@TannHealthy wearing light purple sculpting leggings with an asymmetrical one-shoulder sports bra.

Fabrics 101: Airlift – The Ultra-Slimming Legging Fabric With A Touch Of Shine

Lightweight sculpt with a versatile sheen

Because our amazing design team continues to engineer fabrics for our every want, need, and dream, we’re launching a series that breaks down the nitty-gritty of all 6 Signature Alo Fabrics.

Our goal? Less time working hard to find the perfect leggings, more time for your leggings to get working hard for you (whether that’s on the reformer, at a happy hour, or during some much-needed R&R). You’re versatile, on-the-go, and getting stuff done, so you need fabrics that mold to the exact trail you’re blazing, and these fabrics have you covered.

To debut this new series, we’re starting with the wondrously-sculpting and gloriously sleek, Airlift fabric—a closet-must-have in our opinion (and in the opinion of many Alo-ombassadors).

@Kate_Demianova wearing purple sculpting leggings with a purple classic cross-back sports bra.


You know when it’s your birthday and you feel on top of the world? Like you can wear whatever you want to wear, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be?

That's how we feel when we throw on our fave Airlift leggings.


Let’s break it down...


Breathable, Double-Knit Fabric A smoothing compression that sculpts, snatches, and breathes all at the same time (for that “I’m never taking this off” feel).

4-Way, Micro-Performance Stretch Think next-best-thing-to-naked, follows-your-every-move, second-skin feel ideal for bends, twists, spins, & pulses.

Oh-So-Cool Touch When those Power Flows heat up, Airlift’s got your back with a keep-you-cool feel that also keeps your Chaturanga nice and deep.


Moisture Wicking Fabric tech that wicks away sweat, reduces odor, & obliterates stench stress in classes.

Front-Smoothing Panel for Commando Comfort Sends camel toes packing so Ujjayi is the only thing on your mind.

Fully Opaque (but Totally Lightweight) Bend deep because, rest assured, there’ll be no accidental exposure with these squat-proof leggings.


Smooth & Sculpt Relentlessly wear-tested by our in-house team to ensure the lifting superpower of the Airlift fabric fits & flatters every size.

Sheen & Shine A little “wow” to amp up an everyday look or accentuate that post-workout glow.

@ItsJadex0 wearing turquoise sculpting leggings with a turquoise classic cross-back sports bra.



Airlift was built to give all the stretch, opacity, and hold-you-in kind of comfort we wanted for our practice (and by “we”, we mean the in-house yogis & barre instructors that test all of our looks during their own movement practices).


Whether it’s a spin class, a long run, or heavy weights, Airlift stays cool so we get the most out of our time spent on the mat (or the pavement, or the weight room—to each their own).


Airlift provides an everyday basic with a touch of éclat. It’s minimalist with a dash of shine to put some pep in our errand step and some rise into our Sunday brunch shine.

@daniellabeckerman wearing royal blue spandex shorts and royal blue sports bra


Airlift Barre Bodysuit – because workout one-pieces are back (& Alo is making them better than ever)

Airlift Excite Bra – (asymm)ply pair with high-waisted leggings (peep below) for a practice and pavement staple that sets trends

Airlift High-Waist Legging – the live-in legging to wear with crop tops and cute bras for hot studios, hard classes, and just about everywhere else

Fast Bra – a flattering and functional zipper-adorned bra to wear solo or layer up for a silhouette we can’t get enough of

High-Waist 4-Pocket Utility Legging – a sculpting legging with sleek pockets for all of your practice-to-pavement essentials (F.Y.I. we just dropped Gravel for a versatile neutral we’re wearing all season long)

@OliaMajd wearing a white sports bra tank top with dark gray sculpting leggings.


Airlift Barre Bodysuit + It Girl Pants - Blends put-together with laid-back & for this reason it’s easily one of our faves.

Airlift High-Waist Legging + Real Bra Tank - Our preferred look to wear to class and any plans thereafter.

Airlift Excite Bra + High-Waist Biker Short - One-shoulder yumminess and our fave biker shorts so you can step out onto the street looking and feeling your best.

Airlift is our answer to pieces that stand up to the hip thrusters, the standing splits, and the warm sun that makes you want to hit all of the outdoor weekend festivities.

So whether you're dazzling the studio or the street, tag @Alo in your Instagram to show us how you’re shining with Airlift.