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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



Start by making sure you’re following @aloyoga, all hosts and all additional sponsors on Instagram.

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Post a photo every day that the challenge runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus points if you hashtag #aloyoga, so we can follow along with you on your journey.

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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge… they’ll be featured on this page!

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June 19 - 30

Yoga is an absolutely beautiful practice with options for everyone from every walk of life. In the #YogaforALOus challenge hosts will be encouraging participants to get on their mat every day for 12 days straight. There will be a different pose each day and a beginner, intermediate and advanced variation of the pose will be offered to the challenge participants. Each host will demonstrate a different variation so that everyone is encouraged to get on their mat no matter how new or advanced they are. 


June 18 - 27

This challenge aims to break the myth that yoga is just a physical practice and draw awareness to the impact yoga has on mental health as well. With over 44 million Americans dealing with mental health conditions, yoga can provide healing and a positive outlet to deal with these struggles. The aim is to share our mental health journeys and how yoga has helped to transform our lives in more than just the
physical sense. 

June 17 - 26

June 15 - 24


June 15 - 24

Life is a balance between dark and light, strength and flexibility, activity and rest; and so is our yoga practice!  In this 10-day yoga challenge we explore how different yoga postures compliment one another. The exploration of Yin vs Yang postures as well as strong vs flexible poses will drive our practice as a means to find balance within our bodies and our lives.  


June 12 - 21

June 21st is the Summer Solstice, so in preparation for this celestial event we are warming up  with a challenge themed around sun salutations. On the last day of the challenge, (June 21st) it is also international yoga day, which is why we've included yogis' choice as the pose, to allow for sharing their favorite asana in this practice. 


June 12 - 21


June 12 - 21


June 10 - 21

Summer is finally here and this time we want to kick off the summer with a fun 12–day yoga challenge filled with summer joy. We hosts will offer a pose for you to follow each day and connect it to an activity or thing that makes you love summer! All fun loving yogis can follow along and share a little bit of their summer yoga practice. Please join in and tell us everything you love about summer!


June 10 - 19

Challenge theme is empowerment / empowerment through asana. We will be going through postures that provide empowerment or how the pose has made us feel empowered. We will encourage participants to pick poses they feel matches this best. We will also be sharing our stories on finding empowerment and how yoga has helped with that.

June 10 - 19


June 9 - 18


June 1 - 10


June 1 - 10

We've reached the halfway mark in the year and it's an opportune time to look at and check back in on the goals we've set at the start of the year.
We may have a specific challenging pose that we've been working hard on, but the yoga practice is an all-rounded one and it's time to rope in the other parts of the practice that our bodies also appreciate. This all rounded challenge is for participants to explore each day what their bodies are capable of. After all, we all have our favorite poses that highlight our strengths and motivates us in our practice because these poses make us feel good and allow ourselves to be comfortable and this could vary daily and even across seasons. What better way to kickstart the summer by creating a multitude of shapes that our own bodies are familiar with and use them to encourage and motivate us further in our practice. To keep showing up for our practice on the mat no matter how hard life hits and however busy you may get, is what this challenge is all about. Get ready to show your creativity this summer!


June 1 - 12

Love is the force that binds everything together. Only through love we can be united and truly happy. The idea of this challenge is to create a place where love resides and to connect as a community through deep compassion and kindness.


June 1- 10

June is for Gemini and everyone is allowed to have an alter-ego. Which face do you want to show? Introvert or Extrovert? Yin or Yang? Fire or Ice? With #ALOFireOrIce, we aim to show that all poses are beautiful and important, whether it’s a peak pose (“Fire”) or a restorative variation where you can just chill (“Ice”). Life would be boring if we were all the same, so we are offering 2 different styles or personalities to the very same pose. Fiery one day? Icy cool the next? We believe that yoga builds a strong understanding of ourselves so with #ALOFireOrIce, we will challenge participants to embrace the possibilities and show their true colors. 


June 1 - 12

Summer solstice is approaching, and we want to bring the warmth with bold and thoughtful asanas to help you ground down and tap into the suns positive energy! This challenge will offer uplifting words of encouragement, intention, and fun, all mixed with strong yet soft yoga poses. 



A challenge to inspire and encourage participants to practice in backbends safely and progress, whilst opening the heart chakra and learning about it. We will also be sharing our knowledge to help each other reach individual goals in the daily set pose. This challenge is open to all levels and has a pose line up accessible to all.


May 21- 30

Join us in this inspirational as well as instructional challenge as we prepare our bodies to flip the grip. Get motivated to practice the necessary elements, such as back bending and shoulder openers, that will help you on your journey. #TimeToFlipTheGrip will begin by guiding you to open up the body and create space and then will progress onto king variations of poses, such as King Dancer’s Pose and King Pigeon. For us this is not just about the 10-day duration this challenge will take place but is also about inspiring others to progress in the practice for the duration after the challenge, by giving advice and tips on sequences/or poses that can be continuously worked on to achieve a flipped grip. We are committed as hosts to make this challenge accessible for anyone that wants to join and learn how to flip their grip. We will do this by providing variations/modifications to all poses that are not yet attainable to all, so that everyone feels welcomed and included in this challenge. 


May 21- 30

During this 10 day challenge, we will be inviting all levels of yoga practitioners to join us while we explore deeper into the alignment and muscle engagements involved with 10 yoga poses. With all of the varying styles of yoga practiced and taught all around the world, it can be life changing to learn new ways to strengthen our asanas and engage during poses! Each day, a cohost will go over the day’s pose and address their favorite tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the most out of the pose. Let’s work to strengthen our asanas together!


May 20- 29

The temperature is getting warmer and that means one thing... its mermaid season! Let all mermaids all over the world celebrate the sun and sand...Or wherever your mermaid heart lives ❤️❤️. Join us for 10 days of mermaid fun in #mermaidsALOver because who doesn’t love being a mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ 🙌. So Let’s flip our fins for some playtime 🌊 by the water 🙌 and see mermaids 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️ from all over the world!


May 15- 24

🦋 All are welcome!! We will offer variations, modifications, & prop suggestions 🦋


May 17- 26

April showers bring May flowers! We bring you backbends this May, as we prepare for summer and appreciate all that is in bloom around us. Join us for 10 days of an all levels backbend challenge, and see how your practice blooms this spring with a focus on heart opening poses.


May 13- 23

This May we are hoping to bring out the inner light in each and every yogi through heart openers and self-reflection. With daily prompts and asanas we hope to inspire these yogis to look within and beyond their physical practice to help evoke contentment, self-love, and connection to their higher self.


May 10- 21

Why Alo?!  We have been loving Patrick Beach and Carling Harp's handstand modules on Alo Moves and know that Melini Jesudason has released an amazing handstand series as well. We feel like this challenge offers a different but also amazing opportunity for those handstand fanatic yogis to bring their inversion practice to life in an interactive and social way.


May 10- 19

The goal of this challenge is to make inversions (headstand ->handstand) accessible to more people. With all the hosts being talented hand and arm balancers in their respective fields, we have a very diverse amount of knowledge to share. We believe this will inspire and motivate people to not only keep striving and achieving their respective goals but also to teach them new ways of doing so.


May 9- 18

During this challenge we want to take some time and give back to each and everyone of those that inspire our practice. Inspiration can be found everywhere~ it’s endless! During this challenge, you will be given a chance to spread the love to everyone that inspires you. Each day we will give you a general pose category (fold, heart opener, hip opener, balance, twist, etc.), and your task will be to share a pose inspired by someone else. This is great way to share the love to all of those that have inspired our yoga journey. 


May 8- 17

We are a group of grateful yogis from different countries/cultures who believe that in order to inspire more the Instagram yoga community, this will be our way to speak about embracing one's flaws.

This challenge will bring the community into a deeper relationship with self, but this can never be obtained if we continue to marginalize people based on their appearances. We need to evolve the standards of beauty to be more inclusive. Self acceptance, growing with mindfulness, and embracing our flaws, are a big factors to empower one self and others.


May 5- 14

Poses with Scavenger hunt:

1: a warrior variation with something green in the pic
2: A lunge variation in public
3: Heart opener with something blue in the photo
4. Inversion in a doorway/hallway
5. Backbend with an animal in the photo
6. Balance posture with your favorite book.
7. Arm balance with someone you love/care about in the photo
8. Standing posture with water in the photo
9. Seated posture with food
10. Twisted posture with a flower


May 4- 13

Journey with us as we work on strengthening asanas, whilst also familiarising with the adventures and characters of Star Wars found in “a galaxy far, far away”. Just about any yoga pose requires a level of strength and power, like the way of the Jedi, which can sometimes be intimidating to even the most advanced of yogis.

Through building our strength we can help to find a level of equilibrium that strengthens not only our bodies, but also our minds. This like the ways of the Jedi compared to the ways of Yoga, from ""Yuj"" meaning to join the individual with supreme consciousness.

We will guide you with the tools to combine strength and determination into any asana, just like when Luke Skywalker was taken under the wing of Obi Wan to learn the ways of the Force. A Jedi gains all of his power, knowledge and wisdom through this life force. The force is what gives a Jedi his strength and power!
Wherever you are in your journey, listen to your body and respect its limits.
May the force be with you!


May 1- 10

Whether you’re just starting your yoga practice or you’ve been practicing for years, foundational yoga poses are so important. Building strength, mobility, and flexibility through beginner poses provides an important foundation to build your asana practice and prevent injury. Join us for 10 days of foundational yoga poses, as we explore poses that will be the building blocks of our practice. All levels, all modifications, and all variations welcome!


May 1- 10

We are all individuals and fabulously unique. We want to give people the freedom of expression, sharing what they love about a pose and giving them a creative outlet to shine.

Each day the hosts will provide a pose/theme for the day, and it is up the the participants to interpret them as they please and share what this pose/shape means to them.


May 1- 12

For this challenge, we are offering a unique opportunity for the challenge participants to create their own sequence! For the first 11 days, we will offer 11 poses and then on the 12th day, each yogi will link all the 11 poses together (in any order they want) to create their own unique flow! This challenge is designed to spark creativity and offer freedom for yogis to take a list of different poses and design a fun sequence that works best for them!


April 21st- April 30th

Alignment is about bringing a conscious awareness to our practice. In #aloaligned yoga challenge we will align our physical bodies in Asana and our align our spiritual bodies in manifestation. Each day we will offer one pose and connect it to one mantra or manifestation. Each yogi should share the pose each day and share a little bit of how you align yourself with each day’s related word.


April 19th- April 30th

For 10 days we will explore mantras that help us to find more peace within ourselves, the universe, and those around us.
Mantras can be very powerful tools for healing and expansion when repeated aloud, in front of a mirror, during yoga practice or changed with a group.
Each day there will be a mantra, but the yoga pose is open for participants to decide. This challenge is meant to be healing, loving, and welcome to all levels of practice.

I am the light and the light is in me
I am that I am
I am grateful
I am peace
I am grateful
I am aware
I am awakening
I am perfect
I am one with humanity
I am love


April 19th- April 30th

Whatever level your practice, props can be a vital and safe support, whether you're choosing a wall for inversions, blocks to help you reach the splits, or a dharma wheel, strap or wall to help you work on your back bending.

Following the success of last year's #PropAsanas, we want to revisit this challenge to share and celebrate our participants' progress and to help support each other by sharing, learning, and finding new ways of getting deeper into our asana practice. 


April 17th- April 26th

Our #StrongFlexyShoulders November challenge was such a success that we’ve decided to make this a recurring challenge, with a revolving area of focus. There are so many areas of focus on the body and a whole lot of challenges we can make out of this Strong & Flexy theme with drills and accompanying poses (Hips, Back, Hamstrings, Core, Side Body, Anterior & Posterior Body). We’d like to make this challenge quarterly, starting with working on HIPS in April (#StrongFlexyYogi - Hips Edition) and continuing through 2019 with July and October... and hopefully going into 2020! 


April 15th- April 24th

Join us in this rejuvenating & revitalizing challenge as we dive into the Spring season full of vitality. Let's detox our bodies by twisting out the old, and fill our bodies with energy by opening our hearts & getting upside down.  #SpringUpYourYoga is the perfect opportunity to get the energy flowing in our bodies while on our mats, as well as in our lives off our mats. We are committed to showing what a REAL practice looks like -- we think it's important for us as hosts not to avoid the poses we don't like/cannot do yet, but rather offer & perform prep poses or modifications for them in order to show where we're at in our practice right now. We will provide poses and variations/modifications for all levels of practitioner so everyone can feel revitalized, refreshed, energized, have fun, feel included, & potentially even learn something new for themselves through this challenge. We think everyone deserves the chance to feel rejuvenated & revitalized!


April 15th- April 24th

"We would like to let people be free to express their feelings with yoga. For this reason there will not be pre determinated poses, only guidelines. Those will be about feelings and participants will have to decide poses that better represent them.

The caption is going to be:
“A pose that makes you feel:
- Happy
- Upset
- Satisfied
- Loved
- Calm
- Fearless
- Enthusiastic
- Grateful
- Weird
- Proud”"


April 11th- April 20th

Because ALO stands for air, land and ocean we as hosts would be sharing our adventures from the air (with a yoga swing or tree climbing), the land, and the sea on a paddle board.