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We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!

We always have tons of yoga challenges on Insta where you can participate, connect, practice, get inspired… and maybe win something cool!



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February 5th - February 14th

Heart Openers - to coincide with Valentine’s Day falling on the final day of our challenge we will practice 10 different heart opening poses where participants can choose their variation/level of difficulty, finishing with their favorite pose on Valentine’s Day itself.


February 4th - February 15th

This fun yoga challenge involving animal themed poses is open to all levels from beginners to professional yogis looking for some fun. For 12 days, we will explore 12 asanas named after animals and the postures they make or behaviors they exhibit. Let's practice like animals, yogis!


February 4th - February 13th

This challenge is looking to guide people through foundations of arm balances all the way with the integration of handstand shapes... We will provide many variations on how the poses and create a comfortable environment for the participants to play and learn in. The hosts of the challenge are all located in different regions of the Northern Hemisphere and will be targeting all types of yogis.


February 4th - February 15th

This festive challenge celebrates each part of the Chinese zodiac for the lunar new year! Each day, a host will present a pose that represents the energy of that zodiac animal. The tradition of the new year is to come together as a family and set intentions, and we will celebrate the new year together by celebrating all of us!


February 2nd - February 14th

PAWasanas is back for round 2! This challenge is designed to celebrate our animals who love to join us on the mat. Our pets are more than just pets; they really become a part of the family. They are often fascinated by yoga and wanting to join, so let’s give them that opportunity. We will go through 12 days of different categories of poses, with our pets at our sides.


February 1st - February 10th

Join us on this 10 day journey as we bring the Yamas and Niyamas into our practice.

The yamas and the niyamas are the first two practices of yoga according to Patanjali, an ancient Indian thinker and sage. These principles could be considered the yogi’s handbook to a life well lived and are yogas ethical and moral codes. These ethical codes may be the missing keys to finding true yogic strength, power, and transformation, on and off the mat.

The five yamas ask practitioners to avoid violence, lying, stealing, wasting energy, and possessiveness, while the five niyamas ask us to embrace cleanliness and contentment, to purify ourselves through heat, to continually study and observe our habits, and to surrender to something greater than ourselves. Practicing the ethical codes from every perspective helps fortify the concepts within the body and the mind. What you practice, you become and in turn, allows for less regret and a more peaceful mind.

Challenge open to all levels and abilities!


February 1st - February 10th

"We are doing 3 days of strength, 3 balance and 3 flexibility poses (last day free choice). We are hoping to bring mindfulness to our pracitice and physical movement- to not avoid one or the other because to feel fully balanced we need them all!"


February 1st - February 10th

February is a month for Valentine’s Day but instead of one day for love let’s have 10! Working on our heart openers as well as opening up our hearts to others. Join us for 10 days of spreading love to others... and yourself 😘.
Each day, choose your own heart opener and someone important in your life (don’t forget to include yourself)! Share the ways you already show love and kindness to that person, OR describe how you could show them even more love and appreciation!


February 1st - February 12th

It’s always good to stop and examine your practice. Sometimes we tend to avoid tightness in our body and only open the parts that makes us feel better. There is always a side (right or left) that is more flattering or deeper, or maybe we have no idea how to do the other side...maybe we have never tried. That’s why we propose this challenge that will bring balance to our bodies and humbleness to our practice. 


January 22nd- January 31st

In this challenge we will be asking the participants to set mini goals toward the new year. The goals should be small, realistic, and through these small steps a positive change can be created, instead of disappointment when not being able to reach huge and out there goals. The challenge poses will be fitting for the beginning of the year theme as they will be taken from Ashtanga's primary series, so they will embody both new beginnings and baby steps toward a more peaceful life.

January 21st- January 30th

Challenge theme is reflecting on 2018 and what goals/ideas we planted then and how we can make them a reality in 2019 and allow ourselves to continue to grow. Participants will be encouraged to journal and share their journey through the challenge.


January 21st- January 30th

Join us for a 10-day challenge reminding us that yoga is more than just asana. We'll recap the 8-limbs with creative poses to outline each one. Get as creative as you'd like to portray was the limb means to you!


January 20th- January 31st

Our theme is to offer yoga poses that each have a forward fold. Forward folds are directly correlated with digging deeper inward and loving yourself. We will take this time to each day reflect on something we love about ourselves.


January 15th- January 24th

Start the new year off with 10 days of balancing poses that are sure to twist out the old, stretch you to your limit, and help you stay grounded as we enter this new year!

Using the traditional Chinese medicine system of Meridians, we will flow through asanas that enhance the flow of our vital energy, also know as the "Qi" (pronounced Chee or Chi). The meridians are pathways that transport energy (Qi) throughout the body affecting our mental, emotional and overall physical well being. The use of meridians can be found in practices such as Yin yoga. Each day your hosts will lead you through asanas focused on meridians to help optimize energy flow.


January 14th- January 25th

The new year is a time to reflect, but also a time to prepare and dream of your bright future. Play with us as we journey through 12 days of detoxifying twists designed to help you detox from the previous year and feel refreshed and transformed for 2019! This challenge is open to all levels!

January 14th- January 26th

It’s a new year with a beautiful sense of renewal in our minds. January is always seen as a fresh start and with this challenge, we want to encourage everyone to practice poses that will offer us gratitude or help us feel strong and ready to conquer anything!


January 13th- January 22nd

This challenge embraces the heart of winter and the heat we need to build up in our practice to get through it! By going back to basic parts of a yoga practice - the three warriors- we are able to start strong and build the warmth to explore other variations, shapes and extensions to stay motivated and learning through the season! 


January 9th- January 20th

We set the Geometric Shapes, and our participants have to creatively perform an asana resembling that shape!


January 7th- January 18th

It's a new year and a new start! Let's kick off 2019 with a solid foundation of fun yoga poses.  Each day we will present a foundational yoga pose - each teacher will offer modifications & variations. At day 6 & 12 we will demonstrate how to flow the poses together.  By the end of the challenge participants will have the template for a home practice that can be adjusted for their needs.


January 5th- January 14th

Join us on this 10 day journey as we explore some of the most well know mudras in yoga and add something new to our practice 🙏.

Mudra means “seal,” “gesture,” or “mark” in Sanskrit. Yoga mudras are symbolic gestures often practiced with the hands and fingers. They facilitate the flow of energy in the subtle body and enhance one’s journey within 🙏.

Different areas of the hands are connected with areas in the body and the brain. So when we place our hands in yoga mudras, we stimulate different areas of the brain and create a specific energy that circuits in the body. By doing this, we help generate a specific state of mind 🙏.

The universe is made of five elements, and each of the five fingers is represented by one of these elements. When these five elements are not in balance, we can experience disease in the body. Mudras are one way of creating a balance between all of these elements within us 🙏.
Challenge open to all levels and abilities!


January 4th- January 15th

 Start our new year out right by flipping our perspective. Changing our ways of seeing the world. And what better way of flipping our perspective than flipping upside down!


January 2nd- January 12th

Join us for #FreshTake2019, January 2-12! For this new year challenge we’re stirring up some creativity! Classic poses, fresh takes. Add in your own flair. Maybe pop up on a toe, maybe add a funky variation, maybe an interesting arm. Whatever feels good to you. Give it your fresh take.


January 2nd- January 11th

NYE is all about new starts and resolutions. What better way to start the new year than with an open heart? We have designed a challenge which will guide the participants through heart-opening poses leaving them open and ready for new challenges and exciting achievements of the year. Working on heart-openers will help the participants realize what goals are really important in their lives and become more open to everything that comes their way. We will make sure to remind the participants to use heart-opening poses to become more loving, compassionate and selfless in order to start the year as better human beings. 


January 1st- January 12th

Our intentions are open heart variations in asanas. I picked a couple different types of host to spread the word of our theme. I think it’s important to have all types of host with different qualities to bring to the challenge. We have astrology lovers, moon phase followers, yogis and inversion addicts. We think this is an amazing combination for this challenge theme below.  First thing that comes to mind is along with the heart opening poses is to incorporate how we open our hearts in our actions and into the world. Maybe either asking or talking about actions in life where our hearts are open which is taking yoga off the mat and with us on our daily life. Like helping an elderly person with their groceries, giving food to a homeless person... for that is yoga. We feel that your brand will be perfect for this theme since you all inspire people daily to be better and live a positive lifestyle. 


January 1st- January 10th

10 days of the same shapes along with strength drills. We have a lot of participants learning to handstand so we are offering lots of tips, drills and instruction each day.


January 1st - January 10th

A challenge to inspire and encourage participants to think about and keep their new year resolutions by sharing amazing ideas and tips each day.


December 10th - December 19th

The challenge is designed to guide the participants through hip openers poses, which are known to create a lot of emotions. We would like to channel these emotions into a pre-holiday self-reflection and to use them as a tool to create awareness to what is happening in us in this exciting but sometimes stressful time. We would like to remind our followers with the challenge and our thoughts on this topic that it is important to not to be overwhelmed but instead to enjoy this time and advance the hip opening practice. 


December 8th - December 17th

#GroundedAsanas will focus on poses that support us as we embrace the festive season with poses to keep us feeling grounded, secure and stable.


December 3rd - December 12th

With the holiday season on the horizon, we want to encourage some fun and playfulness into our participants yoga practice with a challenge all about Pincha! From different leg shapes, to different challenges to try, we want to support others in trying new things and really have some fun on their mat. To make the challenge accessible to all, modifications will be given for those still working on finding their balance.


December 1st - December 12th

A challenge focusing on inversion practice! 


December 1st - December 10th

Finding gratitude in each moment, finding contentment in ourselves, in our life. Isn’t that the goal? Isn’t that what we strive for? Santosha, contentment, the second niyama teaches us this. Through this challenge we will focus on what brings us into Santosha, by sharing our gratitude. By sharing our favorite asanas and by sharing what we are grateful for. Maybe it’s coming to your mat or maybe it’s a butterfly fluttering by, what brings you to Santosha?


December 1st - December 10th

A challenge intended to beat those seasonal blues!


December 1st - December 10th

A challenge intended to strengthen your forearm practice.


December 1st - December 12th

12 days of inversion shapes that can be practiced in the participants inversion of choice.


December 1st - December 10th

10 days of poses designed to bring heat to targeted parts of the body and prepare us for the winter ahead! This challenge is open to all levels as the pose list is open ended so people can choose a pose they’re comfortable with! This challenge is designed to focus on strength and power poses that bring the heat!


December 1st - December 10th

A challenge focusing on balance and handstands! 


December 1st - December 10th

A winter themed handstand challenge! 


December 1st - December 12th

The idea of this challenge is to inspire and bring more awareness to the things that the body is capable of doing... With all the hosts being proficient hand and arm balancers who are also over 40 year old, we believe this will inspire and motivate people to not only keep striving to achieve their goals, but also show them that Alo yoga is the top company for supporting athletes and Yogis in their 40s! 


November 21- November 30

The challenge is going to be 10 days of mindful mantras! Each day we will have a set pose, and then we will ask the yogis to share in their captions, the mindful mantra that speaks to them on each day!


November 21 - November 30

This challenge will have options for all levels of yoga experience. The hosts will be giving the participants poses that we generally think of as "uplifting poses" like tree pose and dancer, and then the hosts will explain the ways that these poses that are supposed to help us stay lifted can also ground us in our practice. So all of the hosts will be showing the duality of being grounded while uplifted in your practice. The challenge will be a safe place for yogis to support each other and have fun as everyone works on flourishing in their practices, appreciating the duality of our ever evolving yoga practice. 


November 20 - November 30

Heart Opening Poses and Gratitude Mantras


November 19 - November 28

Keeping balance in our lives is just as challenging as keeping balance in our yoga practice! We as yogis notoriously favour one side or the other in all variety of poses and we want to inspire others to focus on the side that they often neglect - especially in the world of social media where ‘aesthetics’ are regularly put first. There is always a stronger arm, a more balanced leg or a more flexible side so we will guide participants through 10 days of both strength and flexibility based postures where we want to see their ‘weakest side’ in an effort to encourage us to even out our imbalances.


November 15 - November 25

It takes a lot of elements to make up a complete and balanced yoga practice. For 10 days we will explore different elements of yoga - each day we will give participants a theme, the pose is up to them.


November 15 - November 24

We'll each be sharing 2-3 of our favorite poses and will share why we chose the particular pose and what about it are we drawn to, i.e. the challenge, makes us feel strong, empowered, something we know we need to work on or a pose in which we've made a lot of progress, just feels good, etc. Participants will be encouraged to share how the pose makes them feel as well and can take a variation of the pose that speaks to them.


November 13 - November 22

This November, we are hoping to bring gratitude to everyone’s awareness through our mindful moments themed 10 day journey. During these 10 days, we encourage participants to capture an image of the designated asana and write a mindful moment that they encountered throughout their day. As yogis, we believe it is our place in the world to shine light in the area of mindful moments that make up our days. This is practiced with inner awareness of our breath and awareness of our days. We encourage those participating to develop their own awareness in their own mindful moments – both on and off the mat.


November 5- November 16

If you like to play with shapes join us on this challenge! Each day a host will be experimenting with her perspective on shapes. Two of the girls are in their third trimester of pregnancy and will show easier variations or ways to use props for modifications. There will be lots of variations with props, strength building, and, of course, fun!


November 5 - November 14

This challenge will have options for all levels of yoga experience. We will be focusing on helping our participants work on various yoga poses to help them master their splits. Their will be advanced and beginner modifications offered throughout. The idea is to show the participants how important it is to love and care for your body when working towards your splits. Participants will be encouraged to support their fellow challenge participants throughout the duration of the challenge to foster a theme of inclusion for all participants!


November 5 - November 15

This challenges all about creating unique shapes with standing poses. We want to challenge our participants to think outside the box and have un with this challenge.


November 1 - November 12

Challenge open to all levels and abilities! 


November 1 - November 12

During the challenge we will be posting poses and caption tutorials that are required to do to able to achieve and work onto our peak pose which will be posted on the last day, pincha pose.


November 1 - November 12

Our challenge will be about breaking down the sun salutations (both A and B) in terms of the correct alignment on each pose of the flow. At the end we will challenge ourselves with blind folding and we’ll flow sun salutations with our eyes closed to feel it extra deep and acknowledge more about ourselves and the environment around us (and also to test our alignment with no sight!)


November 1 - November 10

10 days grounding poses, a lot of prayer hands to show gratefulness in our month of gratitude

November 1 - November 10


November 1 - November 12

November is a month for us to reflect on Thanksgiving. With it being right before the holiday season it’s perfect timing to reflect on what that means to us. What we are grateful for in our lives currently or what we have learned to appreciate :). Join us for 12 days of gratitude and share what you are grateful for!

October 22- October 31
We will work on building strength on our forearms, find space in the shoulders, then play with spunky variations! 🍁🍃

October 13- October 24
We've put together this challenge for all levels to help start, strengthen and advance their pincha/forearm stand practice! Pincha is one of the poses that draws a lot of people into yoga in the first place, and our goal for the challenge is to help all participants work on the strength and flexibility needed to grow this pose. The first six days will be focused on prep work and drills for pincha (shoulder strengtheners, hamstring stretches, etc) and the last 6 days will be different variations/entries/full drills. The hosts will show different levels throughout the challenge to make it perfect for all levels.


October 10 - October 19

Fall is in the air!🍂🍁
When we think of fall- we think of cool, crisp nights, and cuddling up on the couch. And as yogis we want you to embrace this cuddly, fall feeling through folding. During this 10 day challenge we will explore 10 different ways we can fold our bodies creating a natural blanket for our bodies. Folding is just a unique way to give yourself a big hug, and we hope you decide to join us on this “self love” journey! Come welcome the fall with us!


October 22- October 31

Fun and funky balance poses that will have you falling all over! As an added bonus, hosts will share their bloopers and encourage participants to do the same. We always see the "perfect" shot on Instagram but rarely the "reality" of trying to capture/execute the pose so it will be fun to see what is really behind the pictures.


October 10 - October 22

Join us on this 12 day journey as we experience and explore our own focus through Drishti  👁 .


October 1 - October 12

We wanted to show participants that they can have fun doing inversions and enjoy them no matter what level they are on. We will all show different variations that are accessible to all taking the inversions from shoulderstand to handstand. Participants will be asked to stay on their level of comfort and have fun.


October 20 - October 30 

This challenge is designed to promote positivity and inclusiveness.  October is National Bullying Prevention month, and we want to stand against bullying.  We will promote this with 10 days of standing asanas, and keeping our words positive.  For the first 5 days participants are encouraged to share something they love about themselves, and then for the final 5 days something they love about persons in their lives.


October 20 - October 31

A challenge focusing on heart openers while balancing.


October 11- October 22

This challenge is centered towards working on total flexibility through a series of yoga poses that impact all the major muscles in the body. The challenge will be open to all levels as we will be providing modifications of poses every day. We will also encourage yogis to use props/partners in their flexibility practice to achieve a deeper and more permanent stretch. The goal is to inspire yogis to be more trustful and open in their flexibility practice which will lead to progress.


October 19- 31

Fear can take over the mind and affect everything we do, and our ability to do it, so for this challenge let's talk about the things we fear, or have feared in the past, and maybe feel a little less scared of them! It can be light, simple, funny, serious, deep, or anything in-between, the goal is to come together and remember that we're human, we all have fears and things we struggle with, but we can face and overcome them!


October 1- 12

A challenge focusing on strengthening your back bends. 


October 1- October 10

A mix between opening our hearts, working on our strength, and folding/releasing. 


October 1- October 12

This challenge is designed to build the HEAT and warm us up for the colder fall days ahead. These 10 days will focus on power poses that bring the heat and focus on building strength and stability. This challenge is full of basic foundational poses that make it accessible to anyone. It also provides some unique poses that people might get to try out for the first time. 



September 24 - October 5

A challenge focusing on different variations of Hollow Backs and Handstands.


September 22 - September 30

This challenge will have options for all levels of yoga experience. The hosts will be giving the participants poses to help them work on their posture which can sometimes start to slack as we all get back into the groove with school beginning and work starting up again. There will even be postures that can be done at the desk. The challenge will be a safe place for yogis to support each other and have fun as everyone adjusts to the end of summer. 


September 20- September 30

During this challenge we will be discovering practicing new forms of self care and asking others to join us in different ways of caring for our higher self, examples: Journaling. sound healing, meditation, fitness, yoga, nature, reading, eye gazing into a mirror, writing a letter to your future self.


September 18 - September 29

This challenge is based on integrating fall season in our daily yoga practice. As days get shorter, we work each day on creating warmth in our body by working on sun salutations for 11 days, building up-to one solid flow for 12th day.


September 17- September 28

We practice yoga a lot, but how often are we incorporating other forms of self care and self love into our lives? Lets add some more self care into our healing toolbox! 


September 11 - September 20

12 days of sharing dancer variations and poses that will help you access a deeper dancer. We will have beginner and advanced options!


September 17 - September 28

Join us on this 12 day journey as we experience and explore the fascinating wold of yogastrology, which dates back to yogas origin where we connect the art of asana and star signs. 🌟


September 19 - September 30

A challenge based on mindful movements that will help us explore postures that deepen our backbends in order to create space in our hearts for light and love within ourselves and our community. This challenge will help us move through life from a place of gratitude and grace by welcoming light into our hearts, and in return giving away the best version of ourselves.