Community Events

At Alo we live our mission in bringing yoga to the world. Everything we do is inspired by spreading mindful movement, inspiring wellness and creating community. Join us every month with wellness experts from all over the world.

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Oct 21 @ 3PM PST/6PM EST


Alo Master Class

Join us for our first-ever virtual Master Class filmed out of our new Flatiron Studio! New York based teacher Amina Taha will teach this special 45-minute heart-opening class specially curated to focus on postures that encourage spinal flexibility! 

Oct 28 @5PM PST/8pm EST


Alo Mindful Masters: Chakra Tuning & Guided Meditation

with Julie Evonne @spiritspeakstosoul

Join us for an evening of healing and meditation with Julie Evonne! This 60-minute virtual workshop will include the powerful healing benefits of Sacred Sound, Chakra Balancing and Reiki. You will feel stronger, happier and at peace as your energy field expands. You will begin to attract more positive circumstances, people and opportunities into your life as you learn the tools to approach life as the best version of yourself.