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Hosted by: @leighyogipilot @susanbishopyoga @seacoralyoga @beahappyamy @bluesuntara

September 1-10

To celebrate National Yoga month, the Resolution Handstand hosts have teamed up with Alo Yoga for an extra special round! This is a great opportunity to raise awareness and education about the health benefits associated with yoga. Stress reduction and better sleep, amongst many others!! So let’s practice yoga together! Our goal is to simply practice...real practice, not perfection. We will give you a drill to work on each day as well as a fun leg shape. Simply practice what you can and share whatever you’d like. Walls and other props are very welcomed and encouraged! In fact you can play along with us in whatever inversion you’d like...headstand, forearm stand, even shoulder stand! All the hosts are each at different levels and would love to help YOU stay motivated to practice your handstands a little bit every day. CONSISTENCY is the KEY to progress!


Hosted by: @whitneydavisyoga @cece.carson @emilymariecarson @yogaandchaigirl @monica.b.wilson @emmy_does_yoga


With school starting back up soon, this group is bringing you a “Yoga History 101” challenge! Each day, the hosts will share the Hindu mythology behind some of your favorite asanas! This challenge will be a fun way to encourage others to delve deeper into their practice.


Hosted by: @kelleyapril @bentley.likethecar @warriorfromwithin @yogi_liza @freckled_yogi @yogi.bree

September 1-8

PAWasanas is back for round 5! This challenge is designed to celebrate our animals who love to join us on the mat. Our pets are more than just pets; they really become a part of the family. They are often fascinated by yoga and wanting to join, so let’s give them that opportunity. We will go through 8 days of different categories of poses, with our pets at our sides. Each day, we will share fun and lovable facts about our fur babies as well


Hosted by: @lancuks_yoga @kwang_angkana @yoga_miss_tee @krisjamaica @heartmaher @gesticulate

September 1-10

Binding is a way to help yogis find greater stability and leverage depth within a posture. They can often be strong and challenging variations, but binds are also a great way to check in with our bodies and discover more depth than we thought was previously available in our bodies. Follow along and add a BIND to your practice whether it’s half bind, full bind or even use a small towel or a strap to create a bind.


Hosted by: @kattiyoga @dominamaste @dardarling_ @ansoyoga @annesivaasen @terataiyoga

September 1-10

This challenge is focused on a split practice. Split is a wonderful pose that has lots of benefits, both for beginners and those with a more advanced practice. Join this challenge for a variety of asanas that will help you unlock and access your split!


Hosted by: @stardivakhushi @yogawithina @yoga_blake @rhythm_of_yoga @yulianazhuo

September 1-10

Yoga and creativity can meld together for an inspiring environment at work and home. As we practice yoga, we gradually build more awareness about our own creativity. We can move toward doing more of what we love. During this 10 day journey, we will encourage participants to include different ways to be creative, including music or props and anything else into their practice!


Hosted by: @suchitra_rx @karenrachael88 @yogi_shazzbam @jasmine_poletastix @popsterivy

September 1-10

Let's play a game! Join us for 10 days as we explore different asanas, but you have to use the wall! Show off your daily asana from our list and make sure that at least one part of your body is touching the wall. This creative and fun challenge is for beginners and experienced yogis. So get your favorite Alo wear and create some shapes using our dear friend...Paul the wall.


Hosted by: @rebeccahleigh @zenbeeni @roby_vanzella @erika_yoga_and_unicorns @thehappyyogii

September 1-10

With all the inspirational yoga practices on social media & our constant quest for more advanced asanas, sometimes we lose ourselves in the practice. September is National Yoga Month & hence, a perfect time to reconnect with the foundational poses of yoga & remember how & why we began our yoga journey in the first place. No matter where you are in your practice, join us as we go back to the basics & spotlight the poses that our practice is grounded on! We will share tips & insight on what each pose means for us & share information on how each pose provides the foundation for more advanced postures.


Hosted by: @alysia_cen @yogi__bee @livionara_liu @yuki_peachy @magdalena.a.a @yogaaddictedmia

September 3-12

Our yoga practice offers us many ways of lifting our spirits and lightening up the dark days of autumn and winter. In many traditions, the time where we enter the darkest phase of the year is seen as a new beginning rather than an ending. Our challenge, which occurs during the autumn-winter period is designed on one hand, to embrace the darkness and on the other, to bring light in to the darkness.


Hosted by: @annelieyoga @yogicbynature @kathie_yogi @crazyasiayoga @nica.liew

September 6-15

The challenge incorporates 10 poses that are inspired by the Fall season and will include various folds and “fall”en poses!


Hosted by: @this_dog_is_down @erikafischeryoga @kayla_countess @shiziks @yogawesermarsch @twistedgalpal2.0

September 7-14

Our hips are an area of the body where large amounts of tension begin to unconsciously build. This challenge is designed to improve circulation of prana in our lower chakras. As we practice, we will release the tension built up in our hips and relieve stress. The hosts have carefully chosen 8 poses that are designed to allow participants to move their hips in all possible directions, strengthen their muscles, and finish with some fun shapes. This challenge is perfect for all levels and all kind of modifications and props are welcome!


Hosted by: @renny_sito @yogi.hemaxi @inlove_withyoga @insta_yogini @rosariamazzon

September 7-16

“Love what you do, do what you love!” So let's show some love to our bodies! For the next 10 days we want to feel beautiful and lovable in every single asana of our choice. This challenge is open to all levels. Can't wait to having fun together. By sharing our practice with each other we want to inspire and be inspired. Feel free to share a smile and spread the love around you!


Hosted by: @gosia_yogini @fit_yoga_girl @yoga_helwahtin @shamaris111 @thenikhildadhich

September 7-16

For this Astrology themed challenge, each day is a different zodiac sign and a pose is offered that directly represents or relates to each sign.


Hosted by: @livinleggings @esthermarieyoga @fitbymik @kiana_ng @allybnoel

September 8-15

There’s nothing more empowering than feeling strong and capable. This challenge is all about teaching others ways to work on their upper body strength to feel more stable in their shoulders, more confident in their crows and more inspired to invert! The hosts will be sharing drills each day from the below themes. @esthermarieyoga is hypermobile, so will be sharing ways for those who are super bendy to ensure they stay safe in their joints.


Hosted by: @geeoice_yoga @northernstar_yoga @chelisa.marie @sarka_yoga

September 9-16

Props, props, bring on the props!! Join us for a fun, creative challenge using props to deepen our practice or try new variations with some support. Props can help us find ease and stillness in a pose, and can make poses that would otherwise be inaccessible achievable. Plus there are so many different ways to prop up, we want to see how you personalize your practice. Open to all levels.


Hosted by: @robinmartinyoga @themistressfitness @seonia

September 10-17

This challenge is dedicated to an educational approach on mobility, with an emphasis on joint health.


Hosted by: @carolintuitive @galaortin @irosenav @yogiinthecity_

September 10-19

Fall is a time for letting go, for accepting the impermanence of things, and reflecting on what is. Just as Autumn leaves fall from the trees, gently let go of anything that is not serving you. Over the next ten days we would like to invite you to reflect on your past behaviors and patterns, let go of things and believes that no longer serve you, and consider setting up intentions that inspire and lift you up. Let us guide you through this journey.


Hosted by: @innerdiamondyoga @frog_queenyoga @_clarityoga_ @nadiachislari @indirajoga @sarahuactive

September 10-19

“The body is the vehicle, consciousness the driver, Yoga is the path, and the chakras are the map.”- Anodea Judith. We want to focus on the plethora of life in all its colours. With fall coming we want yogis to embrace the variety of life and give a positive outlook on the last few months of the year. With empowering poses, we want to help transition into a new season. We want to focus on a strong core, giving fellow yogis a strong foundation for a good yoga practice. This way, we want yogis to find confidence within themselves and also build a healthy foundation for their core and spine. Sometimes changing season can feel daunting, so we want to give practitioners the ability to reconnect to nature, while embracing the colorful aspects of life.


Hosted by: @marens_om @belenpcaviness @airyogagirl @doll_yogi_grace @wanderdebb

September 11-20

"All you need is Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust!" - Peter Pan. Join us, Fairy Omies! Let your soul sparkle and your heart flutter as you let your inner fae run wild through 10 magical days! Let's create our own wonderland and sprinkle a dust of positivity!


Hosted by: @daf_hne @liron_yoga @mikaila_nyc @fani_filou @ele_argi

September 11-20

Often in our practice we find ourselves striving to reach some difficult poses that require great flexibility. This creates frustrations and disharmony between the body and the mind. People with a flexible mind are able to deal with difficulties creatively and find solutions to problems more easily. Conversely, a flexible body teaches the mind to be more flexible. Let’s build together a path to achieve healthy flexibility without damaging our body, joints, tendons and muscles for the next 10 days! Sometimes less is better and safer.


Hosted by: @evasofia__ @syoghina @elliegriffinwellness @olga_gafita @piccolayogini

Septemer 11-20

Feet are considered the foundation of the body. With 28 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles each, they provide us with support and stability and initiate most of our movements. Despite what they do for us, we quite often forget to take care of them and regularly exercise them as we do for other parts of our bodies. Being on the tippy toes is a wonderful way of improving the strength, flexibility, and mobility of our feet while feeling light and playful. With this challenge, we will explore yoga asanas on the tippy toes, focusing on improving both our balance and the overall functionality of our bodies through taking care of their foundation. Come and channel your inner ballerina or ballerino with us!


Hosted by: @suchitra_rx @eyedoc_sg @jkorun2 @rhythm_of_yoga @baozhuc

September 11-20

For this challenge, we will encourage participants to be mindful of their movements not just during the practice but also in life in general, through learning more about the Yamas and Niyamas.


Hosted by: @lottasebzdayoga @thichapilates @ericarinyoga @helen_garner_yoga

September 12-21

For this 10 day challenge, we will explore different balance postures on our feet and on our hands! We will be balancing all the way to the equinox! The hosts will offer the postures everyday, and the participants are free to choose any variation they like.


Hosted by: @clemeyoga @dariasanchez @flou_yoga @divyak_yoga @yogawithadriana

September 12-21

Only when we find peace within, can we truly be at peace with others and bring peace to this world. Finding this inner state of peace can seem challenging, but by working on several little aspects of our life we can expand this beautiful state within and share it to others. Join us on our 10 day path to have a more peaceful life while we culminate the challenge celebrating International Peace Day together!


Hosted by: @calmwithcolly @getfityogagirl @nikkigrowfit @rachelbyogini @saminyoga @yogileonie

September 13-22

Did you know that September 13th is Positive Thinking Day? Neither did we! But we love the idea! Instead of focusing on just the asana (postures) limb of yoga in this challenge, we hope you will join us in some svadhyaya (self study) and reflect on how you can transform your negative thought patterns into positive ones!


Hosted by: @yogimegs @allybnoel @jadebellyyoga @jbreton22 @bowlingandyoga

September 14-21

This is an inversion challenge open for your creativity! We want to see the different and unique ways the yogis express the inversion for each day!


Hosted by: @angelakukhahnyoga @ninayoganow @inspiremyyoga @trachoy_yoga @jessicaoldfieldyoga

September 14-23

Are you ready to take your practice into the next level? Or want to share your personal drills that helped you improve your practice? Or just want to have some fun and bring some creative poses into the game? If so, this challenge is for you! We are going to be focusing on flexibility & strengthening drills for various body parts.


Hosted by: @natashaswinter @eileendelatorre @laraedereryoga @bluesuntara

September 14-23

Sometimes in yoga we can favor types of poses that we are better at, and avoid ones that are hard. But those more challenging ones can teach and bring balance to us both mentally and physically. Bringing mindfulness to both our practice and physical movement and not avoiding one pose or another can help us become more balanced and #WellRoundedYogis! We will offer 3 days of strength building poses, 3 days of balancing poses and 3 days of flexibility poses with the last day being Yogi’s Choice.


Hosted by: @yogibrarian @yogialxx @stresslessyas @mylittleyogi @yogini.mav @yogi_shazzbam

September 14-23

We want to celebrate, promote and rediscover the building blocks of our physical yoga practice. We believe that the 10 poses that we have selected are some of the blueprint postures that allow us to build upon our practice and support us in gaining strength and confidence to move onto more advanced poses. We hope by having a basic pose list, we can encourage more beginners to join yoga and yoga challenges to meet new people and realize that yoga is for everyone.


Hosted by: @kimterpstra_yoga @lightfulyogini2.0 @bohemian_heart @cathymadeoyoga @ciel70

September 14-23

This challenge will pay homage to all the beauty of this world that we get to experience, which now needs our love and attention more than ever! Our participants can choose any pose or flow related to the day's topic and celebrate the beauty of the universe with us. 


Hosted by: @kittycatdang @carolineanneyoga @themermaidyogi @annphuong_ @taylor_munholland

September 14-23

How many of you are tired of responding to people saying “I’d love to try yoga, but I’m not flexible?!” It’s a huge misconception that creates the wrong idea about people who can or cannot do yoga. Yoga is for everybody. In this 10-day challenge, we want to invite everyone to join us in a flexibility challenge in which each day we will target different muscle groups with a pose or a flow to stretch and strengthen to create healthy mobility and mindfulness in and of your body.


Hosted by: @em.shapes @yoga_mami @belleyogatokyo @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @ehatss_fit

September 15-24

A creative challenge for a fun take on “fallen variations” of popular yoga poses!


Hosted by: @shreeyoga @crizia_rn_yoga @handstandidaho @yogatobekidding_ @sammekimyoga

September 16-25

Each day we will share an affirmation. We have a mix of grounding poses, twisting poses to detox, and arm balances to build strength and work on the whole body and mind. 


Hosted by: @kris_erikson_yoga @yogafter40 @nataliee_yoga @ikadewiyoga

September 20-29

Let's soar above the Earth together! Join us for #AloHoveringAboveTheGround, a challenge focused on balancing on our arms!


Hosted by: @simonagyoga @linayogifreeman @thisgoatslife

September 20-29

Throughout this challenge we want to take time to explore poses focusing on the shoulders. Sometimes we may not realize how much we use our shoulders in yoga. In this 10 day challenge we will have a mix of yoga poses and sharing more about shoulders and shoulder mobility.


Hosted by: @skclay86 @stelasulzdorf @amy.yogini @theparisjames @supyogawithkarine @ninayoganow

September 21-28

We’re all looking for balance in our lives, right? When we work on asanas that balance our body & mind, we also feel it in our everyday life too. It helps us to feel stronger, lighter and have a clearer head. Sometimes we might fall, but we continue to pick ourselves up and try again! That’s the joy of yoga. So join us on this 8 day journey, as we work on balancing asanas on different parts of the body. E.g. toes day can be a toe stand, or any asana where you balance on your toes. Knees can be gate pose, low lunge etc... Choose whichever pose you feel called to for that particular body part. Challenge open to all levels and abilities. Feel free to modify and use props as needed!


Hosted by: @maikeyoga @liu.yanti @nathalieshanti @temyoga @nathalie.moves @sabine.appleby

September 21-30

It is September and we are going back to school. This is a good time to go back to the basics and explore the Yoga asanas from the foundations. We will share tips to understand the breath, the alignment, and the 8 limbs of this beautiful practice that is connecting us all. With the excitement of learning we will be going through different drills and alignment tips that will help you connect more with yourself and your yoga practice. Just like in a Yoga Teacher Training - this will be your opportunity to learn and dive deeper into yoga. Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy. Let's go back to school!


Hosted by: @mikaila_nyc @dr_kaufman @barefoot.suzie @supermyca omwithmelissa @one_teaspoon_insight

September 21-30

This challenge is centered around celebrating the International Day of Peace, September21, which will be the 20th anniversary of the UN resolution on the Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace.  This year's theme is Shaping Peace Together with a goal of spreading compassion, kindness, and hope in the face of the pandemic.


Hosted by: @elena_miss_yoga @pigeatsfish @lightfulyogini2.0 @raybeau_yoga

September 21-30

The goal of this challenge is to inspire and guide those who can or almost headstand to grow their practice in a safe and progressive way. With all the hosts being proficient in inversions we all agree that headstands are an essential building block, although it must be done safely. We believe this will inspire and motivate people to not only keep striving to achieve their inversion goals!


Hosted by: @michellestaudenherz @lifelovedancebreath @pacificyogi @hagelult @tine_yogini

September 21-30

As you practice body awareness through yoga, you become mindful that there isn’t just physical tightness in the hips, but emotional. It’s where we store our emotional vulnerabilities leading to blocked energy. When you practice hip openers you notice an improvement in your range of motion, reduction in tightness, and that wonderful emotional release. All kinds of props and all levels are welcome.


Hosted by: @spanishyogagirl @traveling_yogigirl @chelseaannyoga @bylindseyy @alikingyoga

September 21-30

It's always good to stop and examine your practice. With fall starting and everything in nature renewing itself, we let go so we can absorb the new. We will re-visit some of our favorite asanas and reflect how our practice has changed with time.

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Got an idea? Share with us!