiful community!
Your hosts will be providing you with a different inverted shape each day, with different variations and tips for each posture!

February is the month of LOVE so a lot of your yoga teachers have probably had you focused on heart opening poses, but have you been balancing those back bends out with forward folds? Join us in this challenge where we will be focusing on both! Each day we’ll offer one back bend and one forward fold. You can choose to post just one, but we strongly recommend that you try practicing both.

Even though Valentine’s Day will be over, it doesn’t mean we have to stop spreading the love and kindness toward one another💘

As February is the month of love, let’s keep the love and happiness going through our practice on and off the mat!

In this 10 day challenge, we encourage you to post picture or video everyday. Each day we choose the pose that relates to heart opening and the last day is your choice to choose any pose that make you happy. Bonus point if you write something about how each pose make you feel or the way it changes your mood. Please share your thoughts with us!

This challenge is open to all levels and abilities!

PAWasanas is back for round 4! This challenge is designed to celebrate our animals who love to join us on the mat. Our pets are more than just pets; they really become a part of the family. They are often fascinated by yoga and wanting to join, so let’s give them that opportunity. We will go through 10 days of different categories of poses, with our pets at our sides. Each day, we will share fun and lovable facts about our fur babies as well!

Pose Lineup:
Seated pose
Standing pose
Hip opener
Balance pose
Heart opener
Arm balance
Favorite Snuggle—Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever wanted to achieve a King Dancer pose or a King Pigeon, but struggle to flip your grip?
Flipping our grip is an integral part of the yoga practice and one that can be reached with the right tools. It all comes down to incorporating the appropriate prep poses and the having the right technique. Once you start to realize this, it’s more achievable than it may initially seem.

Join us for 10 days, as we guide you through a journey of opening our shoulders, back, heart and hips - in order to unlock those tricky flipped grip asanas.
We will encourage you to use props and go at your own pace.

Pose Lineup:
Choice of asana with reverse prayer hands or reverse shoulder stretch
Puppy pose
Traditional Pigeon pose
Downward facing dog
Camel pose or king cobra
Low lunge
Wheel pose
Choice of asana with Cow faced arms
Tiger pose
Yogis choice of flipped grip asana (e.g. King dancer, King pigeon, Bow pose)


Details: For Valentine’s day, we want to showcase our love of yoga, we would love to host a challenge where we will create shape of “I LOVE YOGA ❤️” letter with our bodies every day, ending with yogi’s choice for the Heart emoji. It is an all level challenge that will create lots of fun shapes and we can also ask followers to share what they love about yoga in their posts for even deeper engagement. 


Details: Our theme idea is #ALOveletter. Each day, we will be encouraging participants to write a different love letter: one day will be a letter to themself, another day a letter to a loved one, another day a letter to someone in need, another day a letter to the Earth, etc... Each day being paired with an asana that embodies her or his letter.


A fun and engaging challenge to demystify forward bends in yoga. We will share tips and tricks to help participants progress into advanced forward folds mindfully and with awareness and grace.

Right before the challenge starts, each of the hosts will also share an optional warm-up routine, which participants can follow before doing any of the postures. It will be short, simple and very effective. Most importantly it will ensure no one is stretching cold muscles!

Day 1: Supta Padangushthasana A or Reclined hand to big toe pose
Day 2: Upavishtakonasana or Wide-Legged Forward Fold
Day 3: Utkatasana or Chair Pose
Day 4: Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Pose
Day 5: Parivritta Trikonasana or Revolved Triangle
Day 6: Parivritta Adho Mukha Svanasana or Twisted downward Dog
Day 7: Ardha Hanumnasana or Half Split
Day 8: Parivritta Janusirsasana or Revolved Head to knee pose
Day 9: Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Fold
Day 10: Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana or Standing split


February is the month of love, but before loving others, you should love yourself first. It’s so easy to pay attention to others, while we forget about ourselves. During these days, we challenge you to have at least 5-10 minutes of “me time” so you don’t forget to pay attention to your own needs!

Each day we’ll share a different self-care activity or self-love thought that you should try to incorporate to your routine. Of course, never feel bad if you skip one day! Just try to do it. Also, these are just ideas, you can switch if you prefer to do another thing, but be selfish and think about what you really want to do! We don’t have any way to check if you’re doing it, so just do it for yourself. We will also be exploring different yoga poses each day. All levels are welcomed - we encourage you to choose the variation that is most safe and fun for you!


1. Journaling – any backbend

2. Read a book – take a yoga pic with a book

3. Write down three things you feel grateful about – prayer hands

4. Complete the sentence “I feel proud with myself because…” – any warrior

5. Put away your phone 1 hour before bed – hip opener

6. Go on a nature walk – tree legs

7. Meditate for 5-10 minutes – restorative pose

8. Take a moment to breath – lotus pose

9. Eat that thing you love but never indulge in – sugar cane

10. Try a new recipe – shoulder opener

All poses will be inspired by the loving Valentine’s Day season to include heart openers and self hugs (forward folds)

Day1: Standing Forward Fold

Day2: Standing Backbend

Day3: Seated Forward Fold

Day4: Seated Heart Opener

Day5: Hybrid Forward Fold

Day6: Hybrid Backbend

Day7: Reclined Forward Fold

Day8: Reclined Backbend

Day9: Choice Forward Fold

Day10: Choice Backbend



The idea is to present a traditional pose each day, but express your individuality by making it your own. Day 1 could be down dog, yet it’s personalized by adding a twist or doing turbo dog or three legged dog, for example.

Hosts will present a variant on the given pose and participants can copy or come up with their own fun and unique idea.

A variety of poses will be presented to create an inclusive and supportive challenge. Allowing participants to express themselves and show their individual styles and levels of practice. We want to appeal to all levels and make this challenge accessible to everyone.

- Down dog
- Crow
- Plank
- Wheel
- Splits
- Camel
- Lizard
- Shoulder stand
- Pincha
- Yogi’s Choice



The month of February is traditionally associated with romance and that's why people call it "the month of love".
While we constantly get reminded how important is to love others, to forgive them and accept them as they are, it can be easy to forget that we should practice the same with ourselves.
Can we really love others without loving ourselves first?
Only through a solid relationship with ourselves, we are going to be able to build relationships (romantic and non) with others.
We hope this challenge will inspire people to be loving, forgiving and caring with themselves.
Love thyself so that you can love others in a healthier way!

Our theme is #aloboutpositivity aka what you focus on will grow so you might as well make it something positive. The lineup of the poses are a combo of the hosts favorite poses that make us feel good. Everyday we intent to share why that particular pose makes us feel good. The last pose of the challenge is yogis choice where the participants can share their favorite poses that make them feel good and positive. We also came up with giving the participants options (eg pincha or dolphin) so that more people from all yoga backgrounds can easily participate. 
Here’s the lineup: 
(1) Dancer Pose 
(2) Pincha or Dolphin 
(3) Splits or Half Splits 
(4) Forward Fold 
(5) Variations of Crow 
(6) Boat Pose 
(7) Lunge 
(8) Pigeon 
(9) Headstand  
(10) Yogi’s Choice













#Moveinto2020 💫
Details: "When it comes to the asana practice we mostly think about flexibility and strength. Both should and can help us to gain more freedom in our bodies.
But what about mobility? And where are the differences ?
There is this huge misunderstanding that if you stretch enough you will remain mobile and ready to move. But mobility is not simply stretching. Mobility refers to the capacity to move using active, stable and controlled motion. Mobility is body control. It should be part of your practice to maximize movement capacity, safely , efficiently and effectively. Maintaining joint mobility is key for preserving long term health and longevity. It helps injury prevention. And on top a wide range of motion will give you more freedom in your body and movement, more productivity and vitality.
So join us for a journey of asanas, trying to transform liability into controlled strength and strength to a wide range of motion."


Flipping poses by inverting them and/or working on both sides to bring strength and a sense of balance to the body.  

Hosts will present a variant on the given pose to challenge participants and help them grow in their practice.  

A variety of levels will be presented to create an inclusive and supportive challenge.  












Yogi’s Choice

Gratitude is one way to maintain happiness, and one of the things many people often forget. We would love to remind everyone how gratitude feels at no cost.


We’re back for round 2!

The yamas and the niyamas are the first two practices of yoga according to Patanjali, an ancient Indian thinker and sage. These principles could be considered the yogi’s handbook to a life well lived and are yogas ethical and moral codes. These codes may be the missing keys to finding true yogic strength, power, and transformation, on and off the mat.

The five yamas ask practitioners to avoid violence, lying, stealing, wasting energy, and possessiveness, while the five niyamas ask us to embrace cleanliness and contentment, to purify ourselves through heat, to continually study and observe our habits, and to surrender to something greater than ourselves. Practicing the ethical codes from every perspective helps fortify the concepts within the body and the mind. What you practice, you become and in turn, allows for less regret and a more peaceful mind.

This challenge is open to all levels and abilities!


Yoga has the power to both strengthen and lengthen your muscles. So if your New Year’s resolution involves getting stronger or increasing your flexibility, yoga is the way! Join us in this challenge as we demonstrate how different poses and flows can help you achieve your goals.

As the New Year is here, we want to invite everyone to join us for a 10 day yoga challenge #ALOupsidedown.
In this challenge we will explore 10 different ways to invert. Each day we will pick out something to focus on which will enhance our personal practice and also make make us grow as a yogi and as a person.

List of Poses:
Day 1. Down Dog : Being humble.
Day 2. Forward fold : Letting go
Day 3. Super Solider: Be free
Day 4. Wheel : Be loving
Day 5. Crow/ Dolphin: Be strong
Day 6. Camel : Be open
Day 7. Headstand: Be fearless
Day 8. Handstand: Trust the journey
Day 9. Child pose: Relax
Day 10. Yogis choice

Have you ever heard of “drills make your skills”? 😁 The start of the New Year is the perfect time to reflect on our resolutions and set intentions for our yoga practice. As we all know, things usually don’t just happen, but we need to work on the basics first. So we want to work on our foundations in order to get closer towards our goals. By sharing our practice with each other, we want to inspire and be inspired.

This is open to all levels. We all choose our basic pose for the category of the day and of course we’d love to know what your intentions are. Join us for some fun for 10 days!

Pose List:
Forward fold
Hip opener
Side body
Balance pose
Shoulder opener
Yogi’s choice

"The World changes when we change our perspective." 
Perspective is simply the way that someone looks at something and also, an art technique that changes the distance or depth of an object on paper.
Being limited by the dimensions of a tiny square, when we take pictures to post on Instagram, we are always drawn to use the same perspective!
Throughout this challenge, we will encourage people to be brave and take pictures using perspectives that they normally don't use.
As we are reminded that different perspectives can still be beautiful and inspiring, we will hopefully be reminded at the same time that there are often beauty and courage in viewing the World in a different way.

We believe every year, we make new resolutions and if we integrate body, mind and spiritual aspects to those intentions via yoga, we can manifest them with more ease and comfort.

So our pose list is:

1. Forward Fold
2. Hip Opener
3. Inversion
4. Heart Opener
5. Strengthening Pose
6. Arm Balance
7. Grounding Pose
8. Detox Pose
9. Breath work / Meditative mantra
10. Yogis Chice

WHY ALO: There is nothing like a company whose core principles are based on mindful movement and giving back to the society via Yoga. We want to merge our intentions with Alo and kick start New Year with some powerful mind work via physical practice.


 It’s time to change our mindsets and get refocused for the new year! Each day will be dedicated to a feeling for the new year.
Using each mantra for each day: 

I feel content
I feel joy
I feel new
I feel loved
I feel worth
I feel free from regret
I feel free from anger
I feel free from Anxiety
I feel free from Shame
I feel free from jealousy

At the end of the challenge we will be mentality and physically prepared for our New Years affirmations and goals. This challenge is set to be open for all levels so they can pick their on asanas mindfully.

Details: Our planet Earth is currently the only place in the universe to harbour and encourage life. As far as we know, there is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which we could migrate, live, and flourish. Perhaps we can visit more planets in the future, but we cannot yet settle anywhere else. Knowing that Earth is our one and only home in this grand universe, we must commit to taking care of our planet.

Join us over the next 10 days as we spread awareness and share various eco-friendly habits. Each day we will share an eco-friendly habit that you can either start doing or continue on doing to make our planet a better and safer environment to live in. We will also be exploring different yoga poses each day as well. All levels are welcomed - we encourage you to choose the variation that is most safe and fun for you!

DETAILS: We propose this challenge to kickstart the new year energetically. We would like to start new year with new intentions and each day of our challenge with a new intention and a complementing asana which is open to choice to encourage more participation.

So our intentions for each day are:
1. Physical Health
2. Mental Health
3. Diet Goals
4. Flexibility
5. Strength(physical/emotional)
6. Personal/Career
7. Family
8. Relationships
9. Hobbies
10.Letting go

We wanted to host a yoga challenge in the new year that focuses on reflecting on 2019! With all the newness to follow the ringing in of a new year, we think it’s important to reflect on some moments from the previous year and really dive in to help see how it shaped you that year! Each day will be a reflective prompt that yogis will answer paired with a pose theme:

Day 1: Heart Opener
- What was the most challenging part of this year for you?

Day 2: hip opener
- What was your favorite part of 2019?

Day 3: twist
- What was the most important lesson you learned in 2019?

Day 4: Fold
- What, if anything, would you do differently in 2020 than in 2019?

Day 5: Back Bend
- What 3 words best describe 2019?

Day 6: Inversion
- What was your favorite memory of 2019?

Day 7: Standing pose
- What is something you accomplished in 2019 that you are proud of?

Day 8: reclined pose
- How did you grow in 2019?

Day 9: arm balance
- How did you become more authentically you in 2019?

Day 10: Yogis choice
- What were your go to 2019 mantras or positive affirmations?

Dates: January 1-10 Hosts names in order of the pics: @beahappyamy...

The end of December and beginning of January are incredibly powerful times to reflect on the past 365 days and set new intentions for the new year! This challenge is designed to get you thinking about your own journey and to celebrate your personal growth. What have you learned and how have you grown in 2019? What intentions can you set to grow through 2020?

For the first 5 days of the challenge (December 27th - 31st), you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown in 2019. For the second 5 days of the challenge (January 1st - 5th), you’ll set intentions and make tangible yet realistic plans to keep growing into your best, highest, most aligned self.

Challenge hosts will provide daily prompts & daily video/photo categories and suggestions. Each host and participant will post yoga postures or sequences that resonate with them for each day of the challenge… the real “meat” of the challenge will be in responding to the daily reflections!


The way the Giveaway works is each host will take turns posting a handstand beginning on the 17th and last until December 31st. The participants are encouraged to share their personal story of their handstand journey. We will award those who post the most handstands and who are the biggest standouts.


Come join us for 10 days fun filled #AloBoutTheHolidays yoga challenge!! As the holiday season is here, there is no better way to get into holiday spirit than to spin it into Christmas cheer while keeping everything dear in your yoga practice!! How cool would it be if everyday you can play your favorite poses and have fun altogether! 

Here is the lineup of your favorite pose in each posture:
Heart opener
Forward fold
Side bends
Core strengthener
Relaxation posture
Hip opener
Arm balance
Balancing posture
Yogis choice

🎄Challenge Announcement! 🎄

The festive season can leave us all a little stressed. We’re all trying to get in our last minute shopping, tidying our houses, baking, decorating etc... before Christmas day. We can end up getting caught up in all the madness and before we know it, our stress levels go out of sync and our sleep patterns are all over the place.

So, join us for 10 days of cozy yin asanas to help us to relax and celebrate the coziness of the season - embracing relaxation to enjoy this time of year a little more. We will encourage you to stay home (or wherever is most cozy) - making sure the body and mind get the rest it deserves during the cold and darker winter time, in order to sleep a little better.

Insomnia is a very common symptom of imbalance between the Yin Qi and Yang Qi. So Together we will get cozy and work on balancing our Yin and Yang.
All abilities and props are welcome!

Poses Lineup:
Forward fold - Caterpillar or Dangling pose
Cobra/Upward dog - Seal pose
Lizard - Dragon pose
Legs Up The Wall Pose or plow pose - Snail pose
Half lords of the fish -Ardha matsyenadrasana
Reclined twist - Twisted Roots or Cat pulling its tail
Puppy pose - Melting heart
Pigeon - Swan pose
Cow face - Shoelace pose

Holiday seasons can be stressful! Traveling, holiday parties, certain family gatherings, present shopping... so let’s all destress and have some fun while we’re at it! Join us for 10 days with #HolidayHeartsOverHeads - let’s all get upside down and flip that perspective 🙃🙌🙌

This challenge is designed to help yogis of all levels get upside down. Over this 10 day challenge we will explore headstand, pincha, and handstand shapes while sharing tips that help in inverting.

Come play with us as we practice yoga and celebrate love during the holiday season! ❤️ We want to take time during a busy time to show gratitude for the blessings in our lives during this season of love.

Join us for 10 days of strength & flexibility drills to work towards a Puppy Press Handstand! Puppy Press is often the first milestone in the Quest For The Press because it requires the same full body activation needed for a full handstand press but it’s just a bit easier because you’ve already got one leg up. Handstand pressing takes strength & flexibility, body awareness, skills and technique. It’s not easy but letting go of expectations, focusing on the building blocks, and having a consistent practice does make it easier! Hosts are all at different levels within their own practice, so we plan to show various modifications so that our drills work for everyone.