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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



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Post a photo every day that the challenge runs (anywhere from 10 days to a month), include all the challenge hashtags and spread the love to your fellow participants! Bonus points if you hashtag #aloyoga, so we can follow along with you on your journey.

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Hosts will pick one winner per challenge… they’ll be featured on this page!

Questions? Shoot us an email at

Let’s use our creativity! You can choose any pose that meets the guidelines for the day and express it how you choose. Feel free to use props, fun settings or any other imaginative ideas to make your post more creative, funky and exclusive. All levels are welcome and any pose from basic to advanced can be your base for finding a fun and creative expression.

Pose Line Up:
Day 1. On your toes
Day 2. On your knees
Day 3. Focusing on legs
Day 4. Crossing legs or arms
Day 5. With straight legs or arms
Day 6. With a bind
Day 7. A balance
Day 8. Bending your spine
Day 9. With hands on the ground
Day 10. Your favorite creative asana

How to qualify for a prize ️
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2. Like and repost this flyer. Tag some friends to play along too!
3. Post daily tagging all hosts and sponsors using #ALOve4Creativity on your posts


Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?
… Already at the next level? Want to share your personal drills that helped you improve your practice?
… or just want to have some fun and bring some creative poses to the game?

If so, this challenge is for you!

For the next 10 days, we will share with you our favorite creative poses and drills that allowed us to get where we are! From flexibility to strengthening exercises, the challenge will have all that you need to elevate your practice SAFELY!
No matter if you are a self-taught yogi or certified instructor, there is always room for improvements in yoga and opportunities to learn from each other!

🤸🏻‍️ So, join us for some creativity and new ideas from around the globe with this amazing group of poses lined up as follow:
Day 1️ Any standing pose
Day 2️ Any forward fold pose
Day 3️ Any twist pose
Day 4️ Any backbend pose
Day 5️ Any binding pose
Day 6️ Any hip opener pose
Day 7️ Any core work pose
Day 8️ Any hybrid or creative pose
Day 9️ Any arm balance pose
Day 10 Any inversion pose


The start of spring is the perfect time to leave the studio and to share yoga practices with the soft ground beneath our feet, with sunshine overhead & in deep alignment with the natural world.

April is our favorite month as it’s the month that we celebrate Earth Day and show the love we have for our planet.

Join us for a 10 days yoga challenge which we will focus on 10 nature related yoga poses.

List of Poses:

Day 1 Mountain Pose
Day 2 Tree pose
Day 3 Crescent Moon Pose
Day 4 Frog Pose
Day 5 Scorpion Pose
Day 6 Firefly Pose
Day 7 Monkey Pose
Day 8 Pigeon Pose
Day 9 Eagle Pose
Day 10 Butterfly Pose

You can incorporate those poses anyway you like whether seated, standing, right side up, upside down, against the wall and using prob. Be creative and have fun with the practice!

Bonus point if you get off the mat and take your practice outside. Let’s flow on the grass, under the sunshine, underneath the moonlight, at the lake, next to the tree, up in the air, at the beach or wherever it is that nature give you a calling.


DETAILS: We propose this theme in honor of May being Mental Health awareness month, we bring you a yoga challenge dedicated to discussing the importance of mental health in #ALOboutMentalHealth! 

We would love people to join us for a challenge that is dedicated to how we can let go of ego and lean into openly talking about the effects of mental health issues. Participants will be given a series of journal prompts to reflect on their mental health and how their ego keeps them from sharing about mental illnesses along with a pose for each day. This challenge will help bring awareness to a subject that has been seen as taboo for far too long as well as help participants reach out of their comfort zone.

1) Any grounding pose- what grounds you and brings you back in the moment?

2) Any balancing pose -How do you balance self care with responsibilities?

3) Any Warrior pose- What makes you strong to face any situation bang on?

4) Any heart opener pose- what heals your heart and nourishes your soul?

5) Any Asana with prop- How receptive are you to receive help or open to help others in need?

6) Any twisted pose - What do you do to detox physically and mentally?

7) Any inverted pose- What do you do when everything goes upside down?

8) Any Restorative pose- What do you do to let go and be in the flow?

9) Any meditative mantra/ mudra- What is you go to mantra for releasing the stress and increase acceptence?

10) Any favorite pose- What excites you in life and what are you passionate about?


During these 10 days we will be showing different ways to work on the flexibility of different muscles to help you release tension and be able to get to perform your fave yoga poses.
This challenge is dedicated to everyone who loves to work on their flexibility. There are yoga poses which require having flexibility first, so with this challenge we will be giving tips and different ways to work on gaining flexibility in a safe and efficient way.
Working on lengthening the muscles in connection to the breath helps in numerous ways, like relaxing, tuning in to our bodies and connect with the present moment.

Gratitude... because something is always right. Even in the midst of a heart wreck, something, perhaps something tiny, barely noticeable, but it's there. And if only we find it in our hearts to acknowledge it, it opens up doors to hope, to strength, to more to be grateful for 🙏💓 So how about we form some attitude of gratitude for next 10 days & raise our vibes for good.

Poses and theme line up:
1.Pigeon Pose - Gratitude for love in our life.
2.Camel Pose - Gratitude for being alive & healthy.
3. Goddess Pose - Gratitude for the negative circumstances that changed our lives for only good
4. Wild thing Pose - Gratitude for being emotionally & mentally in better space
5. Hero Pose - Gratitude for food
6. Tortoise Pose - Gratitude for fresh air
7. Bird of Paradise Pose - Gratitude for nature, clean drinking water & mother earth.
8. Wheel Pose - Gratitude for the best thing that happened today
9. Lunge or Warrior pose - Attitude of gratitude all day long and how did it go.
10. Yogi's Choice 💓



Sometimes you need to look at the world upside down in order to see it things right. 🙃
Join us for a playful journey of flipping your perspective! We will find familiar asanas and try to flip them, in various degrees and directions. Why not flip your tree pose and find sensation in this new situation? This not only challenges our bodies searching for new alignment but also our minds being more curious, mentally flexible, more confident. And last but not least it’s also about fun and playfulness.

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•Post daily using the tag #flippingyourasana
•Keep your profile public
•Show your fellow participants and hosts some love!

As we enter into the month of May we are lucky to experience so many aspects of life blooming and coming back to thrive - ourselves included! We are taking inspiration from the strong birds of this spring season and want to see how we all can take flight! Join us for ten days of growth, balance and soaring spirits as we focus on remaining present in this time of growth✨



Our goal is to provide an opportunity for participants to explore a variety of postures in any way they would like (the traditional posture, in an inversion, in a nature setting, etc). We’ve chosen postures that are accessible for all levels. We hope our challenge will foster a welcoming environment, encourage interaction, and still challenge advanced practitioners. We will encourage creativity and safe, mindful movement while also providing some information about moon postures and our yogic connection to the moon.

Pose Line Up:

Day 1. Half Moon Pose

Day 2. Diamond/Baddha Konasana

Day 3. Low Lunge/Anjaneyasana

Day 4. Camel Pose

Day 5. Pigeon Pose

Day 6. Star Pose

Day 7. Fallen Triangle

Day 8. Warrior Pose

Day 9. Side Bend

Day 10. Goddess Pose


"It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful"
-Mahatma Gandhi

May is in many countries around the World Mother's Day month.
Festivals in honor of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to ancient times, but the origins of Mother's Day as celebrated today date back to the 19th century.
The core of this celebration is remembering the fundamental, but often forgotten role that mothers have in the development of every single human being and, ultimately of societies.

This May, we would like to celebrate mothers and mother like figures with a yoga challenge honoring their compassion, generosity, strength, commitment etc. and ultimately the sacrifice they make for their children.

Focus: Pose line up will be on animal yoga poses so that we can bring awareness to the animals around us and spread the knowledge and fun facts on those animals


With Mother’s Day coming and passing, join us for 10 days of discussion, expression, reflection, and gratitude towards our collective mother, Mother Earth! For the next 10 days following Mother’s Day, we will move through a grounding, Earthy, heart-opening flow together. Learning about the ways Mother Earth has constantly provided for us, and always will.
Our sponsors @aloyoga and @almoves operate on a clean practice, clean environment standard. Both headquarters and another location are completely operated by Solar Energy, and they are in the process of building a major 1-megawatt solar farm on the roof!
Let’s learn about Mother Earth together, and some amazing ways we can love and admire her the way she deserves more and more each day!

Details of the Challenge:

10 day yoga challenge where we use the power of the Flower moon in May to take time to create space for self reflection; honouring yoga growth, plant seeds of intention and make way for the blooming of the new moon.

Hosts will also direct participants to the moon flows and sound baths available on @alo.moves through stories and posts on their pages.

Pose line up:

1- Reflect on your practice ~ Seated pose

2- Plant your intention ~ Standing pose

3- Accept challenge ~ Forward fold

4- Find balance ~ Balance pose

5- Transform~ Twisted pose

6- Give thanks~ Kneeling pose

7- Be confident ~ Backbend

8- Feel strong~ Squat pose

9- Growth ~ Any pose your working on

10- Bloom ~ Pose you're proud of

Challenge Prompt:

Summer is creeping up. Warmer weather means one thing...Time for some #aloboutmerbabes! Join us for 10 days as we explore our inner mermaid or merman and learn about our friends of the sea 🌊.

‘If your fins aren’t feeling it go for limbs. This challenge is for all fins and feet. We have land options for all of our merbinds. Translation: do what feels good to your body modify as needed.


Which element defines you the most? Have you ever thought about adapting your practice to the element you feel more connection with?

Yoga practice is so adaptable. We can flow as the water does, we can lift ourselves up and float like the air does, we can feel our inner fire while practicing strength and powerful poses and we can feel grounded and connected to the earth.

For this challenge, each one of the hosts will be representing an element, so they’ll be adapting each pose to each element. Choose your element and join us doing the variation that represents you the most, always being safe and having fun!

Hip opener
Forward fold
Heart opener
Shoulder opener
Bind pose
Arm balance
Side stretch
Yogis choice - follow your inner energy

Your water host - @flou_yoga
Your fire host - @kimterpstra_yoga
Your earth host - @doll_yogi_grace
Your air host - @airyogagirl

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” – Glenn Close.

We would like to support Yogi’s in conversation about how their practice positively influences their lives and the lives of others. Yoga has brought so much positive to our own lives and we want to spread the message and be there for others dealing with struggles.

What are you hoping to achieve?
We are hoping to build awareness around mental health through yogic practices such as meditation, the Alo brand, and to support the Instagram community with fellow Yogis and Yoginis.

Details: How do you make challenging yoga poses less scary? You play around with them! Join us as we break down 10 standing balance, arm balance, and inversion poses that might seem intimidating. We’ll offer lead up sequences, propping methods, modifications, and alternative poses that you can play around with! We want you to feel more confident on your yoga journey, and we hope yoga playtime will help 🙏🏻💗“



Are you an arm balance addict💪!?Do you love having fun exploring your strength and creating fun arm balance poses!? If yes then this is the perfect challenge for you to strengthen your arms and work on work your dream pose. Even if the answer is no and you think arm balance is hard then challenge your self and join us to explore and have fun😃

We will guide throughout the challenge with different variations where you can still modify and use props to help you during this 10 days challenge with Alo.

If April brought you showers, let May bring the flowers 🌸 Let this month of May be a time of blooming and growing 🌺 No matter what we go through, we GROW through.. and we go through it together.

Join us on your mat for 10 days as we share moments in our lives where we’ve bloomed in (or still blooming in) on and off the mat!

Details: You wanna be strong? 💪 Then come and join us! 😅 We’ll make the heat come early this summer! 🔥😁 Chances are you’ll have your body bikini ready after these 10 days 👙 and even have some fun! 😁
Okay, seriously, we’ll be working on the front, side and back part of our core. And we won’t forget the hip flexors and obliques. So this will be a well-balanced core challenge - are you in?
Props and modifications are most welcome! Open to all levels!

Pose Lineup:
L- or V-Seat
Twisted Standing Pose
Boat Pose
Side Plank
Locust or Bow Pose
Pike Inversion
Lolasana or any related b*tch 😂
Any crow variation
Any front stretching backbend



We want to do 10 days of tutorials for popular poses. We are all yoga teachers (except for Coral) and we have so much yoga knowledge we want to many people stuck at home and asking how to practice at home. Pose list:

Eight Angle
Fallen angel
Flying pigeon
EPK 1 or 2

Details: Pose line up
1. Puppy
2. Lunge
3. Pigeon
4. Camel
5. Sugarcane
6. Splits
7. Dancer
8. Partridge pose
9. Wheel
10. Yogi’s choice

Learn tools to get you closer to flipping your grip in your yoga poses.


Discover how we are all LIMITLESS!

We all have that pose or family of poses that we find challenging, that makes us doubt ourselves. With this challenge we want to work together with you to explore how to build confidence both mentally and physically to overcome our negative self talk and become truly limitless!

Poses and Prompts:

1. Understand where we are imposing limits on ourselves - peak pose
2. Accepting we are perfect as we are - a grounding pose
3. Plan small steps to overcome negative self talk - drills to warm up for your peak pose
4. Breathing through the fear - pranayama or a pose that helps you to connect with your breath
5. Coaching - find a tutorial or an @alomoves video to help work up to your peak pose
6. Support - sometimes you need a hand; pose with a prop or a partner
7. Breakdowns - getting back up when we fail - repetition: practice your peak pose or variations of your peak pose at least 10 times
8. Building confidence - what’s a drill you do daily to build confidence?
9. Flow - getting into the zone - a flow incorporating your peak pose
10. Yogi’s choice of triumphant pose - peak pose with a smile



Details: Become empowered with us in a journey towards body positivity! 
10 days of exploring poses in our body and exploring positivity for our bodies and shapes. Including twists, standing balances, backbends, seated poses and more. Each day shall help to expand the awareness for the body and create more acceptance and positivity for it! We want to empower, strengthen and tell all are not alone!

Pose List
⁣Day 1 - Seated Pose
⁣Day 2 - Twisting Pose
⁣Day 3 - Fold
⁣Day 4 - Core Focused
⁣Day 5 - Backbends
⁣Day 6 - Hip Opener
⁣Day 7 - Standing Balance
⁣Day 8 - Arm Balance
⁣Day 9 - Inversion
⁣Day 10 - Yogi´s Choice



We want to bring all participants even closer to the alo and alo movement.
Every day we offered teachers and assignments. and all participants traveling through the pages of teachers will choose a pose, add a carousel to the post.
introduce the diverse practices of alo and become part of them

1. Core pose with @ashleygalvinyoga

2. Arm balanse whith @dylanwerneryoga

3. Hip opener whith @talia_sutra

4. Creative pose with @eleonorazampatti

5. Backbend pose whith @yogi_goddess

6. Strong pose whith @joshkrameryiga

7. Forward fold whith @kaylalanielsen

8. Art pic whith @naytavp

9. Flexibility whith @andreafromaustin

10 Relax pose whith @thecoppervessel

Don’t we all want a healthy body, that is strong and flexible? The key for this is to work on mobility, your active range of motion. During these 10 days we want to work on backbends and target the hip, spine and shoulder to work on it actively and passively.

For each day there will be one ‘host’ that shows mobility drills and tips to prepare the pose as well as active and passive ways to work on it. All the other hosts will give you ideas for variations on that day.
Pose Lineup:
1 Puppy or Chinstand
2 Tiger pose or Dancer
3 Low Lunge
4 Locust or Bow
5 Pigeon
6 Camel
7 Hollowback
8 Bridge or Wheel
9 Scorpion
10 Yogi’s Choice


At this time of year, when the flowers bloom and the life smells of spring, our souls warm up and we prepare for the arrival of the beautiful sunny days. Our planet shows us, with each passing season, how much strength and love it can give us! Let’s try to give him back the same love by opening our heart!

Let’s try to stop mistreating our planet, by spreading love around us.
Join us in these 10 days in which we will try to show you all our love through the Anahata open heart asanas, in order to release all our love around us and make it reach every corner of the planet!

Can’t have a lotus flower without mud. Sometimes poses can be messy. We have to simply put in the work, if we want to grow. Join us for 10 days with #Aloboutlotus as we break down prep poses to help us get into our peak pose. Padmasana, lotus pose! Lotus flowers represent overcoming life’s obstacles, so let’s work through these obstacles together in this peak to lotus challenge. ☺️🙌


Smile with alo.

The mind is by nature conscious, pure and free from hesitation.
But at the same time, the mind seeks to return to its natural state. From such a dissonance a person experiences constant suffering.
We want to encourage you to stop. Soothe breathing. Let go of everything that worries you.

Feel the freedom, happiness and SMILE. Together with us.
Performing asana if you cannot see your external smile. We must feel with all parts of the body that right now it makes you happy and you smile.
Smile with alo.
Pose Lineup:

1. Vrikshasana and smile

2. Kurmasana and smile

3. Warrior pose and smile

4. Balancing and smile

5. Supta virasana and smile

6. Hanumanasana and smile

7. Ushtrasana and smile

8. Dhanurasana and smile

9. Halasana and smile

10. Sirshasana and smile

Challenge theme/details:
Building roots beyond just the physical practice of asana. Showing up on our mats daily as well as in our hearts. We will be inviting participants to break open their chest and breathe in deeply all that their yoga practice is both physical and emotionally/mentally. Who are you? How has yoga pushed you to grow? Planted stronger roots? Allowed you to bloom more fully?

This challenge will be open to practicing yogis of all levels.

Join us on this 12 day journey as we experience and explore the fascinating world of yogastrology, which dates back to yogas origin where we connect the art of asana and star signs. 🌟

Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. In addition to being associated with unique personality characteristics, each zodiac sign has a traditional correspondence with different parts of the body. 🌟

By aligning the practice of yoga with astrology, we can become more attuned to the universe, achieving a deeper state of wellness and fulfilment out of life! 🌟

Yoga in itself is the exercise that encourages synchronization with the celestial cycles - it's the natural springboard into alignment with the sun, moon and the stars. Depending on your zodiac sign you could have vulnerability in a certain area. By doing yoga for that area, you can transform a weakness into strength. 🌟

This challenge is open to all levels and abilities!

•Follow hosts & sponsors and repost this flyer.
•Tag some friends to play along!
•Post daily using the tag #Moveinto2020
•Keep your profile public
•Show your fellow participants and hosts some love!

"It's always good to stop and examine your practice. Sometimes we tend to avoid tightness in our body and only work on the parts that makes is feel better. There is always a side (right or left) that is more flattering, deeper, or we just have never tried to practice with the other side. That is why we are doing this challenge, to find and bring balance to our bodies and our practice."

Details: A balance challenge! We want to make this balance challenge our own by balancing on a different body part every day. So hands, knees, tip toes, etc.

Each host will present a balance pose every day, all hosts will do a different balance pose to offer variety. The participants can choose to copy one of our poses or express their individuality by making it their own fun and unique balance.

We love the freedom this theme gives, which allows participants to express themselves and show their individual styles and levels of practice. We want to appeal to all levels and make this challenge accessible to everyone.

There are so many things we fear, wheather in our yoga practice or personal life, like fear of falling or fear of taking some decisions or even the fear of facing some emotions.

So please join us in this 10-day journey to be fearless with #FEARLESSALOASANAS practicing the poses we avoid most or by trying new things and getting out of our comfort zone, allowing your self to face your fears.

Pose line up:-
1- Any seated pose
2- Any standing pose
3- Any twist pose
4- Any balance pose
5- Any hip opener pose
6- Any backbend pose
7- Any forward pose
8- Any arm balance pose
9- Any inversion pose
10- yogi's choice

1️⃣Follow all hosts and sponsors
2️⃣Repost the flyer and tag a few friends that might like to join
3️⃣Post daily using #FEARLESSALOASANAS
4️⃣Share love and engage with hosts, sponsors and other participants
5️⃣Set your profile public so we can see you!

It’s called #AloAprilFools. In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, we’re playing around with poses many of us find tricky! We’ll be spending 10 days alternating between drills/warm ups, and our “tricky” poses, offering modifications for each of them.

Pose Lineup: 
Day 1: balance drills and warm ups
Day 2: Crow/Baby Crane
Day 3: shoulder and back warm ups
Day 4: Flipped Grip Lunge/King Pigeon
Day 5: core strengthening drills and poses
Day 6: Lolasana/Tolasana
Day 7: twists and hip warm ups
Day 8: Yogi Dandasana/Bound Garland
Day 9: core & shoulder strengthening
Day 10: Pincha/Dolphin

April is the perfect time to spring forward and recharge our yoga practice! There will be 4 categories including:
-Twists to wring out the toxins
-Bends to open your heart to a new season
-Core to strengthen the foundation
-Inversions to turn any winter frowns upside down!
Hosts are all at different levels in their own practice so we will have many options... Yoga is for everyone!

Details: April is Spring, a time for blossoming and growing together in our yoga practice and in our lives. We want to encourage nurturing and lifting each other up with positive affirmations and asanas symbolizing growth and blooming.

Poses & Affirmations:
1. Seed - I am Beginning
2. Sun - I am Sunshine
3. Water - I am Endless
4. Earth - I am Grounded
5. Leaves - I spread my Energy
6. Tree - I am Strong
7. Weather a storm - I am Resilient
8. Blossom - I am Blossoming
9. Love ❤️ - I am Love
10. Pass it on - Yogi’s choice

We invite you to join us in #StrengthforSpring 💪🏼
The weather is getting warmer, the clothes are getting shorter, and it’s time to get those muscles burning! It’s so much easier to be inspired to move as the days start getting longer, and we want you to move with us. We hope you join us for 10 days of strength poses to get your entire body ready for spring. During this challenge we will be sharing our favorite poses / drills to target specific areas of the body. We will be working everything from our mind down to our feet. We hope you join us!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Our earth is full of beautiful landscapes that can leave us speechless. There are so many places out there that we all would love to visit, from going to big cities, to living in a paradisiac island, or exploring the mountains. Maybe we love to just stay at a fancy hotel, or go camping out in the wilderness. Traveling can be one of the best experiences... no matter what our travel preference is, it makes us feel free and at peace with ourselves.

Join us over the next 10 days while we explore different locations and poses that represent each one. All levels are welcomed - we encourage you to choose the variation that is most safe and fun for you!

1. Paradisiac beach - dolphin pose
2. The river - fish pose
3. Spa and massages - savasana or any restorative pose
4. The mountains - mountain or any standing pose
5. The forest - deer pose or tree pose
6. African savana - elephant pose
7. The jungle - monkey pose
8. The city - any inversion
9. Cruise - boat pose
10. Yogis choice - tell us your country and why would you recommend it to a tourist!

The hippie movement was a countercultural movement that, during the 1960s and the 1970s, rejected the mores of Western middle class society which they felt dominated by materialism and oppression.
Hippies advocated non violence, love, openness and tolerance hence the iconic motto "make love, not war".
Because of their rejection of Western mainstream culture, hippies were extremely attracted to Eastern beliefs and practices, including yoga, becoming one of the reasons why yoga started spreading throughout the Western World.
50 years after legendary rock event and hippie milestone Woodstock, let's celebrate this countercultural movement and the role it played in the diffusion of yoga with a challenge dedicated to hip openers! Let's give our hips a whole lotta love!
As we open our bodies in a physical way, we will hopefully be reminded to stay open minded and full of love as the flower children taught us.