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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



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The challenge is going to be 10 days of mindful mantras! Each day we will have a set pose, and then we will ask the yogis to share in their captions, the mindful mantra that speaks to them on each day!


November 21 - November 30

This challenge will have options for all levels of yoga experience. The hosts will be giving the participants poses that we generally think of as "uplifting poses" like tree pose and dancer, and then the hosts will explain the ways that these poses that are supposed to help us stay lifted can also ground us in our practice. So all of the hosts will be showing the duality of being grounded while uplifted in your practice. The challenge will be a safe place for yogis to support each other and have fun as everyone works on flourishing in their practices, appreciating the duality of our ever evolving yoga practice. 


November 20 - November 30

Heart Opening Poses and Gratitude Mantras


November 19 - November 28

Keeping balance in our lives is just as challenging as keeping balance in our yoga practice! We as yogis notoriously favour one side or the other in all variety of poses and we want to inspire others to focus on the side that they often neglect - especially in the world of social media where ‘aesthetics’ are regularly put first. There is always a stronger arm, a more balanced leg or a more flexible side so we will guide participants through 10 days of both strength and flexibility based postures where we want to see their ‘weakest side’ in an effort to encourage us to even out our imbalances.


November 15 - November 25

It takes a lot of elements to make up a complete and balanced yoga practice. For 10 days we will explore different elements of yoga - each day we will give participants a theme, the pose is up to them.


November 15 - November 24

We'll each be sharing 2-3 of our favorite poses and will share why we chose the particular pose and what about it are we drawn to, i.e. the challenge, makes us feel strong, empowered, something we know we need to work on or a pose in which we've made a lot of progress, just feels good, etc. Participants will be encouraged to share how the pose makes them feel as well and can take a variation of the pose that speaks to them.


November 13 - November 22

This November, we are hoping to bring gratitude to everyone’s awareness through our mindful moments themed 10 day journey. During these 10 days, we encourage participants to capture an image of the designated asana and write a mindful moment that they encountered throughout their day. As yogis, we believe it is our place in the world to shine light in the area of mindful moments that make up our days. This is practiced with inner awareness of our breath and awareness of our days. We encourage those participating to develop their own awareness in their own mindful moments – both on and off the mat.


November 5- November 16

If you like to play with shapes join us on this challenge! Each day a host will be experimenting with her perspective on shapes. Two of the girls are in their third trimester of pregnancy and will show easier variations or ways to use props for modifications. There will be lots of variations with props, strength building, and, of course, fun!


November 5 - November 14

This challenge will have options for all levels of yoga experience. We will be focusing on helping our participants work on various yoga poses to help them master their splits. Their will be advanced and beginner modifications offered throughout. The idea is to show the participants how important it is to love and care for your body when working towards your splits. Participants will be encouraged to support their fellow challenge participants throughout the duration of the challenge to foster a theme of inclusion for all participants!


November 5 - November 15

This challenges all about creating unique shapes with standing poses. We want to challenge our participants to think outside the box and have un with this challenge.


November 1 - November 12

Challenge open to all levels and abilities! 


November 1 - November 12

During the challenge we will be posting poses and caption tutorials that are required to do to able to achieve and work onto our peak pose which will be posted on the last day, pincha pose.


November 1 - November 12

Our challenge will be about breaking down the sun salutations (both A and B) in terms of the correct alignment on each pose of the flow. At the end we will challenge ourselves with blind folding and we’ll flow sun salutations with our eyes closed to feel it extra deep and acknowledge more about ourselves and the environment around us (and also to test our alignment with no sight!)


November 1 - November 10

10 days grounding poses, a lot of prayer hands to show gratefulness in our month of gratitude

November 1 - November 10


November 1 - November 12

November is a month for us to reflect on Thanksgiving. With it being right before the holiday season it’s perfect timing to reflect on what that means to us. What we are grateful for in our lives currently or what we have learned to appreciate :). Join us for 12 days of gratitude and share what you are grateful for!

October 22- October 31
We will work on building strength on our forearms, find space in the shoulders, then play with spunky variations! 🍁🍃

October 13- October 24
We've put together this challenge for all levels to help start, strengthen and advance their pincha/forearm stand practice! Pincha is one of the poses that draws a lot of people into yoga in the first place, and our goal for the challenge is to help all participants work on the strength and flexibility needed to grow this pose. The first six days will be focused on prep work and drills for pincha (shoulder strengtheners, hamstring stretches, etc) and the last 6 days will be different variations/entries/full drills. The hosts will show different levels throughout the challenge to make it perfect for all levels.


October 10 - October 19

Fall is in the air!🍂🍁
When we think of fall- we think of cool, crisp nights, and cuddling up on the couch. And as yogis we want you to embrace this cuddly, fall feeling through folding. During this 10 day challenge we will explore 10 different ways we can fold our bodies creating a natural blanket for our bodies. Folding is just a unique way to give yourself a big hug, and we hope you decide to join us on this “self love” journey! Come welcome the fall with us!


October 22- October 31

Fun and funky balance poses that will have you falling all over! As an added bonus, hosts will share their bloopers and encourage participants to do the same. We always see the "perfect" shot on Instagram but rarely the "reality" of trying to capture/execute the pose so it will be fun to see what is really behind the pictures.


October 10 - October 22

Join us on this 12 day journey as we experience and explore our own focus through Drishti  👁 .


October 1 - October 12

We wanted to show participants that they can have fun doing inversions and enjoy them no matter what level they are on. We will all show different variations that are accessible to all taking the inversions from shoulderstand to handstand. Participants will be asked to stay on their level of comfort and have fun.


October 20 - October 30 

This challenge is designed to promote positivity and inclusiveness.  October is National Bullying Prevention month, and we want to stand against bullying.  We will promote this with 10 days of standing asanas, and keeping our words positive.  For the first 5 days participants are encouraged to share something they love about themselves, and then for the final 5 days something they love about persons in their lives.


October 20 - October 31

A challenge focusing on heart openers while balancing.


October 11- October 22

This challenge is centered towards working on total flexibility through a series of yoga poses that impact all the major muscles in the body. The challenge will be open to all levels as we will be providing modifications of poses every day. We will also encourage yogis to use props/partners in their flexibility practice to achieve a deeper and more permanent stretch. The goal is to inspire yogis to be more trustful and open in their flexibility practice which will lead to progress.


October 19- 31

Fear can take over the mind and affect everything we do, and our ability to do it, so for this challenge let's talk about the things we fear, or have feared in the past, and maybe feel a little less scared of them! It can be light, simple, funny, serious, deep, or anything in-between, the goal is to come together and remember that we're human, we all have fears and things we struggle with, but we can face and overcome them!


October 1- 12

A challenge focusing on strengthening your back bends. 


October 1- October 10

A mix between opening our hearts, working on our strength, and folding/releasing. 


October 1- October 12

This challenge is designed to build the HEAT and warm us up for the colder fall days ahead. These 10 days will focus on power poses that bring the heat and focus on building strength and stability. This challenge is full of basic foundational poses that make it accessible to anyone. It also provides some unique poses that people might get to try out for the first time. 



September 24 - October 5

A challenge focusing on different variations of Hollow Backs and Handstands.


September 22 - September 30

This challenge will have options for all levels of yoga experience. The hosts will be giving the participants poses to help them work on their posture which can sometimes start to slack as we all get back into the groove with school beginning and work starting up again. There will even be postures that can be done at the desk. The challenge will be a safe place for yogis to support each other and have fun as everyone adjusts to the end of summer. 


September 20- September 30

During this challenge we will be discovering practicing new forms of self care and asking others to join us in different ways of caring for our higher self, examples: Journaling. sound healing, meditation, fitness, yoga, nature, reading, eye gazing into a mirror, writing a letter to your future self.


September 18 - September 29

This challenge is based on integrating fall season in our daily yoga practice. As days get shorter, we work each day on creating warmth in our body by working on sun salutations for 11 days, building up-to one solid flow for 12th day.


September 17- September 28

We practice yoga a lot, but how often are we incorporating other forms of self care and self love into our lives? Lets add some more self care into our healing toolbox! 


September 11 - September 20

12 days of sharing dancer variations and poses that will help you access a deeper dancer. We will have beginner and advanced options!


September 17 - September 28

Join us on this 12 day journey as we experience and explore the fascinating wold of yogastrology, which dates back to yogas origin where we connect the art of asana and star signs. 🌟


September 19 - September 30

A challenge based on mindful movements that will help us explore postures that deepen our backbends in order to create space in our hearts for light and love within ourselves and our community. This challenge will help us move through life from a place of gratitude and grace by welcoming light into our hearts, and in return giving away the best version of ourselves.  


September 11th - September 22nd

Balancing poses are so often forgotten in a yogis home practice as let’s face it - they’re hard and frustrating! So we want to inspire others to see the fun side to balancing poses and give them some ideas to add to their practice to keep the balancing alive long after the challenge ends. We have selected 12 well known balancing postures and funked them up in different ways. 


September 1 - September 12

September means the kids are back at school, and the yogi parents have more time for yoga. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to put your thinking caps away. We invite you to a 12-day yoga spelling test 😆. During these 12 days, each participant has the option to choose any pose that starts with the letter of the day - Sanskrit counts too. 


September 16 - September 30

If you're looking for a way to deepen your practice with some poses you've been working on for a while, this is the challenge for you! Each day a host will post a full pose and offer a lot of advice on how to practice your way into it! So bring up your blocks, straps, wall and let's start.


September 5 - September 16

This challenge is designed to celebrate our animals who love to join us on the mat! Our pets are more than just pets; they really become a part of the family. They are often fascinated by yoga and wanting to join, so let’s give them that opportunity. We will go through 10 days of different categories of poses, with our pets at our sides. 


August 22 - September 2

The purpose of this challenge is that it will be accessible for all levels to help anyone build a strong foundation and back for handstand practice, while challenging yogis to try trickier and sweat-driving workouts/poses. 


September 1 - September 12

This challenge will be all about fighting for love, happiness and dreams through a series of powerful yoga poses and daily affirmations. We want this challenge to inspire and move people to make a difference both in their practice and in their lives. 


August 20 - August 31

This challenge is based on welcoming new season. Its about transitioning from Summer to Fall by working on gentle binding poses to feel rejuvenated for the upcoming season of colors.


August 13 - August 24

This challenge will be focusing on adding twists to a variety of asanas to make them more challenging and detoxifying! :) 


August 9 - August 20

A fun yoga challenge focusing on headstand, forearm stand, and headstand.  It’s not all fun leg variations, there will be days where we focus on prep poses, drills, and counterpose.


August 20 - August 31

As we head into fall, this challenge will be focused on cooling things down. With a sequence of poses designed to mimic that of a class we hope to beat the heat this August with a fun challenge open to all levels. Each day will feature a different pose that will have several options and variations to accommodate every yogi at any level.


August 20 - August 31

12 days of sharing our basics yoga poses with clear and easy instruction, pictures and videos. Morning posts will have our basic version and evening posts will have a more advanced variation of that basic pose for the day!


August 22 - September 2

This challenge is for yogis of all different backgrounds with different ranges of movements and levels of flexibility! The idea is to show participants that no matter where you come from, no matter if you have the grace of ballerina or the steadiness of the mountain climber you can do yoga. We are all equal in any shape and form in yoga.



August 13 - August 22

We believe in the power of love! Which is why in this unique challenge we will not only give you an asana each day, but an action to go along with it to spread some love and hopefully give a bunch of smiles to people at the same time! Join us for this incredibly uplifting challenge and help spread that love around.



August 22 - September 9

This challenge is all about finding internal and external connection in our practice.
Each day we will offer yoga, acro yoga and partner yoga variations to help guide our participants on a path to connection with themselves and others. The challenge will be open to all levels of participants and we will promote self-love, unity and kindness as the main principles of this challenge. It will be a beautiful 12 days of celebrating friendship with ourselves and others. 😊


August 13 - 22

We believe in the power of love, which is why in this unique challenge we will not only give you an asana each day, but an action to go along with it to spread some love and hopefully give a bunch of smiles to people at the same time!

Join us for this incredibly uplifting challenge and help spread that love around! 


August 3 - 12

A fun yoga challenge to celebrate the launch of Alo’s new Fall line! Each day a host will share their favorite fall yoga pose while wearing their favorite fall alo outfit!


August 1 - 12

Fly into Fall is a challenge designed to prepare you for your handstand and arm balance journey! Hosts will also be using different variations of hollow-backs to make your practice a little bit more fun!

August 1 - 12
Come play with us as we journey through 12 days of exploring the Chakras & the Koshas! Chakra is an old Sanskrit word that literally translates to wheel.
This is because the life force, or prana, that moves inside of you is spinning and rotating. This spinning energy has 7 centers in your body, starting at the base of your spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head.
In a healthy, balanced person, the 7 chakras provide exactly the right amount of energy to every part of your body, mind and spirit. The koshas are energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for conceptualizing ourselves. Much like the chakra system, the kosha layers come packaged with their own individual physiological function and psychology. 


August 1 - 10

Hosts will be breaking this challenge into three sections.
1- Vanessa will be giving exercises to help flexibility/strengthening
2 - Alex will be showcasing ways to use a specific prop
3 - Joe will be doing a How-To tutorial of a pose building off the previous day’s posts by Vanessa and Alex. This will allow hosts to help participants grow, strengthen and build on their yoga practice and advanced postures they might be working towards, from conditioning to full expression.