Shot of a closed Alo advent calendar box with products lined up in front.

This Season's #1 Gift: The Alo Advent Calendar

24 days of self-care & wellness to gift to the luckiest on your list (& self)  

You might remember from childhood a colorful cardboard box you may have received before the holidays. This traditional gift was constructed of little numbered windows carrying treats and knick-knacks to be opened each night leading up to Santa’s big day — the perfect, celebratory way to await the coming holiday and share each moment alongside your family.

In true Alo fashion, we adopted this concept and designed our own festive advent calendar with health & wellness at the forefront. Our very first Alo Advent Calendar makes an ultra-luxe gifting experience for your luckiest loved ones (and because you deserve some self-care love as well, include yourself on that gifting list as well).

The 24 Days Of Alo Advent Calendar is filled to the brim with wellness in every shape and form — clean beauty favorites, yoga gear, exclusive accessories, and a 1 year Alo Moves Membership. Each drawer also holds daily mindfulness prompts to inspire movement and connection, collectively bringing you and your loved ones into the new year feeling grounded and open.

With 24 Advent Calendar exclusive treats, this limited-edition gift is hands-down the best bang for your gifting buck (trust us). Forget the rest because the top gift on your list (and on all of your loved ones’ lists) just dropped, and it’s everything.


It’s hard (especially during the holiday season) to justify spending on yourself. But we're here to tell you that between all of the hosting and gift-giving, it’s important to provide yourself with an extra dose of self-care that sets you up for success through the end of the year and into the next.

This treasure trove of self-care goodies is the perfect way to ensure you’re taken care of throughout the holiday season while you take care of the loved ones around you. And if you’re needing another excuse to gift yourself, just consider this a totally necessary (wink, wink) trial run to ensure all of the health and wellness goodness is adequate for those on your gifting list.

Shot of open advent calendar box showing the numbered drawers of all different sizes.


With 24 treats and 24 mindfulness prompts, we created this box for anyone deserving of an extra dose of TLC this season. Clean beauty lovers? Check. Fitness enthusiasts? Check. Health & wellness newbies? Absolutely.

The Alo Advent Calendar goes beyond the expectations of loved ones and chosen family by giving them something to look forward to everyday. Simultaneously, it also fosters mindfulness, gratitude, and nonstop cheer, which we think is an Alo holiday in its truest form.

Since there are so many amazing treasures in this calendar, we’ve narrowed down some of the standouts you and your lucky gift recipients have to look forward to — that is IF you’re able to snag it before it sells out.

May the gifting odds be ever in your favor.


1 Year Alo Moves Membership: Whether you’re gifting your gym-obsessed brother or your yogi veteran aunt, Alo Moves is a guaranteed winner when it comes to gifts. Our online fitness platform brings the studio to you with everything from Alo in the Wild (a series of fan-fave, snackable, short classes shot in the most beautiful locations all over the world) to daily meditations to HIIT classes to nutrition workshops to Face Yoga and Dry Brushing 101 — there is something for every body and every fitness skill level on Alo Moves and the Advent Calendar comes with access for an entire year.

Woman in plank position doing Alo Moves from an iPad on the floor in front of her with a large window behind her showing a desert greenery and cactus landscape.

24 Daily Mindfulness Prompt & Affirmations: Along with each treat for the body, we included a treat for the soul. These daily prompts invite peace into an otherwise chaotic season while thoughtful affirmations incite gratitude as opposed to stress. What better way to conclude a year and create a strong groundwork for the one ahead than by practicing the act of being present?

Full Size Magnesium Reset Spray: This amla antioxidant-packed, post-workout soother is a powerhouse blend of aromatherapeutic oils and arnica that is now an essential for our gym bag. Which is why we had to offer it FULL SIZE in this box.

Full Size Radiance Serum: The glow is REAL with this amla + hyaluronic acid serum. So glowy that you’ll find yourself using less foundation and concealer the longer you use it — so yes, you can tell your friends and family they’re getting 3 gifts in 1 behind this little door.

Close up on hands holding Radiance Serum dropper and bottle in foreground, woman with curly red hair holding the bottle in background

90s Claw Clip: This super cute branded essential is a locks life saver and the perfect gift they didn’t know they needed. The 90s Claw Clip is destined to become the gift everyone asks them where they got (and they’ll be thrilled to tell them it was you). With grips that stay in place on the treadmill and on-the-go, this is a top contender for best calendar item, and its exclusive to this box.

$25 Alo Gift Card: These little drawer compartments are cute, but they can’t fit a full set, so we included a gift card so your gift recipients can think of you when purchasing their next Alo Yoga pieces in-store or online.

Mini Magic Multi-Balm: Since this amla antioxidant-packed, all-over face and body moisturizing, cleansing treatment dropped, we have been dying for a smaller pot for on-the-go use for lips, cuticles, and travel. You really can use this formula for anything moisturizing-, masking-, soothing-, cleansing-, or shaving-related so it makes sense to offer it in a cute mini pot. If you’re familiar with this formula you know it’s the gift that keeps on giving clear, plump, supple skin so it’s the perfect beauty gift to wow a skincare lover with.

Mini Head-To-Toe-Glow Oil: Get your soothing, glow on-the-go with this packable, travel-friendly bottle perfect to pop in your makeup case, beach or gym bag. (We’ve been getting lots of asks for this so we’ll let you be the bearer of good news.)

Duality Yoga Strap: For the yogi in your life (or anyone who appreciates a good stretch) — a multifunctional accessory that just makes sense. This adjustable, looped strap with elastic panels assists in stretching and resistance to deepen poses and transport your mat hands-free.

Blonde woman full body shot wearing alo shorts, hoodie and hat while holding her mat with the Duality Yoga Strap

Everyday Beanie: Get them in the spirit of the coziest season with the beyond soft, wool blend Everyday Beanie with comfy stretch to fit all sizes.

Flat Lay of Everday beanie in grey on white background.


Check out the full list of wellness gifts, clean beauty and accessories included in our Limited Edition 24 Days of Alo Advent Calendar and let us know how you enjoyed this assortment by tagging us @Alo_wellness on socials.

Includes: Lasting Lip Balm, No-Sweat Hand Towel, Mini Mega-C Body Wash, 90s Claw Clip, Throwback Sock, Mini Head-to-Toe Glow Oil, Mini Shine Shampoo, Mini Shine Conditioner, Alo Glow Pouch, Mini Restorative Hand Cream, 1 year Alo Moves Subscription, Mini Magic Multi-Balm, Mini Daily SPF Face Moisturizer, Essential Oil Breathe & Spa, Untangled Hair Tie 6-Pack, Full Size Magnesium Reset Spray, Everyday Beanie, Essential Oil Sleep & Downshift, Mini Enzyme Facial Cleanser, Full Size Radiance Serum, Mini Superfruit Body Lotion, Duality Yoga Strap, Mini Luminizing Face Moisturizer, $25 Alo Gift Card