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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



Start by making sure you’re following @aloyoga, all hosts and all additional sponsors on Instagram.

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Post a photo every day that the challenge runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus points if you hashtag #aloyoga, so we can follow along with you on your journey.

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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge… they’ll be featured on this page!

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June 21 - 30

As the weather is starting to heat up this June, so are our asanas🔥🔥🔥☀️! Let’s keep that heat and work on getting deeper into those asanas. Join us for 10 days of scorcher asanas with #keeptheheat. Remember to be nice and warm to try these out!


June 19 - 30

Yoga is an absolutely beautiful practice with options for everyone from every walk of life. In the #YogaforALOus challenge hosts will be encouraging participants to get on their mat every day for 12 days straight. There will be a different pose each day and a beginner, intermediate and advanced variation of the pose will be offered to the challenge participants. Each host will demonstrate a different variation so that everyone is encouraged to get on their mat no matter how new or advanced they are. 


June 18 - 27

This challenge aims to break the myth that yoga is just a physical practice and draw awareness to the impact yoga has on mental health as well. With over 44 million Americans dealing with mental health conditions, yoga can provide healing and a positive outlet to deal with these struggles. The aim is to share our mental health journeys and how yoga has helped to transform our lives in more than just the
physical sense. 

June 17 - 26

June 15 - 24


June 15 - 24

Life is a balance between dark and light, strength and flexibility, activity and rest; and so is our yoga practice!  In this 10-day yoga challenge we explore how different yoga postures compliment one another. The exploration of Yin vs Yang postures as well as strong vs flexible poses will drive our practice as a means to find balance within our bodies and our lives.  


June 12 - 21

June 21st is the Summer Solstice, so in preparation for this celestial event we are warming up  with a challenge themed around sun salutations. On the last day of the challenge, (June 21st) it is also international yoga day, which is why we've included yogis' choice as the pose, to allow for sharing their favorite asana in this practice. 


June 12 - 21


June 12 - 21


June 10 - 21

Summer is finally here and this time we want to kick off the summer with a fun 12–day yoga challenge filled with summer joy. We hosts will offer a pose for you to follow each day and connect it to an activity or thing that makes you love summer! All fun loving yogis can follow along and share a little bit of their summer yoga practice. Please join in and tell us everything you love about summer!


June 10 - 19

Challenge theme is empowerment / empowerment through asana. We will be going through postures that provide empowerment or how the pose has made us feel empowered. We will encourage participants to pick poses they feel matches this best. We will also be sharing our stories on finding empowerment and how yoga has helped with that.

June 10 - 19


June 9 - 18


June 1 - 10


June 1 - 10

We've reached the halfway mark in the year and it's an opportune time to look at and check back in on the goals we've set at the start of the year.
We may have a specific challenging pose that we've been working hard on, but the yoga practice is an all-rounded one and it's time to rope in the other parts of the practice that our bodies also appreciate. This all rounded challenge is for participants to explore each day what their bodies are capable of. After all, we all have our favorite poses that highlight our strengths and motivates us in our practice because these poses make us feel good and allow ourselves to be comfortable and this could vary daily and even across seasons. What better way to kickstart the summer by creating a multitude of shapes that our own bodies are familiar with and use them to encourage and motivate us further in our practice. To keep showing up for our practice on the mat no matter how hard life hits and however busy you may get, is what this challenge is all about. Get ready to show your creativity this summer!


June 1 - 12

Love is the force that binds everything together. Only through love we can be united and truly happy. The idea of this challenge is to create a place where love resides and to connect as a community through deep compassion and kindness.


June 1- 10

June is for Gemini and everyone is allowed to have an alter-ego. Which face do you want to show? Introvert or Extrovert? Yin or Yang? Fire or Ice? With #ALOFireOrIce, we aim to show that all poses are beautiful and important, whether it’s a peak pose (“Fire”) or a restorative variation where you can just chill (“Ice”). Life would be boring if we were all the same, so we are offering 2 different styles or personalities to the very same pose. Fiery one day? Icy cool the next? We believe that yoga builds a strong understanding of ourselves so with #ALOFireOrIce, we will challenge participants to embrace the possibilities and show their true colors. 


June 1 - 12

Summer solstice is approaching, and we want to bring the warmth with bold and thoughtful asanas to help you ground down and tap into the suns positive energy! This challenge will offer uplifting words of encouragement, intention, and fun, all mixed with strong yet soft yoga poses. 



A challenge to inspire and encourage participants to practice in backbends safely and progress, whilst opening the heart chakra and learning about it. We will also be sharing our knowledge to help each other reach individual goals in the daily set pose. This challenge is open to all levels and has a pose line up accessible to all.


May 21- 30

Join us in this inspirational as well as instructional challenge as we prepare our bodies to flip the grip. Get motivated to practice the necessary elements, such as back bending and shoulder openers, that will help you on your journey. #TimeToFlipTheGrip will begin by guiding you to open up the body and create space and then will progress onto king variations of poses, such as King Dancer’s Pose and King Pigeon. For us this is not just about the 10-day duration this challenge will take place but is also about inspiring others to progress in the practice for the duration after the challenge, by giving advice and tips on sequences/or poses that can be continuously worked on to achieve a flipped grip. We are committed as hosts to make this challenge accessible for anyone that wants to join and learn how to flip their grip. We will do this by providing variations/modifications to all poses that are not yet attainable to all, so that everyone feels welcomed and included in this challenge.