Alo's First-Ever High-Impact Bra Is Here

Alo's First-Ever High-Impact Bra Is Here

Engineered to empower

If you feel like “total comfort”, “high-intensity support” and “sleek silhouette” are three attributes that don’t belong in the same sentence, we cannot wait for you to try out our newest style.

Brace yourself for Alo’s brand-new Power Play High-Impact Bra. We’re not kidding when we say it took years to develop this beauty, but the end product made the many wear-tests and fine-tuning adjustments well worth every ounce of extra TLC.

We’re well acquainted with the trust issues stemming from one too many bras claiming “high-impact” that always seem to fall flat in either the support, comfort, or cuteness category. Because we’ve been there, we developed a hard and finite list of non-negotiables and avoid-at-all cost characteristics to keep in mind as we designed.

Shall we share a few?

The non-negotiables — beautiful construction, adjustable straps, full coverage, unparalleled comfort.

The avoid-at-all costs characteristics — pinching, bouncing, slips of any kind, and I-can't-breathe constriction.

A woman wearing Alo’s high impact bra with a pair of red running shorts while posing with her arms overheard in front of a large bush and palm trees in the background.

Built for power, styled for play, this style is setting new standards for high-impact sports bras. We’re not sure why there’s been a precedent set in the industry that high-intensity bras require more layers, more straps, and more of just about everything. And in the meantime, the pride of showing off a cute sports bra and leggings set lessens with each addition.

The Power Play High Impact Bra is engineered to empower. A streamlined design ensures you’re getting just enough fabric to provide full coverage and support while offering peek-a-boo details and contoured seams that make it a must-add to your collection of sports bras to show off.

For those out there who understand that our “lady lumps” don’t just bounce up and down but move in more of an all-around situation during running, boxing, and HIIT of any kind, this bra is the solve.

A woman wearing a high impact bra with a pair of red high-waist leggings while posing with her hands at her hips in front of a white wall with a palm frond shadow in the background.

Whether you’re a pregnant mama-to-be with all of the body changes that prompts, someone who simply prefers fuller coverage, or someone who has yet to experience comfortable cuteness during high-sweat scenarios, allow us to introduce you to the new bra on the block.

It’s all in the details...

Sized 32C to 38DD
Hook and eye closures for adjustability
Secure back nook for showing off
Sleek silhouette
Wide straps (but not too wide) because the spaghetties don’t cut it

Say goodbye to the days of layering sports bras. To the days of throwing on a t-shirt when you’d rather not, because the constriction is there while the coverage isn’t. The Power Play High Impact Bra is designed to dazzle from studio to street and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

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