@michellesalasb wearing a black satin faux leather coat with sherpa details and a longer length paired with black leggings standing in front of a large building in the city.

Top 5 Jackets & Coats For Fall & Winter

Puffers, sherpa, faux leather & fur — your one-stop jacket & coat shop is here

Fall and winter jackets and coats are counted on to do a lot — elevate peak performance on the mountain, manage varying levels of chill like a champ, and keep the wearer fashionably cozy whilst walking in whatever wonderland suits them best.

With about 180 days (give or take, depending on your home hemisphere) in the cold weather seasons, one must be prepared with a collection of luxe layers ready for anything.

Because these seasons involve lots of movement from slopes to streets paired with a heightened celebration of style as we layer and coat ourselves to perfection, Alo has been hard at work designing a collection of jackets and coats that check every box.

Luxe fabrications that provide double duty warmth and style. Silhouettes that elevate classic puffers and sherpa with sleek, trend-forward design. Intentional details that compound improved performance with wow-factor from peak to pavement.

We could go on and on about this jacket and coat collection, but we know you have lights to go look at and cookies to frost so we’ve outlined the top 5 jackets and coats your cold weather wardrobe will benefit from for years to come.


When prepping for the cold weather seasons, it’s important to consider the level of warmth each jacket is best suited for (so you’re not left in a Tahoe blizzard with nothing to warm you up except your hot cocoa). We categorize each style on a scale of warm, warmer, and warmest, with detailed descriptions into each category below.

Warm: Keep out the chill with light, just-right coverage — perfect for transitional weather or to-and-from the studio on cool mornings. Layer them up for added warmth when temperatures drop and wear them all year long.

Warmer: Not too hot, not too cold — just right for colder climates, Cali winters and leveling up when temps drop. Plush textures and warming fabrics are perfect solo or layered for the coldest weather.

Warmest: It doesn’t get warmer than this. Thick, wind-blocking fabrics and insulation keep cold air out and your body warmth in, to keep you toasty in any weather. Wear all winter or on cold nights and mornings all year. 

@ewebzz wearing a plaid tennis skirt with a brown faux leather puffer jacket while standing in front of a wooden gazebo surrounded by cream and maroon hydrangeas.



The Fit: Oversized & hits at natural waist
The Warmth: Warm
The Fabric: Luxe, Buttery Faux Leather
The Why: You won’t believe it’s not real leather. Seriously. Compounded with a silky satin lining, a dramatic puffy hood and chrome zippered pockets and front zip, this jacket is the CEO of luxe layers. We love this dressed up for a cozy hot toddy out on the town as well as a better-than-hoodie cover on your way to morning yoga.

@elizabethsulcer wearing a black sherpa puffer jacket with a pair of black high-waisted leggings and a matching black sports bra while standing in a street in New York City.



The Fit: Oversized & full-length
The Warmth: Warmer
The Fabric: Plush Sherpa Faux Fur
The Why: It’s a puffer. It’s a sherpa. It’s a beautiful collab between the two essential cold weather styles in one angelic piece your closet is sure to deem an essential. This new style takes Alo’s prized sherpa and adds a bit of structure and added warmth via puffer insulation. How far is heaven? It’s right here.

@daianesodre wearing a brown faux fur coat with black leggings and over-the-knee black boots while posing on a sidewalk in a city.



The Fit: Oversized & full length
The Warmth: Warmer
The Fabric: Luxe faux fur with satiny interior lining
The Why: If you haven’t had the pleasure of running your hands through Alo’s premium faux fur fabrication, let us enlighten you. This luxe, cruelty-free fur is so good, it will become your new uniform, no doubt. The Knock Out Jacket features a slanted, faux leather inset design which amplifies the vintage fur coat aesthetic while keeping our furry friends happy — this is as beautiful as faux fur jackets get.

@giizeleoliveira wearing a white puffer jacket with black contrast piping paired with a white Alo tank top and black shorts while standing in front of a white wall.



The Fit: Regular length that hits at hip
The Warmth: Warmest
The Fabric: Weather-ready, water-resistant fabric with down alternative fill
The Why: This ultra-warming puffer jacket is an icon (just like the city it was nameD after). Made from high-tech ripstop fabric and insulation equivalent to the fluffiest and coziest of duvet comforters, this jacket is equipped to handle all snowy day activities. Webbing details along the sleeves and back along with a trend-forward, removeable hood add an added layer of appeal that makes this the multipurpose puffer you need to snatch A.S.A.P.

@chaileeson wearing a black satin faux leather coat with sherpa details and a longer length paired with black leggings while standing in front of a temple on a balcony overlook.



The Fit: Longer length & hits below hips
The Warmth: Warmest
The Fabric: Luxe, satin faux leather with sherpa detailing
The Why: If you followed along the Alo Aspen experience on the @Alo IG, you already know that this jacket was the real MVP. When the snowstorm moved in and the team strapped on their snowshoes and headed out, the Ice Breaker saved the day with heavyweight warmth that kept heat right where it was needed. The mixed media design adds to the benefits of this jacket by making it a photo-ready piece you’ll want in all of your festive photo opps.

While we don’t want to overwhelm you, there’s plenty of iconic jacket and coats styles where that came from. Shop the full jacket and coat collection and be sure to tag @Alo on IG in all of your cold weather escapades for a chance to be featured.