@madtev wearing a plaid pair of high-waisted flare leggings with a front split hem and a matching sports bra with a black sherpa trench coat while leaning against an iron fence at the edge of a sidewalk.

What To Wear On Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey trots, elevated holiday meals & post-feast lounge — we’ve got every look covered.

Crafting a holiday outfit lineup is the equivalent of designing your queue of music festival fits — lots of excitement, anticipation, and planning. For Thanksgiving, this rings especially true.

During this holiday adored for its celebration of gratitude and garlic mashed potatoes, curating a perfect autumnal fit is about as necessary as the mini pastel gourds on your tablescape. Sandwiched in between two holidays that templatize the fashion landscape (costumes for Halloween and ugly sweaters for Christmas), Thanksgiving is the day to let your fall fashion sense shine.

Not only that, but this holiday is also known for packing all 24 hours to the brim with various activities. Some families gather for a bundled-up football game at the local park. Others meet up with their community for a fundraiser turkey trot. Then there’s meal preparation with friends and chosen family followed by the meal of all meals and somehow the late-night turkey sandwiches thereafter. It’s a jam-packed day, to say the least.

And the lead-up to the holiday is much the same: organizing your gifting list for December (the Alo Gift Shop is here to make that easier for you too), crafting your Thanksgiving menu, and finding time to enjoy the holiday season amidst all of the busyness.

In order to alleviate some of the to-dos on your plate, we’ve crafted three perfect Thanksgiving outfits for whatever your holiday agenda may be. From stretchy pants that dress to impress and elevated lounge (because it is the holidays after all), Alo has all of your festive fits covered.

@gingeriley wearing an ivory sherpa puffer with a pair of brown high-waisted leggings, brown Alo socks, a black beanie, and a pair of boots while standing in an empty park with lots of leaves on the ground.


The Specifics:

High-Waist Airlift Legging 
Airlift Intrigue Bra
Sherpa Snow Angel Puffer
Cashmere Beanie
Unisex Half-Crew Throwback Sock

The Vibe:

Before a big meal, incorporating some form of movement seems to have become tradition across all families. Getting out into the brisk air and snapping a few cozied-up photos in front of the vibrant fall leaves — it’s a Thanksgiving morning must. Whether you’re doing a 5k (we applaud you) or cheering on the family game from the sidelines, here is our go-to fit that is movement-, cold weather-, and photo-approved: smoothing and sculpting Airlift, cozy socks and beanie, and the softest sherpa that your fall wardrobe needs.

The Intent:

- Neighborhood power walk
- Friendly football game
- Cinnamon roll & cranberry sauce prep

@giizeleoliveira wearing a pair of split-hem flared leggings with a pink crop top and stiletto heels near a hedge.


The Specifics:

Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging
Ribbed Knotty Long Sleeve
Ice Breaker Puffer Jacket

The Vibe:

When sitting down at a beautifully set table filled with a meal that took many hours and hands to prep, ensuring that you’re dressed to the occasion is important. And at the same time, Thanksgiving is often loved for the laid-back vibes and sweatpant necessity due to the incoming feast. Our answer? The wildly comfy Flutter Leggings. The split hem makes them easy to elevate with a pair of boots or heels and a statement sports bra plus a luxe jacket or coat is the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin pie. If you’re looking to elevate your look all-together, anything from the Aspen Collection will fulfill your craving for chic holiday fashion.

The Intent:

- Charcuterie & cocktails
- Thanksgiving dinner
- Post-meal aperitifs & sweets around the fire

@chaileeson wearing a dark brown cashmere sports bra and matching cashmere wide legs pants while sitting on a beige couch.


The Specifics:

Cashmere Jet Set Bra
Cashmere High-Waist Jet Set Wide Leg Pant
Cashmere Jet Set Cardigan 
Cashmere Jet Set Socks 

The Vibe:

Is cashmere really worth it? In short: yes. And when referring to the holidays: absolutely yes. After having your fill of all the Thanksgiving sweets and savories, we know there is nothing more you want than to slip into the comfiest clothes you have, cuddle up on the couch, and enjoy the last few hours of the holiday. For you, we have the Jet Set Capsule — a 100% ethically sourced cashmere collection that is the ultimate celebration of loungewear. If there’s a time to indulge, it’s now, and we promise you, you’ll be wearing this set through the rest of the season and beyond.

The Intent:

- Late-night turkey sandwiches
- Cozied-up holiday movies
- Decorating the tree (too soon?)

Thank you? You’re oh so welcome. Be sure to tag @Alo in all of your holiday outfits and follow along with us on IG as we drop new must-have seasonal styles (and potentially a few sales along the way).