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At Alo, our mission is to share mindfulness and movement with as many people as possible.

Join us this month as we partner with experts from all over the world to inspire wellness and create community as we move, breathe and flow. See you on the mat!

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Upcoming Events

Past Events

August 29th @7pm ct

Austin, tx

ALO AUSTIN SANCTUARY: Music-Driven Breathwork Journey 

August 23rd @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT

Toronto, ON

Alo x The St. Regis Toronto: Expansive & Restorative Breathwork 

August 23rd @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


mindful masters: Chakra Healing & Balancing Breathwork

August 16 @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


Master class: HIIT-Inspired Class For Runners 

August 9 @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


Master Class: Full Body Blast 

August 22nd @6:30pm PDT

West Hollywood, ca

Alo x 1 Hotel West Hollywood: Sundown Crystal Alchemy Soundbath

July 26th @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


Master Class: Summertime Power Flow

with Missy Fresques

Get ready to sweat in this 45 minute power flow class. Missy will bring your through a unique sequence that will stretch and strengthen your body while finding a deeper connection to your breath. 

August 16 @6:30pm PDT

Beverly Hills, ca

Alo x Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel: New Moon Breathwork 

July 24th @7pm EDT

Toronto, Canada

Alo x St. Regis Toronto: Restorative Breathwork

Please join Alo x St Regis Toronto for a soothing evening of Restorative Breathwork. Kira Mae Kazuko holds a Level 1 Certification with the Wim Hof Method and is 1 of 180 instructors in North America. Kira will be guiding us through an expansive breathwork session to relax and ground us. Through the breathwork, you will calm down your nervous system and gently release tension throughout the mind and body.

July 19th @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


Beauty & Wellness: Balance Your Gut & Hormones

with Meghan Swidler

Join Meghan Swidler (@thatplantbasedgal) - holistic health coach and gut/hormone/skin specialist - for a masterclass to learn more about how to resolve your gut, hormone, and skin issues, increase your energy and vitality, lose excess weight, and ultimately allow your body to heal and regenerate from within so that you can finally feel confident in your body and your skin again heading into the summer!

July 18th @11am PDT/2pm EDT


Master Class en ESPAÑOL: Open Vinyasa Flow

with Gala Ortin

Please join Gala Ortin for this Master Class En Español! 

​Invitamos a todos a practicar con gratitud un flow de Vinyasa para permitir que el cuerpo se abra y se conecte con la respiración.

​Welcoming everyone one to practice with gratitude a Vinyasa flow to allow the body to open and to connect with the breath.

July 15th @10am PDT

west hollywood, CA


with Kira Kazuko

Please join Alo 1 Hotel West Hollywood for a purifying wellness event in celebration of National Clean Beauty Day. Kira Mae Kazuko, Wim Hof Level 1 Certified Instructor, will lead us through a purifying and cleansing breathwork class that will leave us all feeling new and rejuvenated. Through the breath, we clear toxins out of our body and breathe in oxygen that will bring new life into our skin.

July 12th @7pm PDT

Venice, CA

Alo x Still Life: Yoga, Cold Plunge & Sauna

with Leah Blefko

Please join Alo x Still Life for a special wellness evening with a yoga flow led by Leah Blefko and cold plunge and sauna courtesy of Still Life. 

July 12th @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


Mindful Masters: Awaken Your Inner Healer: Reiki, Meditation, Breath and Movement

with Nicolette Ficchi

Join Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher & Yoga Instructor, Nicolette Ficchi, for a workshop designed to help you awaken your inner healer. Through the practices of meditation, breathwork, reiki and movement we will tap into the divine wisdom we each have within. By awakening this inner knowing, we can receive the guidance to best support our bodies, our minds and our overall well-being. 

July 8th @9am PDT

Malibu, CA

Alo x The Surfrider Hotel Malibu: Full Body Flow

Please join Alo x The Surfrider Hotel Malibu for a special wellness morning in Malibu with a full body flow with Savannah Simon on the beach followed by a complimentary juice from the Surfrider to enjoy on their roof deck. The roof deck kitchen will be open to all event guests if they wish to enjoy bevs + bites!

July 8th @8am PDT

Playa Vista, CA

Alo x RVIVL: Guided Breathwork & Wellness Open House

Please join Alo x RVIVL for a wellness morning! Join Eva Hooft for a beautiful guided breathwork to begin the morning and then stay a while as you can recover with RVIVL for a full open house: red light, compression boots, and contrast therapy! 

June 28th @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


Master Class: Proud and Strong Flow

Doesn’t matter how you celebrate, this class is for every BODY. Come and join Austin in a fun and exhilarating flow, celebrating Pride and what that means to you! 

June 21st @7pm BST

The Mandrake Hotel London

Alo Moves x The Mandrake: International Yoga Day Flow & Sound 

with Adrienne Everett

Join Alo Moves instructor, Adrienne, for a 45-minute flow class celebrating International Yoga Day. We will close out this restorative evening with a beautiful sound bath from The Mandrake.

June 21st @5pm PDT/ 8pm EDT


ALO MovEs master class: International Yoga Day: Flow with Love 

Join Bentley for a 60-minute feel-good yoga flow class centering around all things love. Love for yourself, your practice, your body, your mind, and your soul. 

June 21st @9:30am EDT

virgin hotels nye

Alo x Virgin Hotels NYC: International Yoga Day Flow

Please join Patrick x Alo Yoga for a 60-minute yoga flow on the rooftop of the Virgin Hotels NYC to celebrate International Yoga Day and Pride month!

June 21st @9am PDT

1 hotel West Hollywood

Alo x 1 Hotel West Hollywood: International Yoga Day Flow

The yoga practice benefits the physical body through flexibility and strength, helps the mind gain mental clarity, and encourages you to live more deeply connected, present, and aware. The connection of breath and movement gives a feeling and creates an energy like no other. Join Bentley x Alo Yoga for a 60-minute feel-good yoga flow on the rooftop of the 1 Hotel in West Hollywood to celebrate International Yoga Day. 



Join us tomorrow for 4 special IG LIVE classes, all here on @aloyoga!

Bend, flow & breathe with your favorite instructors!

Teo Chapelier at 7am PST – LIVE FROM FRANCE

Gala Ortin at 10am PST – LIVE FROM BARCELONA

Bentley Fazi at 3pm PST – LIVE FROM ALO HQ

Mel Douglas at 6pm PST – LIVE FROM LOS ANGELES

June 14th @5:00pm PDT/8pm EDT


Master Class: Align & Flex Flow

Please join Alo Advocate, Andre, for this master yoga class to align & flex.

June 8th


World Ocean Day Yoga Flow & Beach clean up

In celebration of World Ocean Day, please flow with us at any time today ~ wherever you are in the world ~ for a special pre-recorded beach flow.

Together with @aloyoga & @marine_chpn & @sevencleanseas we aimed at raising awareness about the (over)use of plastic in our modern world, and how we can create small new habits in our day-to-day life to make a big difference in our environment. 

→ 𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙥 𝙪𝙨 𝙘𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙡𝙞 𝙊𝙘𝙚𝙖𝙣: 

June 7th @2:00pm PDT/5pm EDT



Please join Kayla Nielsen for an intermediate level class where we focus on opening the heart through a dynamic blend of strength, flexibility and mobility. We’ll work into Wheel Pose as a beautiful expression of an open loving heart as a peak posture of this class. 

may 31st @5:00pm PDT/8pm EDT


Master Class: FLOW & FEEL

Join somatic coach, yoga therapist, and meditation instructor, Ashley Shubert for this 60-minute practice designed to support, strengthen, and nourish your mind, body, and soul. Invite your inner being forward to get closer to YOU, so you can shed the running dialogue of self sabotage, expectation, and external validation. Expect a 30 minute juicy, sweaty, athletic flow, a 10 minute meditation practice, and a 20 minute discussion on how to implement powerful mental health practices seamlessly in your life.

may 24th @5:00pm PDT/8pm EDT



Please join Kirat for this virtual event that will inspire a pathway for befriending one's mind in order to cultivate a more peaceful internal state - no matter what may be present. Rather than striving to feel pleasant, this workshop invites practitioners to relax into feeling well by meeting all parts of the self with friendliness. 

may 22nd @7:00pm CDT

Austin, Texas



Join Miki Ash for Mindful Mondays at Alo Austin for a special evening of breath work and meditation. Your body is the abode to your soul. Using breath and visualization techniques, move from the overworked mind into the body. Clean up your house from the inside out and create a radiant environment for your soul to thrive. 

may 22nd @9:00am EDT



MINDFUL MONDAYS with Alo Moves: Yoga for Mindfulness

Flow with Annie Moves for this Mindful Monday event to wind down, relax, and align the physical and energetic bodies.

may 17th @5:00pm PDT/8pm EDT


Master Class: Mat Pilates for Mindfulness

with Britt Turpack

​Please join Britt Turpack for mindfulness on the mat with a Mat Pilates master class in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

may 15th @3:00pm EDT

Williamsburg, NYC


Mindful Monday with ALO MOVES: Reiki-Infused Soundbath

Join Nicole Rutsch for a Mindful Monday sound healing journey to reset your energy. Together in our meditation, we will elevate the collective vibration to allow yourself to go on an expansive inward journey and leave feeling relaxed, centered, energized, and uplifted. 

may 10th @5:00pm PDT/8pm EDT



Join Kira for a group class where you will be guided through euphoric breathwork and meditative music. This style of breathwork may help to lower anxiety, release blocked emotion, increase feelings of overall wellbeing and improve mental health. 

may 3rd @5:00pm PDT/ 8:00PM EDT


ALO MOVES MASTER CLASS: DanceBody Dance + Sculpt

with Katia

​DanceBody Dance + Sculpt: Experience the DanceBody Program with CEO + Founder, KatiaPryce. Enjoy 25 minutes of follow along dance cardio and 25 minutes of full-b0dy sculpting. No equipment (or true dance skills) needed! Please wear supportive sneakers, and have a towel and water ready.

may 1st @3:00pm PST

Beverly Hills, CA


Mindful Mondays with ALO MOVES: Soothing Soundbath

​Please join us for this soothing sound bath for a Mindful Monday event in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month with our Alo Moves soundhealer, Avery Whitmore.

April 30th @2:00pM PST

Beverly Hills, CA


Beauty & Wellness: How to Optimize your gut health

Please join Meghan Swidler, holistic nutrition health coach and author of FROM WITHIN, to learn how to adopt a plant-forward food routine, reduce your digestive distress, increase your energy and vitality and boost your mental health.

April 26th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST



Please join Allie Michelle as she will help guide you in accessing your intuition. We have all had those moments, of experiencing that inner knowing. An intuitive compass that we feel to our core. We know what it feels like to ignore it, and we know what it feels like to follow it against all logic. Yet sometimes, with all of the noise in the world, it can be difficult to maintain a clear line to our intuition. In this workshop, we will be sharpening our intuitive guidance system through breath work and poetry.

April 19th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST



Please join Allie Michelle for a mindfulness workshop that will allow you to deep dive into your subconscious and your dreams. We have a choice in every moment: to listen to our dreams, or to listen to our fears. Dreams are just another layer of reality—an aspect of self that we are walking towards. In this workshop, we will be having a conversation with our subconscious to help clear the path towards our dreams. 

April 12th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


Beauty & Wellness: How to Optimize your gut health

Please join Meghan Swidler, holistic nutrition health coach and author of FROM WITHIN, to learn how to adopt a plant-forward food routine, reduce your digestive distress, increase your energy and vitality and boost your mental health.

April 5th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


Mindful Masters: Voice Activation & Meditation

Please join singer, songwriter and sound alchemist, Victory Jones, for a powerful, playful & exploratory container tapping into the resonance of the mind, body & soul. Instead of a workshop, consider this a playshop in which we will move, make sound with our bodies, and then use the vibration of sound in a restorative & relaxing guided sound alchemy meditation of cosmic lullabies then drift into silence to integrate the entire experience. 

April 3rd @11:00AM PST/2pm EST


master class en español: Yoga Flow

Mejora tus habilidades básicas de yoga en esta clase de Vinyasa en español de 15 minutos. Comenzarás con estiramiento y calentamiento sentado, continuarás con un flow sencillo y terminarás con unos momentos de gratitud por lo que lograste.

March 29th @2:00pM PST/5pm EST


beauty & wellness: Food freedom experience workshop

with Nikki Ostrower from Nao Wellness

Nikki will lead you through an immersive, experiential mindful eating exercise. Oftentimes with eating patterns that don't serve us, we disassociate and leave our bodies instead of learning how to be present and eat mindfully. Let's create meal experiences that are filled with ease, joy, deep satisfaction, and freedom!  

March 22nd @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


alo moves master class: feel the flow

with Bentley

Please join Alo Moves' yogi instructor Bentley for this Feel The Flow master class. You will feel present and connected as you link breath and movement in this full-body, 60-minute Vinyasa flow. You’ll ease into Standing Splits, Skandasana, and Kneeling Chin Stand, then speed your transitions up before ending with some deep hip stretches.

March 15th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


master class: high energy flow

Join Missy for a 60 minute high energy flow class! In this class, she will take you through a unique sequence that will stretch and strengthen your body while creating a deeper connection with your breath! 

March 8th @10:00pM PST/1pm EST


international women's day: Honor the goddess within FLOW

There is a balance of masculine & feminine energy in all of us. Masculine is linked to ambition, power and resilience, so as much as we need it to thrive, and survive, we must learn to shift gears in & out of it into a strong but soft energy and honor our divine feminine. In this class through a dance between heart & hip openers we will reconnect to the strength of our intuition, our compassion for others that allows us to be gatherers and community builders. Together through asana we will reclaim our divine feminine power, and joy for our bodies. Leave re-ignited with inspiration, with confidence levels boosted. 

March 1st @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


mindful masters: empowering your divine feminine

Shakti is the creative force that exists within each one of us. She is the expression of the divine feminine that enables us to be spontaneous, playful, nurturing, and fiercely loving. When we free up our shakti, we free ourselves to unlock our own unique expression with courage and grace. In this session, Sarah will share tools from the ISHTA Tantric tradition including breath work, mudras, asana, and kriya to help you liberate the divine feminine energy within you. All levels are welcome! 

February 22nd @5pm PST/8pm EST


mindful masters: deepest sleep ever

Want to achieve sound sleep that leads you to a refreshed life? Try this workshop with Certified Sleep Coach and Yoga Nidra Specialist, DeAndre Sinette, to learn how to create deep sleep and experience a deep yoga nidra to bring relaxation as we celebrate black history month. Make insomnia a thing of the past!

February 15th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


master class: sculpt and strength vinyasa flow

Please join Adrienne Everett for a powerful vinyasa body sculpting and strength building focused yoga class. Energizing movement with poses to activate your inner and outer strength. A unique yoga experience aligning breathe to movement accompanied by music that celebrates black excellence. 

February 8th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


master class: vinyasa & vibes

with Mel Douglas

Join Mel Douglas for Vinyasa & Vibes - a 45-min energetic, all-levels vinyasa flow set to a curated uptempo playlist. Lots of options and modifications will be offered throughout so you can level up the intensity of this practice or keep it light and gentle.

February 1st @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


master class: flow & restore

with Christa Janine

Join Alo Moves instructor, Christa Janine to challenge yourself with a mix of power yoga and HIIT that uses complex and compound movements. You’ll activate your entire body as you transition into heat-building poses like Warrior II and Chair Pose. You’ll end with a core circuit and yoga cool down to give yourself a breather.

January 31st @11:00aM PST/2pm EST


master class en español: mind & body flow/ Flow mente Y Cuerpo

with Gala Ortin

Despierta, activa y fortalece todo tu ser con este flow de Vinyasa. Una hora de meditación en movimiento en la que conectarás tu cuerpo y tu mente con el momento presente. Please join Gala Ortin in a flow fully led in Spanish. Let’s move, flow and breathe together challenging ourselves to feel the empowerment to be alive!

January 25th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


Alo Moves Total body superpower pilates

Full body super power flow using your body weight to connect, realign and strengthen. This class builds in intensity as we work through endurance rounds with added cardio busts to elevate your heart rate. Starting with a core flow we progress to the upper body and glutes in this well rounded class. Be prepared to feel the burn, connect to your inner power and find your pilates glow. 

January 18th @5:00aM PST/8pm EST


mindful masters: Awakening your intuition

Please join the intuitive Jessica Stone - Harvard Certified in Alternative Therapies - for a workshop focused event on understanding intuition. She will help awaken your divine power and ignite your heart centered path. 

January 11th @5:00pM PST/8pm EST


mindful masters: manifest for metamorphosis

It is a new year, which means it is the perfect time to get clear on who you want to be and what you want. Let’s manifest, baby. Join Autumn from @shesplantbased in this workshop where we will go over different practices to shift your inner world so the outer world can follow. When you change your inner world, your outer world will begin to shift to reflect your changes. It's time to let go of old, limiting beliefs, dream big, and step into a new, empowered self—metamorphosis, honey.