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Hosted by: @cristinayap14 @cbdugan @pandadoesyoga @ultimatecoolness @yoga.qinmeng

May 11-18

Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It's a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. Practicing yoga makes helps you to become both strong and flexible. Join us in this challenge as we explore both flexibility and strength asanas!


Hosted by: @this_dog_is_down @rachelbyogini @traveling_yogigirl @michellestaudenherz @twistedgalpal2.0

May 12-21

As the month of May is Mental Health awareness month, we bring you round 2 of a yoga challenge dedicated to discussing the importance of mental health. This challenge is dedicated to how we can let go of ego and lean into openly talking about the effects of mental health issues. Participants will be given a series of journal prompts to reflect on their mental health and how their ego keeps them from sharing about mental illnesses along with a pose for each day. This challenge will help bring awareness to a subject that has been seen as taboo for far too long as well as help participants reach out of their comfort zone.


Hosted by: @yogawithgandha @maikeyoga @supermyca @temyoga @yogi__bee @evasofia__

May 13-20

May occurs during such a joyful season as the weather is nice, spring is fully on and summer is just around the corner! It's a perfect time to expand, grow, and renew our yoga practice. Join us for this challenge, as we share all the creative expressions of our practice.


Hosted by: @robinmartinyoga @rebeccahannahyoga @palmbeachyogi @morgan_smile

May 14-21

In this challenge, you’ll explore getting upside down and have a lot of fun doing it! Getting inverted can be scary. The hosts will help provide the tools to move into inversions safely and confidently at any level of practice. Every day of the challenge, each host will post a version of the challenge pose and either a modification, tip or video showing how we approach the pose or prepare our bodies for the pose.


Hosted by: @yogajosey @carolineanneyoga @kimterpstra_yoga @marens_om @rosariamazzon @kittycatdang

May 15-22

This hosting group is obsessed with Mermaid pose and all it’s variations! For this challenge, you will embrace your inner Mermaid where we will be exploring all sorts of fun variations and working through techniques for that oh-so popular Mermaid Pose!


Hosted by: @calmwithcolly @pertanellea @thickthighyoga @findyourinnernorth

May 15-22

Flowers are blooming, and so are you! Join us as we find growth on our mats, by adding creativity or difficulty to yoga poses. This challenge is open to all levels!


Hosted by: @yogawithhammer @galaortin @yogawithromy @jacquinoelyoga @sigikolbeyoga

May 16-23

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles help to develop your strength. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength! Be strong, be fearless, and believe that you can make anything possible! Let’s build our strong core in this 8 days together with different asanas.


Hosted by: @hippie_healthnut @mauraexplorer @bebafalcon

May 16-25

You have the power to rise up to any adversary that is weighing you down. Everything you need is already within you. Join us for 10 days as we journey along tapping in to our inner strength, focusing on keys to unlock our own power to rise up. Together, we will rise through our challenges, overcome fear, release self doubt, and come out stronger as a whole and as a community. We rise by lifting each other up. May we ALO Rise! 


Hosted by: @ashtangi_ali @allybnoel @yogawithina

May 17-24

This is a challenge that will put a spring in everyone's step and make you want to hop for joy! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, but are you feeling sleepier than ever? We have a bit of excitement to boost your mood and heat you up to enjoy this beautiful season. You can play with it, have fun with or challenge yourself with something you never tried before.


Hosted by: @_inversioness @krystalsyoga @em.luker @yogabylindsay @annelieyoga

May 17-24

We know the idea of having a typical and regimented practice but let’s shake things up! Let’s get creative with some floor play! Stretch it, bend it, and balance it in ways you haven’t before! Let’s see your floor play shapes! The aim is to create beautiful, creative, and fun poses by having all the same base and sharing together our own versions of creating the poses.


Hosted by: @silaatikol @albafityoga @francescamanoni @inacincinnis @yoganna5

May 17-24

When you practice yoga, you start moving your body, specially your spine in ways that you normally wouldn’t in everyday life! Some of these ways are inversions and spinal extensions. Both inversions and extensions have numerous benefits, but what they have in common is, they increase your spinal health! When you put your body into inversions, you create space between your discs and relieve pressure from sitting, running and bending. When you perform back extensions you strengthen your back and increase your ability to coordinate your spinal movement. As a result you eliminate the risk of back pain and back injuries! So join us and let’s play through these fun asanas while improving our spinal health!


Hosted by: @asanaandoils @ashleyplainandsimple @brooke_being @emmy_does_yoga @shineash @yoga_and_other_adventures

May 17-24

We’re looking up for inspiration from the stories behind some of our favorite starry pictures! Each day, we’ll share a pose and delve into a corresponding constellation, and the folklore behind it. In doing so, we’re hoping to remind yogis to reconnect with our inner childlike wonder by doing something as simple as admiring the starry skies each night.


Hosted by: @fit_yoga_girl @lancuks_yoga @claudiapiolanti @tunaapari

May 17-24

Backbends open the heart and opening the heart increases self-confidence. Join the hosts this challenge to work through some strong and opening backbends, gain confidence in your backbend practice, and strive to open the heart!


Hosted by: @fitbymik @karletyoga @margaritagyoga @sierlywijaya @yogadventurebook @yogi_love_yogi_do

May 17-26

Unleash your inner strength and power! Discover the courageous and amazing warrior within yourself as we focus on self-reflection, self-motivation, and self-awareness. This yoga challenge encourages you to stay strong, balanced and grounded at the same time with powerful standing poses. Take this opportunity to display your strong qualities as a great warrior as we soldier through tough, challenging times, together as one!


Hosted by: @laura__morenob @clacuru @foxyogamom @esteryoga

May 17-26

Flowers aren't just mesmerizing to look at and a pleasing scent. Take a closer look at them, see them beyond the external factors to understand what they are silently trying to tell us and what they are trying to teach us. Take a Rose for example; besides the obvious beauty and lovely scent, there are sharp thorns for protection. Look at the Lotus flower as a symbol of purity and growth. Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters and starting life in complete darkness, it produces the most beautiful flower. Join us and discover beautiful life lessons from flowers.


Hosted by: @sandyrosenthal @yoginiinheels @yogi_liza @yogimegs

May 19-26

With springtime comes freshness, new blooms, and opportunities for growth and expansion! Join us in this challenge to intentionally step into the next season of our lives. Each day, along with a yoga pose, we’ll share a mindful journal prompt to help us release, reconnect, and rejuvenate. Let’s make space for growth on and off our mats!


Hosted by: @saminyoga @iamsamereh @syn_m0

May 19-26

Do you wanna be healthy? Happy? Fulfilled? Join us in this challenge as we practice together and explore how to expand our confidence both physically and mentally. Having a strong yoga and meditation practice can build a sense of strength, contentment, ease, and of course, happiness!


Hosted by: @_surbhisharma @ramyapastakiayoga @yogagirlvibes @yoga_khushali

May 23-30

Sometimes the extreme temps of the summer season can be a lot to handle. The hot weather, sweat, humidity and gusts of hot, dry wind can make you exhausted, dehydrated and devoid of energy. Believe it or not, there are certain asanas that can actually help bring the body temperature down and make you feel cool from within. So, join us for the next 8 days to explore some of the yoga asana to feel a sense of calm and cool. All you need is some space and quiet surroundings for your practice.


Hosted by: @kasia_delights @ehatss_fit @freedyogi @meandthewildnorth @mingweikok @popsterivy

May 24-31

Since we are all most likely lacking in human interaction from this past year, we have created this challenge to connect with old friends and make new IG friends. In these 8 days we will share something interesting about ourselves along with our favorite pose as we reconnect and make new connections with one another!


Hosted by: @clarissa_mae_ @uc_yoga @spiritual_bish

May 24-31

“Thank You Universe” is powerful mantra for deep appreciation, gratitude, loving, and receiving. It's a choice to align our energy, stand in our power as a conscious creator and in the same breath honor the divine energy that we are one with. It activates appreciation for all that you have, and all that's coming. Now It’s time for us to give love back to the universe!


Hosted by: @asana_al @jasmine_poletastix @syoghina @trachoy_yoga @indirajoga

May 24-31

Let's get creative, round 2! To be creative is to lose the fear of being wrong. Participants may choose any pose that falls under the category of the day, in any expression. This all levels challenge will allow participants to get out of their comfort zones, and into their bodies as they find new variations and shapes. All categories allow for a wide range of options/modifications/advancements, and will let the participant express their own creativity.


Hosted by: @sctomei @bionic_yogi @dr.ritsfilterlife @sutraembraceyoga @payalagarwalmukherjee

May 24-31

Are you someone who just can’t stand still when they hear a good beat? Us either! Dancing not only trains strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, but it is also stimulates the release of endorphins, lowering stress levels and turning any frown upside down. So let’s boogie and and have some fun together. Join us for 8 days where we will highlight the unique qualities of each dance style and explore how they can inspire our yoga practice. See you on the dance floor!

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Got an idea? Share with us!