Holistic Esthetician, Emma Goodman, using a facial roller to practice facial reflexology.

Get Glowing – The Skin Witch’s 3 Secrets for Luminous, Glowy Skin

Glowing skin is an inside job.  

The skin we’re in – it’s really seen it all. From years of makeup trends (not all of them good), to not-so-romantic first kisses, to the warm summer sun and glorious nighttime spring breezes, our skin goes through a LOT. But as soon as a couple of pimples pop up or the redness sets in, we’re quick to curse its name.

At least, that was how we responded to blemishes before attending Alo’s first-ever beauty event with Emma Goodman, A.K.A. the Skin Witch, who shed some light upon how magical our skin is (and how it’s deserving of a lot more kudos than we give it).

During Alo’s First Beauty Series Event of the year, we learned that our skin is constantly communicating to us – & it’s in our best interest to listen up quick.

Emma Goodman, better known as the Skin Witch, has led a 20-year charge for holistic skincare rituals that blend mind, body, and soul – a beauty from the inside out philosophy that the Alo Glow System also stands behind.

As a holistic esthetician to some of the top celebs in Hollywood (and a waiting list you need to get on like, now), she uses her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, facial mapping, reflexology, nutrition, Reiki, and cranial sacral therapies to create integrated beauty regimens for glowy, luminous, healthy skin.

The thing is, she works her magic a bit differently than typical estheticians. In addition to treating the skin topically with clean beauty products – the Glow Getter Face System is one of her go-to recs – her long-lasting, life-changing results are driven by a philosophy that the skin is a window into the health of your body, which is where the real treatment begins.

"Healthy Skin is an inside job, and until you take the necessary steps internally, nothing topically will change; it may Band-Aid it, but your skincare concerns will always come back."

Holistic Esthetician, Emma Goodman, getting ready for her Alo Beauty Series conversation about face mapping and facial reflexology.

Where we see blackheads around our nose that need an acid peel, she sees what’s going on beneath the surface – the body purging mucus as a result of “our trashcan being full” – meaning our lifestyle, environmental factors, and diet have clogged our detox pathways, and are now spilling out onto our skin.

Sounds gross, we know; but rather than blaming our skin, the Skin Witch encourages us to celebrate its ability to protect us, warn us, and give us a clue on how to turn things around for the better.

As Alo steps into the world of clean beauty, we were honored to have Emma’s stamp of approval as well as her skincare expertise to kick-off Alo’s Beauty Series.

While we excitedly await checking into our Skin Sorcery appointment (laying on a bed of amethyst? Yes, please!) here are 3 simple but powerful tips she gave us to begin the path toward glowing skin & body.


You and your body are on the same team! We don’t know about you, but the “you can do anything for a minute” energy Callie Gullickson gives us during her Sweat & Tone series is the kind of positive reinforcement we need to show up and show off. (And hint hint, your body needs this too).

Your skin is an amazing organ that’s working hard for you. It sweats, it detoxifies, it purges, it stays hydrated (or tries to), all while revealing things going on internally that it wants you to address – for both of your sakes. Listen to it, meditate on it, and be kind to it.

Our emotions carry serious weight, so when you flood your thoughts with unconditional love and acceptance, you’re breeding good vibes all around – a key way to get glowing.

Replace the negatives you see in your skin with the positives. We're serious – literally look at yourself in the mirror and tell your skin the things you love above it.

When you start to realize how beautiful your skin is and you begin thanking it, celebrating it, and loving it for who it is (yes, like a rom-com), watch what happens.


No matter how many serums, potions, or products you’re using, true detox relies on you moving your body, working up a sweat, and creating those feel-good endorphins. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good serum – but there’s more to great skin than what you feed it.

Your organs and systems are constantly working to achieve homeostasis – your body’s way of self-healing on the pathway to peace. The issue is that the odds are stacked against us. From environmental factors to food allergies to someone cutting you off on the way to work in the morning, your body is at risk of absorbing a lot of toxic energy that may combat its natural ability to heal.

By simply going for a walk or breathing deeply for 10 minutes each day, you’re working to restore oxygen levels and release the muscle tension you’ve been holding since the freeway incident. This internal process of healing is what radiates into shining skin & a glowing body.

Find the movement that gets you up in the morning – whether it’s as simple as a few Sun Salutations or as involved as a triathlon – let that be part of your healing.


The first thing we do in the morning is head to the mirror to check out how last night’s sleep mask fared – but, more specifically, we immediately search our face for shortcomings.

The Skin Witch suggests we put down the magnifying mirror, and instead, look inward. If you’re constantly looking for something wrong, that energy manifests and we’re right back to the tight muscles and “full trash cans” that contribute to facial flare-ups.

Instead, open this beautiful dialogue with your body – just like you’re meeting with a friend over a green juice at the local café. Rather than imperfections, see bumps, puffs, and bags as a light-hearted, happy, beneficial conversation with your body.

Begin to connect the dots between things you eat and situations you get into that cause the symptoms your skin is sending as red flags. Take note of them and begin building a skincare ritual that works on fostering beauty from the inside out.

Woman using a Vitamin C serum that brightens and creates glowing skin.

Glowing skin is an inside job, so give your body the unconditional love, movement, and respect it deserves. It’s not a one-day fix, but a continuous journey that you and your body are on together – and we don’t know about you, but we’re excited to get glowing.

Share with us your skincare rituals by tagging @alo on Instagram, and check out the Glow Getter Face System for Skin Witch-approved clean beauty that’ll support you on your journey toward glowing skin.

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