Alo Gives is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to bringing yoga education to kids and underserved communities. Alo has supported environmental and pro-social causes like Yoga For Smiles, National Forest Foundation, Yoga Gives Back and SheLift over the past few years. And all proceeds from our Mindful Movement book that launched November 2016 have been dedicated to supporting Alo Gives.

And we are deeply excited to be supporting the Baale Mane home for girls, many of whom have been rescued from child labor, domestic violence, living on the streets, or have dangerous family situations in Bangalore, India. We sent yogi Josh Kramer to meet the Baale Mane girls and their caregivers and learn more about their facilities needs in June 2017. Alo Gives support of construction of a yoga pavilion where girls can do their daily 6:00 AM practice, better dorms and sanitary food prep facilities is already underway — we will be bringing you more on this story in early 2018. We are so inspired by the girls’ spirit and dedication to yoga and knew we had to get involved with supporting them as soon as we heard their story.