A man unscrewing the top of Alo’s Supernatural Deodorant.

Clean Deodorant That Actually Works

We know b/c we tested it practice after practice (after practice)

Alo’s 100% clean, 100% performance-ready deodorant is here — and lucky for us all, it’s going to put an end to the tireless search for clean deodorant that actually works.

If you read the headline and are wondering if pigs sprouted wings or if the sky is falling, we don’t blame you. Clean deodorant has made skeptics of us all.

But the chemists behind this supernatural formula have found a way to deliver the lasting protection we need for our active lives without all of the nasty chemicals and additives that we definitely don’t.

When we decided that deodorant was a must-have in our Alo Glow System lineup, we started with the non-negotiables:

It must go on clear (no icky deodorant pilling).

No aluminum (because the world of clean deodorant firmly states “ixnay luminum-ay").

And we’re fine with the perspiration (the body’s sign of hard work paying off) but the odor is a no-go.

With this list of seemingly impossible requests, no wonder we had to headline the product name with “supernatural” once we tested it and found that the magicians (chemists) made our clean deodorant dreams come true.

A woman using Alo’s Supernatural Deodorant on her underarms.


Tested, tested, & tested some more. Through the most intense of Jacy Cunningham’s HIIT classes. Through the hottest of hot yogas. Through the busiest of days where you only get two swipes in before running out of the door in the morning.

Mindful movement is a big part of our lives and quite frankly, we needed a deodorant that not only keeps up but soothes stressed skin.

The Supernatural Deodorant’s dynamic formula is equal parts performance-driven and skin-saving. Designed to be ultra-long lasting, this deodorant will stick with you through a day’s worth of hustle and bustle (without the actual sticky texture). While invisible on skin, this deodorant soothes and hydrates with hyaluronic acid. Double duty deodorant FTW.

A woman holding Alo’s Supernatural Deodorant.


Armpits are a vulnerable yet powerful part of the body. This area of skin relieves us of sweat, copes with razor burn from our shaving routines, and houses a collection of lymph nodes that are instrumental to our immune system.

While myriad studies are currently being conducted around traditional deodorant formulations, we thought it best to protect this area of the body from the get-go with clean formulas that kicked EU-banned additives to the curb.

No aluminum. No baking soda. No parabens. No mineral oil. No animal products. No silicones. No nasty chemicals. Period.

One of the most common irritants in traditional deodorants is synthetic fragrances, which is why we stuck to two scent options: unscented and an all-natural scented sun-warmed citrus scent. A perfectly clean scent (or no scent) for him, her, and they.

A woman holding Alo’s Supernatural Deodorant near her face.


Now that we’ve covered what you won’t find in the ingredient list, let’s chat about what you will.

Amla – the world’s most concentrated antioxidant superberry, packed full of beauty-boosting vitamin C

Aloe Vera – the ultimate skin-soother that rapidly absorbs into the skin where it seals in moisture

Avocado Oil – nourishes the skin with vitamin E and potassium

Lactobacillus Ferment – a potent anti-odor probiotic found in Korean beauty products that has been shown to soothe skin

Hyaluronic Acid – known to boost moisture

Tea Tree – a powerhouse ingredient that cleanses and purifies the skin

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Ready to do away with those clean deodorant doubts and experience (super)natural freshness from morning rituals to workday hustles through all-out day-ending barre burners? Simply glide it on and get moving!